Rebecca Reusch is since the 18th century. February missing. The police are looking for since intense after the 15-Year-old or her body – the investigators now assume a homicide. After the publication of new information and photos of the case, the investigators hope to gain valuable clues and evidence. On Wednesday evening, the investigators asked in the ZDF-show “aktenzeichen XY” for further information. With success: Since the call about 150 new instructions to the already 394 existing, entered into with the officials, a spokesman for the Berlin police Department to the star. The murder Commission check each and every individual, you could be at this time but “not yet”.

search for 15-Year-olds

brother-in-law of the missing Rebecca in custody

the state of The investigation on the case of Rebecca Reusch

Michael Hoffmann, head of the 3. Homicide at the state criminal police office in Berlin, had described the case in “aktenzeichen XY”. It was one of the two car trips, the suspect’s brother-in-law of Rebecca, who is currently in custody. The family of the Missing protested his innocence.

The main results and open questions of the murder Commission at a Glance:

The police believe was a homicide. “We are now firmly convinced that it is a homicide.”, so Hoffmann. the The 27-year-old brother-in-law is strongly suspect. “The suspicion against the 27-year-old brother-in-law has confirmed that a warrant could be obtained because of urgent Tatverdachts ( … ), The brother-in-law is now sitting in custody, but is silent on the matter.” the Rebecca has left the house of her brother-in-law never. “If we place the General investigation on top of each other, the phone behavior of Rebecca and the evaluations of the router data-from the house of the brother-in-law, we come to the conclusion that Rebecca should not have to leave the house. If we assume this, was the brother-in-law alone with her at the relevant time of the crime in this house.” the brother-in-law has made contradictory statements. “in addition, we were able to determine that there were two strange, and needing further clarification journeys with the car of the brother-in-law. And although it’s going to be a journey directly right after the Disappearance of Rebecca, and a further journey on the following day. To can two trips he did not make any statements. The trips do not fit at all to the Version that he told.” On demand, Hoffmann says, the investigators would have been able to find conflicting information of the brother-in-law.The open questions of the murder Commission: What’s behind two trips with the car of the brother-in-law? “The car (in the picture below, note. d. Red.) is proven to be on the morning of the 18. February on the A12 highway between Berlin and Frankfurt (Oder). Shortly before 11 a.m., about two to three hours after the Disappearance of Rebecca. Also in the late evening hours of the following day, in the night of may 19. 20. February, again on the same highway the vehicle was traveling. So our questions: Who owns this car is noticed at these times? Who can say, at which point the car from the A12 motorway is messed up, or how it has moved outside of the highway?” the Who can give hints to the brother-in-law? “Who can say something about the circle of acquaintances of the suspect? Anyone familiar with anchor points, the Rebecca’s brother-in-law has in the area between Berlin and Frankfurt (Oder)? Has anyone seen him in this eye-catching car?” the Where is the missing fleece? The fleece blanket was “from the household of brother-in-law and disappeared with Rebecca. We hope now notes from people, the ceiling, or the one with Rebecca missing items and articles of clothing may have seen somewhere found perhaps in the woods.”The search call to the police Fullscreen

Rebecca’s clothes: pink plush jacket, white hooded sweatshirt with the inscription, in black-and-white “Vans”shoes, red backpack, blue Jeans with torn knees, a beige-pink coloured handbag

©police Berlin

Rebecca is 15 years old, but may appear older. She is 1.70 to 1.80 meters tall, slim and has dark-blond to brown, shoulder-length hair. In the case of her Disappearance the girl was dressed in a pink plush jacket, a white hoodie with the words “Rap Monster 94” and “BTS”, blue Jeans with torn knees and a black-and-white “Vans” – sports shoes. She had a handbag, a beige-pink and a red backpack.

The officials have, among other things, the following questions:

Who has Rebecca on the Morning of the 18. February 2019 in the range between Maurerweg and Fritz-Erler-seen-Allee in Berlin?Who has, pursuant to the 18. February 2019 not yet seen or had any contact with her?

clues on the whereabouts of Rebecca and answered the questions of the investigator accepts the Berlin police at the telephone number (030) 4664911333 or by E-Mail.

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family of missing Rebecca is not giving up – neither the hope nor the cohesion of this car and the fleece blanket to the missing Rebecca?Suspicion of manslaughter: brother-in-law of missing Rebecca in prison fs / With Material of the DPA