to be running Around 420 million voters in 28 States: “The largest cross-border choice on the planet”, as the EU says Commission. In the star-Ticker, we will keep you informed of the latest developments around the European elections in 2019-to-date.

+++ the Latest polls, projections and results can be found here in our interactive election graphics. +++

All the results to the state election in Bremen, you can read here.

+++ 18.54 PM: Left-chief Riexinger disappointed about the European election result +++

Left party boss Bernd Riexinger has disappointed responding to the results of his party in the European elections. European elections were for his party is never a simple box, said Riexinger in the ZDF. Nevertheless, his party was expected to be a “better result and they deserved”. Now, his party would look to consider what the consequences of

+++ 18.53 PM: Kramp was-Karrenbauer: the result of the claim of the Union +++

CDU does not correspond to a Boss Annegret Kramp-karrenbauer, has led to the losses of the Union in the European election on the part of little convincing work of the big coalition. In the case of the government not to have given the momentum and Belief that the citizens expected, said Kramp-Karrenbauer in Berlin. The result of the election does not satisfy the claim of the Union as a people’s party. The Union have reached your choice goal is to be the strongest force. And the EPP will be the strongest force in the European Parliament. This substantiate the claim that the EPP leading candidate, Manfred Weber (CSU), will the new President of the EU Commission.

+++ 18.42 PM: Meuthen: “We let ourselves out of the parliaments is no longer out of cones” +++

The AfD has been celebrating the behind the own expectations remaining in a European election result as a success. “We celebrate that we have a very clear gains,” said the top candidate Jörg Meuthen on Sunday evening in Berlin. “We let ourselves out of the parliaments is no longer out of bowling,” he added with a view to the elections in Bremen, where the AfD is likely to move back in to the citizenship.

Meuthen had spent as an election target is a result of the height in the General election, in which 12.6 percent were achieved. Current projections for the European elections, the AfD only see 10.5 to 10.6 percent.

“We go to Brussels, to repair to the EU,” said AfD chief. With about ten European members of the party in the EU Parliament won’t be “alone”, he stressed. His party will not only be working together with the Italian Lega, and French Rassemblement National, but also with the Austrian FPÖ, he said to the applause of his followers, the Staaken in a dancing school in the District on the outskirts of Berlin had arrived.

+++ 18.38 PM: Green-managing Director: Have made a choice “Sunday for Future” made +++

Green-national Director of the Michael waiter a rating of the best result of his party in a nationwide election as a sign of a political change in Germany. The strong showing of the Greens in the European elections will show, “how this party system is in motion,” said the waiter after the announcement of the first Numbers in the ZDF. You have made this choice a “Sunday for the Future,” said a waiter in a nod to the student movement Fridays For the Future, working for a better climate protection. It was a “sensational result”, in the case of the Green joy “delusion is funny” in size.

+++ 18: 36: Green for first-time voters, the strongest force +++

ARD published a statistic that clearly shows how hard it is for the Union and the SPD in the case of the young voters. The Greens dominate in the preference of first-time voters significantly.

+++ 18.28 PM: CDU Secretary-General calls for continuation of the Grand coalition +++

After the electoral defeat of the government parties CDU has pleaded General Secretary Paul Ziemiak for a continuation of the Grand coalition. “You must continue to make so that stability prevails in the country,” said Ziemiak on in the show. It is here, “to the country and not to party political issues”. He called on the coalition of the CDU and the SPD to the “compelling policy”. The performance of the CDU in the European elections was “not a result we are satisfied,” said the Secretary-General. The party will take the result as “an incentive to continue work”.

+++ 18.27 PM: projections: the Union and the SPD in the case of European elections is historically weak +++

the Union and the SPD have been cut off in the European election in Germany, according to initial projections by ARD and ZDF historically bad. The Union came to 27.7 to 27.9 percent of the votes, the SPD fell to 15.6 percent. The Green layers as the second-strongest force from 20.8 to 21.8 percent. The my AfD reached 10.5 to 10.6 percent, the FDP came to 5.5 percent, the Left took 5.5 percent.

+++ 18.26 PM: SPD Secretary-General Klingbeil warns staff debates after the election broke +++

SPD-Secretary-General Lars Klingbeil has warned after the Bankruptcy of the social Democrats in the European elections and the state election in Bremen in front of a debate about the future of party leader Andrea Nahles. “I advise them, to guide staff discussions,” said Klingbeil, in the ZDF. It was the choice fighter of the SPD irritating, that shortly before the election on Sunday coup rumors against Nahles to be hanged. “These are all rituals of old-age policy, the need to stop,” said Klingbeil. He could tell only “stop with these Games”.

+++ 18.25 PM: trend forecast: In Bulgaria the conservative government party +++

In Bulgaria wins the civil government of the party GERB of Prime Minister Boiko Borisov, according to a first trend forecast a clear winner in the European elections. The European people’s party (EPP) belonging to the GERB received, according to the opinion research Institute Alpha Research, 32.8 percent of the votes, as the private TV channel bTV reported. The opposition socialists came, therefore, to 23.1 percent, followed by the party of the Turkish minority DPS with 13.6 percent.

To the EU-Parliament is likely to move back in Sofia mitregierende nationalist WMRO (6.8 percent) and for the first time, the new pro-European Coalition Of Democratic Bulgaria (5.9 Percent).

+++ 18.22 PM: SPD-politicians Schneider: the result in the case of European elections, bitter +++

the Parliamentary Manager of The SPD group in the Bundestag, Carsten Schneider, has described the performance of the social Democrats in the European elections as a “bitter result”. Schneider said in the ARD, the SPD has not been able, obviously, to back their positions with regard to the important issue of climate protection in the center. The SPD has fared in the European elections, according to projections by ARD and ZDF historically weak.

+++ 18.19 PM: Oettinger: the result of the Union’s disappointing +++

EU Commissioner Günther Oettinger (CDU) has referred to the result of the Union in the European election as disappointing. Oettinger said in the ARD, that is not only Pleasing, that populist certain most of Europe. The CDU responded “apparently” wrong in the Video of the Youtubers Rezo, Oettinger said at a question.

+++ 18.18 PM: election prediction: Conservatives the strongest force in Greece +++

The conservative Greek party Nea Dimokratia (ND) is located in the European elections in Greece, according to the first forecasts in the front. The party has made the state broadcasting ERT’s experience is that around 32 percent of the vote (2014: 22.7 percent). The incumbent Prime Minister Alexis Tispras suffered, however, for the first time since 2014 is an election defeat for His left-wing party Syriza came in second place and the forecast is 27%. This is a slight increase compared to 26.6 percent by 2014. In the third place, the right-wing extremist party, Golden dawn, and the socialist KINAL (movement of change) and fight according to the forecast. Both will be around 7 per cent of the votes. The Communist party KKE comes, therefore, to about 6 percent.

+++ 18.01 PM: First forecast in Bremen: CDU wins for the first time, citizenship of choice +++

We look to Bremen: From the state election, the CDU is forecast that for the first time in the history of the smallest state of Germany, as the strongest force in front of the SPD emerged. The Christian Democrats to their top candidate Carsten Meyer-Heder achieved according to the forecast of the Institute Infratest dimap for the ARD 25.5 percent of the votes, while the social Democrats of mayor Carsten Sieling only came to 24.5 percent. The Green improved to 18 percent, the Left rose to twelve per cent, while the FDP reached six percent and the AfD with seven percent, the local right-wing populist party, citizens in rage (BIW) came to 4.2 percent.

All the results to the state election in Bremen, you can read here.

+++ 18.00: forecast: Union and SPD will lose dramatically – Green big winner – High turnout +++

The 18-PM-forecast for the European election in Germany shows significant losses for the Union and the SPD. The Greens and the AfD may disclose:

CDU/CSU: 28 %SPD: 15,5 % Green: 22 %Left: 5.5% For AfD: 10,5 %FDP: 5,5 %Other: %

The turnout in Germany is forecast to 59 percent. She was no longer, since 1994, more than 50 percent.

source: Infratest-Dimap for the ARD

+++ 17.47 PM: Internet breakdown: city of Bochum published fictional election result +++

Because of a glitch in the city of Bochum, has published before the Start of the European election, a rogue election result. On the website of the town had been seen on Saturday afternoon for a few hours of the alleged result, said a city spokesman. Several media had reported about the glitch. Accordingly, the graphic showed the AfD, with almost 50 percent of the votes as the election winner. According to the speaker’s staff had set for test purposes, a fictitious data and the page then accidentally released. “It’s human error. We apologize for this error only.” The data will be immediately deleted.

+++ 17.23 PM: Salvini: With Lega-victory in Italy everything changes “” in Europe +++

A victory for the right-wing Lega in the European elections in Italy will change the view of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the interior Matteo Salvini in Europe “everything”. “In Italy, nothing will change, everything in Europe, (changes…) should win the Lega,” said Salvini, Italian news agencies, according to Milan, after he had cast his ballot in a polling station. According to polls, Salvini’s party could become the strongest force in Italy and a little over 30 percent of the vote advance to get

+++ 17.07 PM: trend, forecast says clear victory for the ÖVP in Austria +++

A week after the collapse of the coalition in Austria, the conservative ÖVP Chancellor Sebastian is Short, according to a forecast 34.5 percent (plus 7.5 percentage points), the clear winner of the EU elections. The SPÖ is on the second position, the right-wing FPÖ loses to the EU election 2014.

+++ 17.02 PM: a Video shows a long queue in front of polling station in Munich +++

Several of the social networks published the Videos icon, of the high interest in the European elections in 2019 – also among the citizens of other EU States.

in Front of the Romanian Consulate General in Munich the people are in a queue of more than 250 meters for voting, such as the inclusion of a ARD-journalist shows.

+++ 16.14 watch: Higher interest in European elections in Germany +++

In the European elections in Germany, a greater interest as five years ago. Up to 14.00 29.4 percent of the choice made according to information of the Federal returning officer entitled to use their right to vote. Absentee votes were not taken into account. In the 2014 European elections, the turnout was at the same time, 25.6 percent, in the end, it amounted to 48.1 percent. Also in many other EU countries, a higher turnout is as 2014.

+++ 15.11 PM: First Numbers: turnout in Spain is much higher than in 2014 +++

In Spain has emerged during the European elections until the early afternoon a much higher level of participation than five years ago. Up to 14.00 34,63% of the 37 million eligible voters went to the polls, said the election authority. At the same time there were in the previous EU election only 23,87 per cent.

+++ 14: 41: Significantly more people in the Rhineland-Palatinate vote +++

In Rhedomestic-Palatinate in the European and local elections, a significantly higher level of participation than five years ago. By noon, about 45 percent of the nearly 3.2 million eligible voters cast their ballots, the national election Board said in Bad Ems. The are about seven percentage points more than at the same time (12: 00) in the year 2014. About 29 percent of the electorate had already made prior to the polling day by post. 2014, it had been 23 percent.

+++ 14.34 PM: First information: participation in elections in France was slightly higher than in 2014 +++

In France, the turnout in the European elections, according to initial information provided by the Ministry of the interior, compared to the election five years ago has increased. Until noon (12: 00) gave around 19,26 percent of the eligible voters in the French territory in Europe your voice, such as the Ministry on Twitter announced. 2014 would have matched up to this time around 15,70 percent.

+++ 14.29 PM: Trend: turnout in Poland, and Denmark is higher than in 2014 +++

In Poland and In Denmark the choice was made in the Europe, a higher turnout than five years ago. In Poland, five hours after the Opening of polling stations until 12.00 noon CEST had voted 14,39 percent of voters – about twice as many as in 2014. At that time, the election turnout was up to this time, only for 7,31 percent. Overall, had voted, in Poland five years ago, nearly 23.3 percent of the voters.

In Denmark had submitted to lunch almost every fourth of the electorate in his voice. The turnout was around 12: 00 PM – three hours after the Opening of the polls – to stitch the news Agency Ritzau samples at 24.7 percent. At the same time, it had been in the previous EU election of 20.3 percent.

+++ 13.58 PM: Tusk does not believe in radical changes +++

EU Council President, Donald Tusk, believes that the anti-European forces strengthened from the European elections to emerge. It will be a lot of new faces, but the basic relationship between pro – and anti-European politicians, it will look more or less like in the last five or ten years, said the former Polish head of government with his vote. “If Parliament comes to the Pro-European stance in the EU, it will not be short of the Sabers to defend Europe as a Whole,” he added.

+++ 11.33 PM: Turkish community in Germany calls to vote to +++

the Chairman of The Turkish community in Germany, Gökay Sofuoglu, has called to participate in the European elections. “We must not leave Europe to the right-wing populists, therefore, every voice is important,” he told the AFP news Agency. In particular, the Turkey-born community, he called on to vote. You watch the rise of right-wing parties, with great concern, as Sofuoglu more. A strong Europe was “the antidote to nationalism”. An estimated 1.2 million of the three million people living in Germany with Turkish roots on Sunday for the right to vote.

+++ 11.11 PM: SPD’s top candidate Barley accompanies your voice +++

Of cameras and journalists, Catherine Barley delivered in the morning at a polling station in Schweich (Rheinland-Pfalz) your voice. The SPD-politician, as the top candidate of her party in the elections to the European Parliament.

messages from Saturday, 25. May 2019:

+++ 16.15: Barley and Nahles calling for a vote against the Right +++

In their last election campaign appearances, the SPD chair Andrea Nahles, and the top candidate of the social Democrats, Catherine Barley, again a clear vote against the Right claimed. “You (the most the right populist note. d. Red.) can beat short and small, but you don’t have the faintest idea how to build something again,” said Barley in Trier. The Brexit show, “what happens when populists are in Power”. Also Nahles renewed their appeal to the voters in Germany. “We have to put the populists and the nationalists a clear ‘no’,” said the SPD Chief at a campaign event in the Hessian town of Darmstadt. The question was whether they wanted a Europe with which all very well to be driven or or whether you wanted to go back to the nationalism, said Nahles.

source: dpa

+++ 14.43 PM: European elections in the Czech Republic, finished a disappointing turnout +++

In the Czech Republic In the European election on Saturday to the end. 14 at the choice of closed local. The country is the only one of the 28 member States, in the course of two days was chosen, was. However, first, it is estimated that less than 20 percent of the approximately 8.5 million eligible voters cast their vote. Forecasts in the Czech Republic. In polls before the election, the populist ANO of Prime Minister Andrej Babis, was in the front.

+++ 14.16 PM: Uschi Glas calls on your German in Europe choice of characters +++

actress Uschi Glas has asked the people in Germany, in the European elections, to participate. “All of the Democrats and Pro-Europeans need to go to the polls,” said the 75-Year-old the German press Agency on the sidelines of a campaign event of the CSU in Munich. In a democracy, to choose, to be a great privilege. “That’s why everyone is wearing, the responsibility and feels responsible for his own life, almost obliged, to vote,” says glass. It was vote as “very important” for Europe and a sign of cohesion.

+++ 11.40 PM: Church representatives warn warned of “nationalist fear +++

creators” On the day before the European elections to have representatives of the Protestant and Catholic Church in Germany prior to the rise of nationalist and right-wing populist forces. In an article for the online portal “Focus online” before throwing Bishop Heinrich Bedford-Strohm and cardinal Reinhard Marx, the right-wing populist parties in Europe, to have no “constructive political responses to the challenges in Europe”. “Who speculated on the settlement of Europe by nationalist fear-maker who uses a lot of the game. Maybe everything”, write the two Church representatives.

+++ 10.57 am: polling stations in Latvia, Malta and Slovakia open +++

On the third day of the European elections in 2019 opened on Saturday morning, the polling stations in three other member States. Is chosen in Latvia, Malta and Slovakia. There, observers expect that at least one right-wing member of the European Parliament for the grantinglt is.

+++ 10.50 PM: NPD fails with application for a temporary injunction before the Federal constitutional court +++

The parties of the extreme right NPD and The third way failed before the Federal constitutional court with Eilanträgen against the removal of election posters. As the court in Karlsruhe, announced a day before the election, wanted to reach the NPD with a temporary injunction that three of the Saxon town of Zittau away posters for the European elections to be re-hung. The party Of the third way called for this to be removed election posters in the Saxon town of Chemnitz. (Az. 1BvQ 45/19 and 46/19)

The Federal constitutional court justified this on Friday’s decision in the case of a NPD with a weighing of Consequences – about the constitutional legal assessment of the posters was not decided in the summary proceedings. The disadvantage for the party in view of the “small number of the suspended posters,” low, said the court. Therefore, the urgent application had been rejected. Specifically, it was about posters with the slogan “Migration is killing!” and the small Heading “stop the Invasion”.

+++ 00.51 watch: Pro-Europeans in Ireland at the front +++

First according to surveys, have prevailed in Ireland, the pro-European forces. Accordingly, the candidate of the middle layers-Right Fine Gael party of Prime Minister Leo Varadkar in two of the constituencies in the front. Two television stations had asked on Friday to 3,000 Waähler. Only in the capital city of Dublin, the Green layers according to the report, the front. Ireland Parliament 11, the 751 members of the European.

messages from Friday, 24. May 2019:

+++ 18.11 watch: Czech President warns voters against “hell on earth” +++

The Czech President, Milos Zeman, non-voters warned that they put their fate in the hands of strangers. “If people don’t vote, you risk that others will go to the polls and you the hell on earth is ready,” said the 74-Year-old at the time of voting for the EU Parliament.

+++ 17.23 p.m.: the last polls of the French right-wing populists in EU election in front +++

last polls for the European elections, the right-wing populists in France at the front. According to a on Friday published the survey of Ipsos Sopra Steria for the national television and Radio, the party of Marine Le Pen to 24.5 percent of the vote can hope. The party La République en Marche by President Emmanuel Macron ended up with 23 percent to the second place. Were interviewed 3.355 citizens on the electoral lists.

Also, according to pollsters Le pen, and the Rassemblement National (RN) was able to extend their lead to Macron. The Institute OpinionWay/Tilder, the right-wing populists with 25 percent of Macrons party, which comes to 23 percent. All other parties are lagging behind.

+++ 14.05 PM: European elections in the Czech Republic started populists in the polls to the front +++

In the Czech Republic started on Friday the European elections. The polling stations opened early in the afternoon around 14.00 clock. The approximately 8.5 million Eligible to cast their vote on Saturday until 14.00 PM. The results will only be released on Sunday evening, after all the other EU-coordinated States. Projections and forecasts, there is not.

+++ 11.22 PM: Steinmeier calls on citizens to participate in the European elections on +++Federal President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier has called on all citizens to participate in the European elections. “How to do it with Europe, the decide you this Sunday,” he says in a Video that was published on his website. “I beg of you: Go select! They show the flag for Europe.”

For the Illustration of his concern Steinmeier in the Video to raise with some effort, a Europe flag. With the rope in Hand, he says that: “Europe is high – which is sometimes exhausting, but it’s damned important.”

Germany needs a strong Europe, stressed the head of state. “A Europe in which we do this, what can it create a country alone.”

+++ 9.28 PM: the Czechs and the Irish vote +++

In Ireland, around 3.7 million people eligible to submit up to 23.00 PM your votes. Subsequently, the Irish broadcaster, RTÉ wants to publish an initial forecast.

In the Czech Republic, where two days will be voted on, open the polls from 14.00 to 22.00. The approximately 8.5 million eligible voters can cast their votes also on Saturday between 8.00 am and 14.00 PM. Forecasts and projections are not planned in the Czech Republic.

+++ 8.45 PM: survey: Only one in three knows Manfred Weber +++

after a week long election campaign in the German top candidate for the European elections are relatively unknown. In a survey conducted by the opinion research Institute YouGov on behalf of the German press Agency, 38 percent said they don’t know of a single one of the nine candidates competing for the seven parties represented in the Bundestag. On the highest level of awareness of the SPD top candidate and Minister of justice Katarina Barley with 49 percent.

you can begin by Contrast, only one in three (36 percent), something with the name Manfred Weber, who is competing as the top candidate for both the CDU and the CSU in Germany as well as Europe-wide for the party family, the EPP. He wants to be President of the EU Commission. Weber is on the awareness scale is still behind the AfD top candidate and party leader, Jörg Meuthen with 39 percent. 30 percent are familiar with FDP General Secretary Nicola Beer. the