17 steps from the front door up to the switch at the opposite end of the hall. There are only two benches, each with four thick, tough metal grille shells. Most of the Waiting to lean on the walls. The first of the benches wobbles when you sit down, because in the right-hand bottom anchor right rear is a screw missing. Why I know so exactly? I now spend more than three hours of the licensing authority in Tunis, and attempts to finally get my car register, which I bought ten months ago.

alone, the note to me, a well-Known has been, should’ve had me taken aback. Actually, there are four (!) Pages that describe exactly each step and each office exactly the must-visit, should you embark on the adventure of “buying a car”. Maybe I should go easy with the Roller? In dealing with the bureaucracy of a country you learn a lot about the culture. Syrian refugees in Germany have developed an App to help with the red tape madness in Germany (“Bureau crazy”) – sometimes I would wish me the opposite way.

Simon Kremer: A little Lost in the middle East

Simon Kremer explored the forests of the homeland of mad, and later the deserts of the Arab world. Has retained his naivety until today, and had played, therefore, almost time for the Syrian military team football. It is, therefore, also changes in the Arab robe through the Saxon Switzerland ran. Shortly after that Pegida was founded. Now lives with his wife and daughter in Tunisia and travels as a Journalist through the Middle East. Had to find on the football field and in the delivery room, that you can quickly feel very foreign.

Because a quite straightforward process in which I buy at the beginning of a car, the contract is legalize, then the car documents at customs once again confirm to me by the Tunisian Tüv attest to the accuracy of the chassis number, then the Attestation in customs re-enter to get me then at the registration office the vehicle registration, is an Odyssey deep into the heart of Arab society. After all, who can know that it is forbidden to enter a Tunisian authority in short pants? Again an attempt fails and it goes by is another day without progress.

Ten months for a car registration

Some political scientists say that the bureaucracy has helped in Tunisia and Egypt to stabilize the country during the so-called “Arab spring”. Because stoic the officials did to continue her work as a decades long regimes and dictatorships fell, and so, ensured that at least the basic supply of the population fell into Chaos.

Now, again, eight years later – comes to the bureaucracy for many observers there is an impediment, and one of the most serious of circumstances, with the result that the economy in most of the Arab countries except the Gulf and its Oil monarchies, of course – on the legs.

In the “Doing Business Report” of the world Bank, most of the Arab countries end up far behind. In Egypt, for instance, it takes 75 days to register property, the report says. To get into Algeria 180 days, an electric line of a building permit in Lebanon, 249 days. My car registration needs a good ten months. But at least I’ve done it and the car is not, as Known, for two years, unused, in front of the house. In the end, I even had not only the vehicle appearance, but also the phone number of the chief of the Vehicle registration authority and was allowed to the office by the staff entrance, we write to us also to continue private phone messages with the competent customs employees.

officials are only present physically

An Anti-corruption NGO in Tunisia, has released a study according to which the average Tunisian officials would work per day effective eight minutes. I would add that it is in the summer, only half, because then the so-called “séance unique” attacks, in several months, only half a day is worked. Understandable in the heat in an air-conditioned office.

Otherwise, the official was physically present. And even that not always (especially the trade Union has acted out, by the way, in addition to pay a special premium for permanent presence increases). I don’t know the methodology of the study, would you but. Because most of the required officials are in important meetings or play – as it is about arriving at the airport in Saudi Arabia problems with my visa – the four of us against each other, ball games on the phone. While I sit in the corner of the office, wait and I worry, when, suddenly, a handyman with a circular saw come in and start, the ground, sawing off the top. What you are doing so in an official Saudi office.

Simon Kremer: Lost in the middle East

forced Mostly in Germany? Like me, Tunisian artisans taught

humility is a deep-seated Problem is reflected in the sprawling bureaucracy: a basic mistrust of the state towards its citizens. In some ways this is understandable, because in the meantime, anyone who knows someone who has something to say to attempts to deal with its regulatory problems. What, in turn, leads to the fact that the number of required stamps, and stamps, and certifications continue to rise. Everyone distrusts everyone. And the frustration rises.

Baguette instead of Agathe

I want to buy it again on the competent office will issue a Tax stamp for about two euros, are completed. The employees on strike again without notice. Out on the course, the displeasure of the crowd is larger. Suddenly one of the waiting men reaches into his pocket, pulls out several bundles of bills, throws them in the air and calls out: “you don’t Want to my taxes? Here you are!”

The distrust is so great that for the registration of my daughter’s official birth certificate from the residents ‘ registration office is sufficient. Do I need a certification of the parent municipality, which is certified with a Tax stamp and a stamp from the third floor to get a further certification in the Ministry of foreign Affairs. Because of the need to make all of that take a trip like almost the whole day. And Woe, there is a stamp missing.

fortunately, the official has written the name of my daughter properly. Just imagine what would have happened in the case of a write error. Not so, as in the case of a friendly French family who wanted to enroll their daughter Agathe, and on the birth certificate, suddenly, Baguette.

Simon Kremer – Lost in the middle East

cliché of the Orient: mint tea, men hordes and other fairy tales from 1001 nights

How to smells of the Orient? According To Jasmine? Or burnt fish? Arabs Breast grabber or environmental activists? It’s time to clean up, with the Orient-pictures – the romantic and the unromantic.