Who knows what was going on in Matteo Salvini, when he dug up with a wide Grin and a bathing suit in front of ten days in the Sand. Painted it the government crisis, as Italy now brings? He seems to have definitely been in a great hurry to end the Alliance with the Five star movement. On Thursday, he said basta, enough. A new election in Italy, it is now ever more likely.

Apart from the time – right in the middle of the sacrosanct vacation comes the crisis is anything other than surprising. For months, if not since the beginning of the coalition in June of 2018, you will soon be over, was summoned. There were a few issues where the coalition partners over the past 14 months together. The impending break-up of the Alliance’s favorite front-page headline of the daily Newspapers was, to an extent, that it took it almost seriously.

at last, However, the “Capitano increased” the tension inexorably. On Wednesday, it smelled of crisis, as the Minister of the interior, usual Patriotic in the seaside town of Sabaudia, a crowd of supporters celebrated. In the Background, Luciano Pavarotti delivery. In places, the sound of Salvini’s speech as a repudiation of the coalition in Rome, but so far it’s not there yet. Full of promise, he said: “I sleep little and badly, not because of the heat, but because I feel a great responsibility.”

“Matteo, Matteo, Matteo”

the Salvini wants to be the head of the government – that the country knows for a long time. On the Logo of his party, the election of 2018 “Salvini Premier is, since the Parliament”. The 46-year-old Milan has enjoyed a meteoric career – the highlight: The European elections in may, the Lega in Italy got more than 34 percent. Especially with his rigorous Anti-migration rate and the hard Hand against Maritime search and rescue in the Mediterranean sea, he drew voters to his side. Also for the clear edge against the European Union, he gets applause. His followers love him because he is one of them and speaks your language.

Continuously, he recorded the social channels on the Internet. Once he gets his Facebook Followers to his Desk to the Ministry of the interior, on a roof terrace over the roofs of Rome. He also dominated the headlines, whether it’s with Accusations of migrants and Sinti and Roma, or off-hand comments on the day’s events.

In surveys, the Lega is now at about 37 percent, and Salvini can be sure, as the winner of an election to emerge. “He has brought down this government (…), because he has put the surveys in front of the interests of the country,” grumbles star Chef Luigi Di Maio. However, it must accuse that he has but recently hardly anything. The vote of the star against one of the League supported the railway project was for Salvini, the welcome event, the project makes acquisition to start. The stars are, more than ever, as “no-Sayers”. With him but there was no policy of “half measures”, he was not born a “chair warmer” promises Salvini again and again.

The way to increase the popularity in the surveys, was limited, and analyzed Wolfgango Piccoli of the think-tank Teneo. In the hands of Salvini is likely to also play that the Opposition, headed by the social democratic party, is not prepared to make a choice.

the Only risk might be, according to Analyst Piccoli that some of the Lega voters could take it off for evil, that a new election is prevented, initially, promised drastic tax cuts. According to such votes are not yet but. On Friday Salvini was celebrated in the Adriatic town of Termoli, frenetically and from journalists and Fans besieged like a pop star. “Matteo, Matteo, Matteo” chanted the crowd. A trailer, shouting at him: “Better to be alone than in bad company.”

A thunderstorm storm, named Salvini

in Brussels are watching the events in Rome with worry. In the European Parliament, Salvini’s Lega cooperates among others with the German AfD, as well as the party in power, the Rassemblement National of the French Marine Le Pen. In the group “identity and democracy” United right-wing populists and nationalists have written on the Flag, “to be a thorn in the flesh of the Eurocrats” and want to shift competences of the EU in the main cities. The Lega rejects, for example, the current European rules for the limitation of the state debt, and is calling for more national autonomy in financial policy.

government in Italy before the

Salvini Italy plunges into crisis – the Prime Minister, Conte instructs him in the barriers


Uncomfortable it could be for the EU, especially in areas where unanimous decisions are required. Salvini is the case, for example, as a Russia-friendly and has on several occasions made it clear that he considers the conflict in Ukraine, introduced economic sanctions against Russia as superfluous, even damaging for Italy. He should be the head of government, he could appeal to the next decision about an extension of the sanctions with a Veto, and to ensure that the criminal justice measures on December 31. January 2020 expiration.

critics of the Salvini’s are also referring to its political proximity to the controversial Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and the fear of a real shift to the right in the EU, should be governed is the fourth largest economy in the EU in the future of the Lega. As Orban Salvini makes churning sentiment against immigrants and immigration. And as Orban Salvini is considered to be representative of a policy, which prefers the strong nation-state, a strong EU.

the Salvini have brought to Italy in August “thunderstorm,” writes a commentator in “La Stampa”. With the government crisis, he attempts to create the conditions under which he can continue his Revolution.

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