A dog from Thailand has rescued a newborn Baby, after his birth mother placed in a box and, apparently, buried was. The local newspaper, “Khaosod reported”. In the case of the mother it is, therefore, a 15-year-old girl who wanted to keep the pregnancy from her parents a secret.

The dog – a male by the name of Ping Pong had discovered the child in a field near the city of Korat. The animal had been sniffing at a spot of the field and suddenly started to dig up a leg of the child came to the fore, according to the British “BBC”. The locals had brought the newborn to a hospital, where Doctors bathed the child and for healthy explained. The child apparently had great luck – it was largely unharmed.

“It is great that he has found the Baby”

Usa Nisaika (41) Ping Pongs owner and very proud of his pet. “Ping Pong was hit by a car, he is hindered. I keep him because he is so loyal and obedient, and to me always helps when I go to the field to feed my cattle,” he says in the “Khaosod”newspaper. “He is loved by the whole village. It is great that he has found the Baby.”

The police were able to quickly make the mother of the boy to find. She is accused of, among other things, attempted murder. According to the “Bangkok Post”, the girl currently in the care of their parents. In addition, you will receive psychological support. “She regrets what she did and says she acted out of impulse, without thinking about time”, said a police officer.

The Boy is now growing up in the family of the girl. A final decision is pending. Authorities reported the child was able to survive because it had only been superficially buried.

source: Khaosod / BBC / DailyMail / Bangkok post