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Caffeine and Loose Stools

Caffeine And Loose Stools

Are you one of those who feel like they absolutely need their caffeine fix in the morning? Or, there can even be instances when you’re taking in multiple cups of coffee in a day. Truth be told, that may be too much for your body. If you suddenly feel like as if your body is going through strange and adverse changes, perhaps you’re going to need to make changes in your caffeine intake.

Many people don’t know that Caffeine can be bad for health if it’s taken in large doses. It’s the most common cause of loose stool which can be very problematic for a person. Some people are sensitive and cannot use caffeine even in small quantity and if you are suffering from diarrhea it’s better to consult a doctor.

You should be able to have a better understanding of the ingredients of many things so it does not cause any problem. You’ll be astonished to know that one bar of chocolate has a huge amount of caffeine If the diarrhea is lasting for more than three months then it is not a good sign and some serious action needs to be taken for it. So, coffee isn’t the only culprit for this problem. If you’ve been taking in too much of any caffeine sources lately for your mind and body to function through the day, perhaps now’s a good time for you to change this habit, too.

That said, read through below to learn more about caffeine, loose stools, and how it affects your body in general.

What Is Caffeine?

Caffeine is a commonly used ingredient in the making of some foods and beverages. Fizzy drinks like soda and some other food items like chocolate and nuts also contain caffeine. Many people drink coffee as it keeps their mind alert and they are fresh all day. They should understand that caffeine can cause a bit of addiction if used regularly. Some pain-relieving medicines are also using caffeine but in any case, if the dosage is taken in high quantity it will be bad for health. It can cause insomnia and other mental issues if you continue taking it despite having problems.

Coffee As A Laxative

If you’re a healthy adult and you need to loosen up your bowel a little bit, coffee actually does work to be quite an effective laxative. But, of course, this is given that you’re healthy, and you don’t even have any underlying diarrhea or bowel issues. If the latter is true, then the most prudent choice is still to limit your intake of caffeine and coffee in general. This function works through the colon stimulating agents that are found in coffee, such as xanthine, which can help things move faster in your colon.

Loose Stools

The loose stools if happening commonly every day is a sign of chronic diarrhea. It will mostly consist of water and can make a person dehydrated. Your lips, mouth, and skin would feel very dry so you should consult a doctor immediately.

The major problem of having chronic diarrhea is the loss of water and if the condition is severe you have to be moved to a hospital. As you won’t be able to eat by mouth they will inject things artificially to keep you fresh.

Accordingly, when caffeine gives you loose stools, chronic diarrhea isn’t the only disease that would be a cause of concern for you. For instance, you may also have an underlying case of Chrons and Colitis, which you may not have known to exist in your body. Read more about the types of this disease, and others, in relation to your body’s ability to pass out stool appropriately.

Reduce The Amount Of Caffeine

If your body is not accepting the use of caffeine it’s better to stop using it for a while and see how your body reacts to it. If the bowel movements are strong and coming out with watery and loose stool then eliminating caffeine altogether would be a good move. This can be done by not consuming anything which contains it as an ingredient. According to many types of research, it has been proven that a high amount of caffeine can lead to chronic diarrhea. Caffeine in little amount may not become a problem though but you should be aware of the consequences of high dosage.

Allergic Reaction And Intolerance To Caffeine

Having allergy from caffeine is one thing but sometimes there is caffeine in one or more eatables you are consuming in a day. Naturally, it will increase the amount of two-fold. Some people drink coffee every day and they don’t get any problems but if you add a lot of cream or nuts in it then the quantity of caffeine will be too much to handle for your body. Sometimes the allergy from one product leads to the other and you won’t exactly know how the problem actually began. The ingredients like lactose which are used in the formation of chocolate are also not suitable for people who are allergic to caffeine as well.

Caffeine Also Causes Stomach Pain And Hives

Caffeine does not only cause stools it can also cause stomach pain and hives in some people. Hives are skin rashes which are common to some people as they are allergic to using caffeine. While stomach pain can become intense if you don’t change your eating habits.


When it comes to you and your poop, there can be mixed reactions coming from coffee. The key here is to discover how you’re going to react to it. Then, just like any other food or beverage, do take it in moderation.

Apart from simply affecting your poop, caffeine can have other drastic effects on your health. If you really need that extra boost of energy in the morning or along the day, if there are other options apart from caffeine, then do alternate with those as well. In doing so, you’re not harming your body too much, then regret it later on.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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