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AfD-politician Otten fails again in the case of the election of the Bundestag Vice-President (17.01 hrs)Bahlsen forced workers-history research (16.10)transport companies want to offer E-scooter (15.12 PM)Ex-Salafist preacher Sven L. freed prematurely (9.55 PM)new Zealand demands entrance fee from tourists (6.11 PM)

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+++ 18.55 clock: the CDU and the SPD bag well a week before the European elections ab +++

a week before the European election on may 26. May SAG a ARD survey shows that the CDU and the SPD. The survey conducted by the Institute Infratest dimap, the CDU/CSU reached 28 percent (minus one) and the SPD by 17 percent (minus two). For the Greens, also minus two) are also said 17 percent (.

The AfD has improved by two points to twelve percent. The left party and the FDP, will be maintained at seven percent. A total of twelve percent to be said for the rest of the 34 parties and associations of Voters before standing for European elections, of which three per cent for the Free voters and The “party”. A Five-percent-hurdle, there is not in this election. Infratest dimap surveyed on Tuesday and Wednesday 1001 entitled to vote.

+++ 18.26 PM: according to opinion polls, Bremen, election projection, the CDU against the SPD +++

a week before the state election in Bremen in significant losses for the SPD in their previous stronghold. In polls for ARD and ZDF, the oppositional CDU is ahead of the social Democrats. Also the reigning red-green Senate, despite the strong Green, respectively, is no longer a majority.

+++ 17.27 PM: Johnson wants to be after May the British Prime Minister +++

Britain’s former foreign Minister, Boris Johnson wants according to media reports, Prime Minister. After the withdrawal of the incumbent, Theresa May he will apply for the Post, said the Brexit-hardline, according to information from the BBC and Sky News on Thursday at a meeting in Manchester. “Of course I’ll strive for that,” said Johnson, therefore. Him are already rumored for a long time ambitions to the office.

+++ 17.12 at: Finally confirmed: Madonna occurs in the Eurovision Song Contest +++

Finally, it is clear that Madonna appears as a guest star in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) on Saturday in Tel Aviv. “Now it is official,” said the Israeli station KAN, of hosting the competition, together with the European broadcasting Union (EBU) on Thursday on its website. “After a few tense days, the contract between the Madonna and the ESC producers was signed today”.


ESC 2019

A little bit of fetish – and at the break, there’s Madonna: So runs of the evening in Tel Aviv

The 60-year-old pop diva had already been on Tuesday decisively shown, despite massive calls for Boycotts by the anti-Israel movement, BDS, in the mid-term of the ESC-final act. The Israeli media reported on Thursday that the contract for the show had been delayed further, and also from the EBU, there was initially no confirmation.

according to media reports, Madonna is singers with an Entourage of around 135 people in Tel Aviv, including the Rapper, KoVu, 40 Accompanying, 25 dancers and a Team of technicians. For the most part, the performance cost of Israel to come-canadian billionaire Sylvan Adams.

+++ 17 o’clock: Troubleshooting after a breakdown, Abi testing in the state of Baden-Württemberg runs +++

After a graduation breakdown in the subject social studies in the state of Baden-Württemberg have shown teachers ‘ representatives and the Ministry of culture mistakes. The Ministry had offered students from about 130 high schools in the short term, the opportunity to repeat their exams in the subject. Earlier it was clear that in the examination occurring term in the classroom in several schools was not taken.

Ex-President scolds

“circus of the Generation snowflake” – teacher Association is contrary to protests against Mathe-Abi

In the terminal part of the task had the candidates the importance of the North Atlantic defense Alliance Nato for peacekeeping on the basis of a “category model” to explain. In the education plan of the country, the term category the model belongs to the focus topic of International relations, a part of the field of political science. Many of the students had heard the word but never. A Ministry spokesman said that the expression is potentially so common.

+++ 17.01 PM: AfD-politician Otten fails again in the case of the election of the Bundestag Vice-President +++

The AfD continues to be a Vice-President of the Bundestag. Your candidate Gerold Otten failed on Thursday in the second attempt, in the office choose. For him, the 205 deputies, 399 voted, voted in a secret ballot with no, 26 abstained. So missed Otten the necessary absolute majority of 355 votes.

Otten, who sits on the defence Committee of the Bundestag, had already on 11. April stood unsuccessfully for the Vice President post. Previously, AfD had failed MEPs Albrecht Glaser and Mariana Harder-Kühnel, each three Times.

According to the rules of procedure of the Bundestag, a seat in the Parliament Bureau to each group. The deputies are nevertheless in their choice decision.

+++ 16.51 p.m.: investigators have preliminary findings to the shipwreck of the “MSC Zoe” +++

After the serious accident of the “MSC Zoe” on the North sea, with more than 345 lost containers, have investigators the first insights in to the cause. The strong roles of the container giants, the night of the storm on the 2. January was probably a contributing factor to the accident. The Director of the Federal authority for Casualty investigation (BSU) in Hamburg, Ulf Kaspera said on Thursday. Similar to him had quoted the “NordWest-Zeitung”. There is no evidence that the container had cargo been carelessly secured, said Kaspera.

cargo ship lost a Container

millions of plastic particles “, MSC Zoe” washed up – how could this happen?

Jessica Kröll +++ 16.49 PM: Theresa May turns clear timetable for withdrawal +++

After months of constant fire from his own party, the British Prime Minister Theresa May has averted an internal revolt first. The influential 1922 Committee of the Conservative party did not put his threat, a new miss to dare to vote against you to enforce, first of all. We will meet after the planned vote on the law on the implementation of the Brexit agreement, “so that we can uns to agree on a timetable for the election of a new chief of the Conservative party,” said the Chairman, Sir Graham Brady, on Thursday.

+++ 16.18 PM: unemployment in France on a Ten-year Low +++

The unemployment rate in France fell to a Ten-year Low. In the first three months of the year, the unemployment rate fell 0.1 point to 8.7 percent, as the statistics office Insee announced on Thursday in Paris. President Emmanuel Macron has promised to press until the end of his term of office in 2022 on a seven-percent.

+++ 16.16 PM: dozens Dead in clashes in the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula +++

In clashes in the North of the Sinai Peninsula have been killed according to the Egyptian army, five soldiers and 47 alleged terrorists. In addition, nearly 160 people had been arrested, was informed by the Egyptian army leadership on Thursday. Numerous hideouts and vehicles of terrorists were destroyed. It remained unclear when it came to the clashes.

+++ 16.10: Bahlsen story of his forced labourers cutting +++

The biscuit manufacturer Bahlsen draws conclusions from the current discussion about the treatment of its forced labourers during the Second world war and the role of scientific cutting. The göttingen Professor Manfred Grieger was entrusted to an independent body of experts to put together, informed the group on Thursday in a statement.

forced labourers-statements

cookie entrepreneur Verena Bahlsen asks for apology and wants. to

The previous day had apologized under heiress Verena Bahlsen take for their statements to the forced workers at the biscuit manufacturer In a statement, she spoke of indiscretions and errors. You had said the “image”newspaper: “That was before my time and we have paid the forced workers in the same way as the Germans and treated well.” The remark in the social media reactions indignant caused.

+++ 15.47 PM: nationwide, nearly 3500 new branch of possibilities for Doctors +++

nationwide, several thousand new branch opportunities will be created for Doctors. The Federal Joint Committee on health care (G-BA) decided on Thursday in Berlin, a Reform of the so-called needs planning Directive, which allows for 3470 new seats for Doctors and psychotherapists. The disease load of the Insured in the regions should be taken into account in the planning of the medical needs in the future and the planning will be adjusted every two years.

findings in Vietnam

woman’s due to ear pain to the doctor – what is the place in the ear canal, can fly

Specifically, we want to give it a new branch of possibilities for 1146 house doctors, 776 psychotherapists, 476 nerve, doctors and 401 children and youth doctors. The leading Association of the statutory health insurance (GKV) forecasts a “significant increase in the physician seats”. Thus, the outpatient care for 73 million will Insured by law “a step better,” said Shi Vice Johann Magnus von Stackelberg.

The AOK-Federal Association welcomed the fact that the “Maldistribution” of Doctors to be addressed by a minimum quota for rheumatologists, dampened, however, at the same time, the expectations. The basic problem, the missing regional Doctors, and the uneven distribution of medical practices in Germany could not solve the new planning requirements”,” said army chief Martin Litsch. So a lot of additional capacity would arise in regions where there is already an open contract doctor seats. According to the G-BA there is currently a nationwide round-3440 open doctor seats.

+++ 15.23 PM: Germany is lagging behind in climate protection +++

Germany is lagging behind when it comes to climate protection. The projection report 2019 of the Federal government, according to the greenhouse gas emissions in 2020 are projected to be around 33.2 percent below the 1990 level. Thus, a significant gap remains with respect to the actually promised a reduction of 40 percent. The Ministry of the environment drew attention, however, on Thursday that the latest developments, especially for the period up to 2030 are not taken into account in the report.

+++ 15.12 PM: transport companies want to be able to rent E-scooters offer +++

passengers with E-scooters in the future, probably also in the case of urban transport companies. All of the major transport companies were working on the issue, it said on Thursday at the Association of German transport companies. “This fits very well to us,” said the Association’s President, Ingo Wortmann of the German press Agency. “We are not only offering a ride with U-Bahn, Tram-train, Bus from one stop to the other, but we offer mobility door-to-door.” The Federal Council will decide on Friday about the approval of the scooter.

Wortmann is the head of the Munich transport company that wants to introduce a private Partner, E-scooters also. The Association believes that public TRANSPORT must pay customers in the cities of scooter extra. Later, a “subscription-Plus was” conceivable that the use of E-scooters (E-scooters), bicycles and car sharing-includes cars – “a kind of Mobility rate for the total supply of a city or municipality”.

electric scooter

family wants to try E-Scooter and continues almost to your hotel room on fire

+++ 15.11 PM: the prosecution calls in process to the series of murders of Ex-nurses Högel life imprisonment +++

In the process to the unprecedented series of murders of former male nurse Niels Högel to clinic patients, the public Prosecutor’s office demanded on Thursday a life sentence. The prosecution demanded before the regional court in Oldenburg furthermore, the particular Severity of the fault to determine what to exclude early release from prison after 15 years. Already in a previous trial to life imprisonment, convicted 42-Year-old should not be to the satisfaction of the indictment for 97 more killings, the three accused murders, were certainly detectable.


An employee of the bag manufacturer Bree. Insolvency proceedings in self-administration is a variant of insolvency law, which aims instead of a resolution on the restructuring of a company.

©Jochen luebke DPA +++ 15.08 PM: bag manufacturer Bree insolvent and is looking for an Investor +++

The well-known bag manufacturer Bree has registered with the local court of Hamburg for insolvency in self-administration. Despite intensive efforts and a complete restructuring was not managed, the business is in the black due, it is said in a message of the company. Bree had in the past year, the company centralizedle moved from Hanover to Hamburg, the collection is rejuvenated and the number of employees is reduced. Bree is seeking a strong, experienced international Investor from the industry.

+++ 15.02 PM: Agency: Turkish government lifts ban on visitors for the PKK founder Ocalan to +++

The Turkish government has to a media report, according to the contact prohibition for the imprisoned PKK founder Abdullah Öcalan repealed. The Minister of justice Abdülhamit Gül announced, according to the state news Agency Anadolu on Thursday, the ban on visitors for his lawyers in the prison of Imrali had been cancelled. At the beginning of may lawyers had, for the first time in 2011 Öcalan in prison to visit, but this was not the case so far as a single step.

+++ 14.18 PM: Merkel excludes exchange to Brussels +++

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) is speculation countered, you could aspire to a Leadership at the European level. You stand in “for another political office, no matter where it is, not even in Europe,” said Merkel on Thursday after a Meeting with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte. The speculations were raised after Merkel had previously spoken with a view on Europe from a “heightened sense of responsibility”.


German Chancellor Angela Merkel

©Odd Andersen AFP

Merkel had said of the “süddeutsche Zeitung” of Thursday on the question of whether Europe is facing a fate choice: “It is certainly a choice of great importance a special election. Many are Worried about the Europe, I too.” She added: “This results in a even heightened sense of responsibility to take care of me together with other to the fate of this Europe with me.”

The Statement had been interpreted in a variety of media to Merkel to strut to the end of her chancellorship, a Post in Brussels.

+++13.33 PM: study: one in seven babies Every seventh Baby is the world to easily at birth +++

in the world, according to a study at the time of birth to easily. More than 20 million newborn babies born in 2015 with a low birth weight of less than 2500 grams – this was every seventh Baby, according to a Thursday survey published by the London Institute of Hygiene and tropical medicine, the UN children’s Agency Unicef and the world health organization (WHO) for 148 countries, in The journal “The Lancet Global Health”.

TV-alert for the ZDF

celebrity restaurateur, disappeared without a trace – “aktenzeichen XY … searches for unresolved” Santo Sabatino

By Annette Berger +++ 13.26 PM: Woman in Offenbach, shot – For information on perpetrators, high reward +++

After the fatal shot to a 44-Year-old in Offenbach has been exposed to for clues to solve the crime, a significantly higher reward. “The family of the victim has been exposed to EUR 27,000 reward for the elucidation of the crime,” said the Moderator of the ZDF-show “aktenzeichen XY… ungelöst”, Rudi Cerne, on Wednesday evening at the presentation of the Case. The Prosecutor’s office had previously awarded 3000 Euro for the relevant information. After the show, some of the notes had been received, said a police spokesman. “The big breakthrough was not.”

investigators are looking for since Wednesday with a public manhunt for the possibly armed Protect. It was a nearly two meters big man from the environment of the victim with a athletic-muscular figure, informed the police and the public Prosecutor’s office on Wednesday. “Aktenzeichen XY… ungelöst” is that the man is Moroccan. The public manhunt has brought according to the police, so far no new findings.

#neon Europe

From climate to equal rights

The wide choice programme, Check: That the parties stand in the European election

+++ 13.19 PM: AfD judgment against criminal payments +++

The AfD has filed charges against two criminal payments in the amount of more than 400,000 euros due to illegal party donations. The lawsuit will now be sent to the Bundestag, informed a court spokesman said on Thursday. According to the AfD, the disputed services were “not donations for the purposes of the political parties act”.

Specifically, it comes to aid, the Swiss Agency Goal AG for today’s Federal Chairman Jörg Meuthen and the Federal Executive Board member Guido Reil in state election campaigns in 2016 and 2017. Both leaders are at the top of the list of candidates of the AfD for the European elections on may 26. May.

+++ 13.18 PM: Reinhold Messner: the art of mountaineering is not to die +++

The art of mountaineering is not the view of the extreme athlete Reinhold Messner (74), to die. “I am relatively successful, because the Better ones have died, not because I was particularly good. It was Better than me,” he said of the “süddeutsche Zeitung”. From time to time he give up when mountain climbing because it is dangerous going to, the weather, or the equipment does not fit.


Reinhold Messner is one of the most well-known mountain climber and adventurer. He climbed all 14 eight-thousanders..

©Horst Ossinger DPA

Messner, expressed pride to have a lot of taboos are broken. “So, Everest without an oxygen mask, was taboo. The medicine has not said that.” He see the challenge as an adventure, said Messner.

+++ 13.11 PM: Large carnivores in the Munich-based Bank Suspect sitting in custody +++

After a robbery of a suspected multi-million euros from a Bank locker, the Prosecutor’s office of Munich I determined against several people. The Suspects were in custody, the investigations were still under way, said a spokeswoman for the Prosecutor’s office on Thursday. A report of the “tz” is that a gang had stolen, with the assistance of a Bank employee to 4.62 million Euro from the locker to a customer of Commerzbank. The Prosecutor’s office gave to the identity of the Suspect initially no information. The “tz” according to the robbery between December 2017 and March 2018 happened.

+++ 12.52 PM: COP apologizes for fatal accident +++

In the process against a police officer because of the fatal collision of a patrol car with a moped driver has apologized to the defendant. In front of the local court of Fürth, the 31-Year-old said: “I have judged my speed wrong, and also the visibility of the intersection. I’m so sorry for what happened.” The official ride will be accused of negligent killing and negligent bodily injury.

The policeman on July 15. April of last year, the car will be driven in the Bavarian town of Zirndorf, on the way to a deployment of about 140 kilometres per hour with the strip through a red light. His car collided with a 30-year-old moped driver, the Green had. The moped driver died at the scene of the accident.

+++ 12.50 PM: Ex-ETA leader after 17 years of escape taken +++

After more than 16 years on the run is one of the most influential leaders of the previous Basque underground organization ETA, Josu Ternera, on Thursday in France was passed. The international arrest warrant sought-after 68-Year-old was set up in cooperation between the Spanish and French security forces in the early hours of the morning in Sallanches in the French Alps, as the Spanish interior Ministry announced. Ternera was since 2002 on the run, according to Spanish media, he is now seriously ill with cancer.

+++ 11.54 am: the Oldest sister of Germany dies with a 110 +++

at The age of 110 years, the oldest sister in Germany died in the Bavarian lower cattle Creek, in the district of Landshut. Sister Konrada was 89 years of monastery service, said the pastor of the parish and the upper cattle Creek, Stefan Brunner, the AFP news Agency. She died on Tuesday. On your death, the Bavarian broadcasting Corporation reported first. Sister Konrada have kept the record of the oldest monastery sister in Germany for some years and is one of the oldest monastery of sisters of the world, said Brunner. Until five years ago, you have sewn the religious clothing of the other sisters.

DR. v. hirschhausen’s STAR HEALTHY LIVING

skin doctor reveals: How you preserve your appeal at any age

Rosalie Huber, sister Konrada was called with civil name, was born on may 29. September, 1908 born in Bavaria, Germany. She was 89 years as a member of the Dominican convent in lower cattle Creek. On Saturday sister Konrada to be buried.

+++ 11.53 am: FDP-reports: solos must already by 2020, the way +++

The solidarity surcharge must be abolished, according to a constitutional expert report on behalf of the FDP parliamentary group, at the latest, to the year 2020. In the Grand coalition agreed partial discontinuation of ab 2021 is in breach of the basic law, said the former President of the Federal constitutional court, Hans-Jürgen papier, in Berlin. After the expiry of the solidarity Pact II by the end of the year, the Soli survey is no longer justified. Paper had created the report commissioned by the FDP faction.

+++ 11.34 PM: Riyadh: Iran officer Houthi rebels with attack on a Saudi Arabian oil Pipeline +++

Two days after a drone attack by the Houthi rebels, a Saudi Arabian oil Pipeline Riyadh has made Iran for the attack responsible. The Tehran-arranged attack show, that the Yemeni militia “is an Instrument of the Iranian regime” to protect its interests in the Region to enforce, wrote the Saudi Arabian Deputy defense Minister Prince Khaled bin Salman on Thursday in the short message service Twitter. The Riad is at the top of a military Alliance, which was fighting in Yemen, Iranian-backed Houthi rebels.

+++ 11.03 PM: Live debate for the European elections reached only a small audience of char +++

The Live debate of the top candidates for the European election in Germany only a few audience. The TV station Phoenix and Tagesschau24 had transferred on Wednesday evening from 21 clock directly from Brussels. Phoenix turned on according to the Media Control of 190,000 spectators. This corresponds to a market share of 0.7 percent. At Tagesschau24 30,000 (0.1 percent) were on the screen. The debate had supplied Manfred Weber (EPP), Frans Timmermans (PES), Nico Cué (EL), Ska Keller (EGP), Jan Zahradil (ACRE) and Margrethe Vestager (ALDE) in a slugfest.

European elections in 2019

27 countries, 13 of the German political parties, a decision – the choice-O-Mat brings order to the policy-clutter

+++ 11 a.m.: trial against terrorism suspects from Amri-environment started in Berlin +++

in Front of the Berlin chamber court began on Thursday the trial of a terror suspect, as part of a Islamist-motivated attack in Berlin. The Russian citizen Magomed-Ali C. should have held this in October of 2016, explosives in his Berlin apartment. His plans are to temporarily be the breitscheidplatz-assassin Anis Amri involved.

the Possible target was the fountain of the investigation, according to the Berlin shopping center “health Center”. Out of fear of a house search in C. and, in the meantime, in France, imprisoned accomplice broke up the plans accordingly, however. The 31-year-old C was taken in August 2018 in Berlin. For the process a total of around 40 dates are planned.

+++ 10.56 am: the apartment of a 53-year-old dead from Passau crossbow case searches +++

In the Passau crossbow case, the prosecution has let in Hildesheim in lower Saxony, the apartment of a 53-year-old dead in the state of Rhineland-browse Palatinate. In the apartment in Borod numerous evidence had been seized funds, said the authority on Thursday. The search to the findings substantiate that the two in lower Saxony was found dead women with the 53-Year-old had been aware of. There was no evidence that other Participants in the Events were involved.

On Friday, had been found in a Guesthouse in Passau, the bodies of a man and two women. The autopsy of the dead pointed to a advanced suicide. The investigations revealed that in all three of the parties Involved fired arrows into the body or the head and neck were fatal. On Monday were discovered in the apartment of one of the in Passau murdered women in the lower Saxony Wittingen two more bodies. The cause of death in the two cases is not yet known.

+++ 10.54 am: Nest made of pure Gold, stolen – police are searching for perpetrators +++

art theft

house to house searches for gold nest theft: Put Clans robbery behind the art?

After the theft of a bird’s nest-reproduction of fine gold at a Berlin elementary school, the police, the Berlin-based Clan environment in the visor. In several Berlin districts of objects have been searched.


After the brazen theft of an artificial bird’s nest made of pure Gold from a Berlin elementary school, police are searching for the perpetrators. On Wednesday afternoon, several houses and a car, among other things, in the districts of Berlin-Neukölln have been searched already. According to various media the police are investigating reports in the Clan environment. The police are looking for witnesses who may have noticed in the night to Wednesday at the school in Berlin-Marzahn anything Suspicious like strange cars, people, or loud noises.

the security services for The Fox hill primary school in Berlin-Marzahn had the theft of the artplant the “Golden Nest” is noted in the night to Wednesday. The pure material value of the 74 branches from

+++ 10.39 PM: last helicopter crashed in Bavaria +++

A helicopter has crashed in the Bavarian town of Oberstdorf. The Pilot was not seriously injured, floating in life-threatening danger, said a spokeswoman for the police in Kempten on Thursday, the AFP news Agency. Accordingly, the helicopter had tried to make a Mast to raise.

+++ 10.15 am: NRW introduction of forgery-proof badges +++

North Rhine-checks-Westphalia, checks the introduction of forgery-proof student ID cards or school certificates, to attempted welfare fraud by poverty migrants curb. “Municipalities from the Ruhr area such as Duisburg and Gelsenkirchen wish to identify the introduction of forgery-proof Students”, said municipal Minister Ina pawing Bach (CDU), the “West German General newspaper” and the “westfälischer Anzeiger”. “The state government is examining the and is the wish of open-minded.”

Several of the Ruhr area cities reported according to the pawing Bach “by Trying to of immigrants from South-Eastern Europe, with copied and fake student ID cards and school certificates of children to request money for children living in NRW”. The state government clarified with the municipal associations costs, Benefits, and work statements expenses for the new students.

+++ 10.11 am: heat on Cyprus to 37 degrees in the shade +++

High temperatures make people on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus to create. The Thermometer indicated in the morning in the island’s capital, Nicosia, temperatures of around 37 degrees. This was unusual for the time of year, said meteorologist television in the state. The heat wave will continue in the next three days, it said. The citizens were called not too long Outdoors in the sun, to stop, to wear light-colored clothes made of cotton and drinking plenty of water. Elderly or sick people should stay home, advised Doctors on the radio.


Sven L. is set free on parole early.

©Marius Becker DPA +++ 9.55 PM: Ex-Salafist preacher Sven L. is prematurely released from prison +++

The former mönchengladbach-based Salafist preacher Sven L. is released early from prison. The competent criminal Senate of the higher regional court of Düsseldorf have agreed to the release of l after serving two thirds of his five and a half years in prison, and was confirmed by a higher regional court spokesman. L. have distanced themselves from Islam and was also a member of in a drop-out program.

L. was 26. Sentenced July 2017 due to the support of a terrorist Association classified Islamist militia Jamwa in Syria, the imprisonment has been. In the case of the detention period, the detention will be counted, so that the former Salafist who was doing preacher now two-thirds of his sentence.

+++ 9.50 hours: Kramp-Karrenbauer says planned security policy speech +++

CDU Boss Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer has canceled her planned speech to the European security policy at a conference of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) in Berlin in the short term because of an Eye condition. The organizers informed in the Morning shortly before the start of the conference. Kramp-Karrenbauer had already been deleted in the past week because of the eyes suffering. The speech at the KAS would be one of its first major foreign-policy Speeches have been as CDU Chairman.

+++ 9.16 PM: Rottweiler attacked a mother and two children in Baden-Württemberg +++

A Rottweiler in Baden-Württemberg, a mother and her two small children attacked. The dog jumped in Meßkirch in the district of Sigmaringen, on a plot of land fence and grabbed a first year boy in the jacket, such as the police of Konstanz and the Prosecutor’s office Hechingen said. The child suffered bleeding injuries to the head and face. As the mother of intervention, and the Small high took, browsing the Rottweiler in the upper arm of the woman. Nevertheless, the 30-Year-old, to put their one and three year old sons in the bike trailer and away. Because the Rottweiler not desisted from the family, fled to a parked tractor. Witnesses were aware of the incident on Tuesday and provided assistance.

The mother was brought by the ambulance service to a hospital and treated. The one-year son and his three-year-old brother, who bore various contusions and bruising of it, were able to leave the hospital after outpatient treatment. The Rottweiler was later found by police officers at his owner in Meßkirch. Against the holder due to the negligence of the body is determined violation.

In the +++ 9.04 PM: Ex-ETA leader Josu Ternera, after a long escape, focus +++

After years on the run is one of the leaders of the former Basque underground organization Eta, Josu Ternera, in France, was passed. The Spanish interior Ministry said. Ternera was set, therefore in the early hours of the morning in Sallanches in the French Alps fixed. Ternera, the name is actually José Antonio Urrutikoetxea Bengoetxea, was the political chief of Eta, murdered in her more than four decades-long fight for an independent Basque country for more than 800 people. Ternera was since 2002 on the run. The Eta had announced 2011 to the end of their armed struggle. In April 2017, the organization then gave their weapons completely, in may 2018, they said their final resolution.

+++ 8.57 PM: Mainz Rheingoldhalle burns +++

In Mainz, the Rheingoldhalle is burning. The fire broke out in the roof structure, said a city spokesman in the Morning. Currently, the firefighters open the roof to access the Fire. There is a lot of smoke. The fire Department is with a large squad on the spot. From Mainz and Wiesbaden, about 90 are in use, the spokesman said.

For the deletion of the adjacent road, which is one of the main roads in Mainz, has been locked to work, according to police. “Since traffic is at the Moment in the work is not coming Through.” Also, the driveway on the Theodor-Heuss-bridge connecting Mainz and Wiesbaden on the Rhine, is Mainz not possible. The police had first informed the fire broke out in an underground Parking garage under the hall. The officials corrected their information later.

+++ 8.49 PM: by to the robbery of a Golden Nest from Berlin primary school +++

After the theft of a Golden nest of a Berlin elementary school, there have been several searches. Officers searched yesterday afternoon by a car, and three objects in Britz, Buckow, Neukölln, Berlin and Friedrichsfelde, such as the Berlin police informs via Twitter. The investigations by the specialist Commissioner to the stolen work of art to take. According to a reportduty of the Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB) targeted searches on the Clan environment.

a bird’s nest-inspired artwork made of fine gold had been stolen in the night to Wednesday from a secured glass Cabinet in an elementary school in the Berlin District of Biesdorf. The art work has been exhibited since November, there, alone the material value should be around 28,000 euros. Before the theft had been tried already twice to steal the work of art.

+++ 8.38 PM: in lower Saxony, investigators fake police +++

in lower Saxony, investigators catch have caught a criminal gang that has occurred in the entire Federal territory as a fake police. Three suspects were arrested, the police announced in Diepholz. One of the alleged perpetrators was tracked down on Monday in the district of Diepholz, and arrested. The investigators were assisted by a mobile operations command. The other arrests took place simultaneously in the Rhine-Main area.

again and again scammers posing on the telephone as alleged by police officers. Explain to the Called party, for example, that in the case of arrested burglars a piece of paper with the person had been found alien. Ask for assets and Account balances and rates of the potential Victims, their cash from the Bank to withdraw and Deposit at home. Often, the perpetrators try to get their victims, then to hand over the money and other valuables to an alleged employee of the police Department.

+++ 8.34 PM: at Least ten people buried alive in house collapse in Shanghai +++

The collapse of a building in Shanghai at least ten people have been spilled. It was construction workers who had performed work in the industrial building renovation, reported Chinese media. The accident occurred therefore in the centre of the Chinese metropolis. At least four people had been rescued from the rubble.

+++ 7.01 PM: Iran stresses “maximum restraint” in the conflict with the USA +++

Iran’s foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has referred to the conflict with the United States on the “maximum restraint” of Tehran. “The escalation by the US is unacceptable,” said Zarif, during a visit to Tokyo. In spite of the exit of the USA from the international nuclear accord, the Iranian government let “maximum restraint” to prevail. Tehran feel bound to continue to the agreement.

press review

conflict between U.S. and Iran

“A game with fire that could turn the Middle East into a sea of fire”

The conflict between the United States and Iran is intensifying dangerously. Even if no page can have an interest in a war that could lead a minor incident to escalate. The international press sees Washington’s approach is critical.

DPA +++ 6.11 PM: new Zealand required in the future entrance fee of tourist +++

new Zealand is one of the dream destinations of many of the German demands of tourists in the future, a kind of entrance fee. From October to holidaymakers on arrival, you must pay a fee of 35 new Zealand dollars (about € 20.50), such as the environment and tourism Ministry announced in Rotorua. In addition, approximately 47 million euros per year to the state coffers. The money will be invested in the protection of the environment and national heritage.

The Pacific state on the other side of the Globe only has 4.9 million inhabitants. Last year, 3.8 million foreign tourists came into the country, of which 101.000 from Germany. It is expected that by 2025 at the latest, surpassed the mark of five million visitors per year. In recent time there were increasingly complaining that the country’s infrastructure is not set up for it.

+++ 6.04 PM: Large electric air taxi flight +++

creates The five-seat electric airplane taxi Lilium Jet in Oberpfaffenhofen, near Munich, his maiden flight completed. The company’s founder, Daniel Wiegand told the German press Agency, the one and a half tons, the prototype is vertically launched and floated. Next, “are we flying maneuvers.” By 2025, the flight to fly taxis in at least two cities in the commercial daily operation.

The electric airplane is quiet, and I will be able to fly at a speed of 300 kilometers per hour, for an hour, said Wiegand. His company does not want to sell the air taxis, but self-operate, to “price as a Taxi”. Investors have put Lilium more than 100 million US dollars (currently 89.3 million Euro) available. The company today has around 300 employees and now wants to build “a few Hundred more, and in Germany, four factories to build, probably in Bavaria”.

Controversial housing group

thanks to rising Rent: Vonovia makes significantly more profit

DPA +++ 5.15 PM: the real estate group Vonovia older tenants living warranty +++

Germany’s largest real estate group Vonovia reacts with a residential warranty for older tenants to the growing criticism of the industry. “We give tenants 70 the guarantee that you will not have to leave their homes”, said CEO Rolf Buch before the annual General meeting in Bochum today. Vonovia to secure them, “that their apartment remains in change of the local comparative rent is affordable”. Tenant organizations had complained that many pensioners could afford the rising Rent for their homes.

+++ 5.09 PM: tens of thousands March in Brazil against the education policy of Bolsonaro +++

In Brazil left tens of thousands of people against the education policy of the government of President Jair Bolsonaro on the road. In state universities and schools of classes, so that students were able to participate in the protests against planned cuts. In Porto Alegre in the South of the country, the police used tear gas against protesters. It is the first country-wide protests against Bolsonaros government since taking office, the radical right-wing President in January. His government had previously announced plans to cut spending for the state universities by 30 percent.

Bolsonaro described the protesters as “useful idiots”, which would be manipulated by an “expert minority” at the state universities””.

+++ 4.36 PM: the left group, prohibition of Termination for tenants over 70 +++

Older tenants are to be protected according to the will of the Left is better in front of terminations by landlords. For over 70 Years, a notice by the owner to be excluded due to their own requirements by law. According to a request of the left party in the German Bundestag, which is present the German press Agency.

more and more old people would be terminated because of own needs out of their apartment. This is unacceptable, says the Deputy group leader Caren Lay. “As the vernacular says it all: An old tree transplanted.” To avoid be Concerned in the event of a termination of a long-term and grueling appeal, must ensure the legislature for clarity, is it to further justify in the application.

+++ 3.05 PM: sculpture by Jeff Koons for a record price of 91.1 million dollars in auctions +++

A rabbit sculpture by the US artist Jeff Koons has achieved at an auction in New York for a record price. As the auction house, Christie said, was auctioned in the silver sculpture “Rabbit” of an inflatable rabbit made of stainless steel for 91,1 million dollars (around EUR 81.2 million). The previous record was surpassed a price for the work of a living artist again. The record for a painting by the British painter David Hockney held recently. “Portrait of an Artist (Pool with two figures)” was auctioned in November, also at Christie’s in New York, for approximately 90,3 million dollars.

The 1,04 Meter-Meter-high steel sculpture “Rabbit” is one of the most famous works of the American artist and has been estimated by Christie’s pre-80 million dollars. It comes from the collection of the 2017 deceased U.S. publisher Samuel Irving Newhouse.

+++ 1.54 PM: Alabama’s Governor under the strictest abortion law in the United States +++

signed by The Governor of the US state of Alabama has the strictest abortion law in the United States. The Republican Kay Ivey signed the new regulation, according to which abortions will be prohibited, even after rape or incest. The law will enter into force six months but is expected to be stopped by the courts. Alabama’s Senate had passed the amendment on Tuesday evening. It makes abortion a criminal Offence for the Doctors of between ten and 99 years in prison. Abortions are only legal if the mother’s life is in danger or the fetus has an incurable disease.

+++ 0.34 PM: Approximately 20.5 million children come to easily to the world +++

Each of the seventh Baby in the world, according to a study at the time of birth to easily. More than 20 million newborn babies born in 2015 with a low birth weight of less than 2,500 grams, according to a study by the London-based Institute for Hygiene and tropical medicine, Unicef and the WHO in The journal “The Lancet Global Health”. Three-quarters of these children came according to the study, in South Asia and in African countries South of the Sahara to the world. But even in prosperous countries of Europe, North America, Australia and new Zealand, there has been therefore since the year 2000, hardly any progress in reducing the proportion of births with low birth weight.

+++ 0.11 at: US Department of transportation under flights binds to Venezuela +++

The U.S. Department of transportation has banned flights from the United States in the crisis country Venezuela, and this step with safety concerns are well-founded. There is in Venezuela, unrest in the vicinity of airports, the safety of the Crews is no longer possibly guaranteed, informed the Ministry. Commercial passenger direct flights from the USA to Venezuela is not currently available but anyway – Connections exist only on third countries, such as Panama. The now imposed ban also applies to transport of freight by air. The United States is calling for a long period of time, a change of government in Venezuela and to encourage and promote the removal of President Nicolás Maduro.

+++ 0.06 at 62 per cent of self-employed people have fear for your pensions +++

A majority of self-employed in Germany, 62 percent fear retirement. Especially women are worried about their financial security, such as a study by the Institute YouGov showed on behalf of the Quirin-Bank. However, nine out of ten respondents would opt for self-employment. With the sale of the company, firm or practice for private retirement savings, many self-employed have not studied yet. Nevertheless, they estimate that the proceeds from the sale of, on average, can contribute 48 per cent to what you will have a total of private pension schemes available. For 35 percent of the respondents, the proceeds would amount to layers according to its own estimate, at least half of the back, almost a third could not estimate, however.



for a time, Threatens to be replaced by the regime? So an expert rating of the future working-time regulation

the trade unions to cheer on the working hours-the judgment of the ECJ. Skeptics wonder, however, whether there might be a time threatens to be replaced by a regime in which each break is calculated. Labor lawyer Hermann Reichold know the answers.

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