In Bochum, Germany has been a brutal slump with a fatal outcome. Such as the police and the Prosecutor’s office said on Tuesday, after the violent Events now determined even on suspicion of murder.

The crime occurred, according to police sources on Monday. The perpetrators came during the day, and left a tied-up dead, the 68-year-old house owner. He was left behind after the break-lying on the belly, and without a sign of life in his home, according to investigators. The autopsy revealed that the man was strangled, a police spokesman said the dpa.

a Former mining village in Bochum

according to investigators, the burglar ran something like this: Two unknown men entered at about half past four in the afternoon in a semi-detached house in the former mining settlement in the “Kappskolonie” in the Bochum district of Hordel. She met the 68-year-old house owner and his three years older friend. The two men forced the two to the ground and then the house of cash and valuables due to addiction. How much the robbers got away with, was not known. After the men were fled, the agreed shocked woman to the police.

However, for your well-Known, help came too late: The first arriving officers, and then paramedics were unable to save the lying on the ground, many a man tied up. He was still choking on the scene. For more information wanted to make the police first.

The 71-year-old woman came with a severe shock in a hospital. “What she must have witnessed, is at nightmare proportions,” said a spokesman for the police.