The current calendar sheet for the 25. March 2019

13. Calendar week

84. Day of the year

Still 281 days remaining until the end of the year

zodiac sign: Aries

birthday: Prokop


2018 – for economic reasons, the Kölner Millowitsch-Theater closes after more than 80 years.

in 2017 – a Few days before the Start of the negotiations on the UK’s exit from the EU, the 27 remaining countries in Rome party are committed to a common future.

2014 – The Federal constitutional court limited the influence of politicians on public service broadcasting. The court decides the share of the representatives of the state and the parties in the Supervisory bodies should not exceed one third.

in 1994 – For the first Time in German military history, a woman assumes a General post: Verena von Weymarn became a General physician in the air force.

in 1994, Four young men from the radical right-wing Milieu to commit an arson attack on the synagogue in Lübeck. A property damage of about 150,000 marks.

1954 – The Soviet Union recognizes the DDR as a sovereign state.

in 1939, With the introduction of the “youth service” in the German Reich, children can be forced against the will of the parents, membership in the Hitler youth.

in 1924, – In Greece, the national Assembly proclaimed the Republic and decides on the deposition of king George II.

in 1409 In Pisa, a Council of the Western schism, the Church schism, with popes in Rome and Avignon, overcome begins. The Council, however, ends with the election of a third Pope, based in Pisa.


1947 – Elton John (72), British pop singer (“Crocodile Rock”), Pianist and composer

1942 – Aretha Franklin, American soul singer (“Respect”), Grammy Living Legends Award in 1990, died. 2018

1936 – Giora Feidman (83), Israeli clarinetist, Star of the Eastern European Klezmer music

1934 – Karlheinz Schreiber (85), German arms lobbyist, a key figure in the CDU donations affair during the 1990s,

1934 – Gloria Steinem (85), American journalist and feminist, co-founder of the feminist magazine “Ms.” in 1972

death day

1954 – Gertrud Bäumer, German politician and women’s rights activist, Undersecretary in the Reich Ministry of the interior, 1922-1933, Chairman of the Federation of German women’s associations 1910-1919, born. 1873

1919 – Wilhelm Lehmbruck, German sculptor and graphic artist, expressionist sculptures, geb. 1881