The Federal Cabinet advises on Wednesday over the Plan by education Minister Anja Karliczek (CDU) for a minimum wage for apprentices.

policy-makers fear that a minimum wage could be a burden of only 515 euros per month, many of the farms.

Another issue in the Cabinet, the support for victims of political arbitrariness in the GDR. Among other things, the former GDR is to be able to enforce-home children their claims easier, also those who died as an infant or small child in the home and the reasons why, until now, not exactly. The topic is also likely to be a Reform of criminal procedure, to speed up court processes.

in addition, the Cabinet wants to make the way for young people to be allowed to ride with 15 years Moped – but only if your state sets the so. The Federal government wants to allow the countries to lower the minimum age of 16 years.