After the Call to new mass protests against Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika has strengthened the government of the country the security measures. In the Morning, drove dozens of team in the police car in the capital, Algiers.

in The sky helicopter. An eye-witness also reported from other regions by a large police detachment. Under the slogan “no to the fifth term,” Bouteflika’s calls are circulating on social media since days to further protests this Friday. You are supposed to start after noon prayers.

Already in the past weeks, there was big demonstrations against the re-nomination of the heads of state at the presidential election on may 18. April came in. The 82-Year-old since 1999, in the office and wants to leave to another Time to choose. After a stroke, he sits in a wheelchair and has great difficulty in Speaking. In Public, he showed in the past few years, only rarely.

The previous protests were largely peaceful. The activists feared the social media, however, supporters of the government might try to provoke violence. Bouteflika himself had warned on Thursday in a written message that the demonstrations could lead to Chaos and turmoil in the country.