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the Clear winner in Dortmund, also in our hearts rating. A bit of a surprise that Bremen has been defeated in the duel of the favorites Gladbach.

What game were you definitely not miss?

Dortmund against Bayern. It is the most moving and most important of the League was probably not the game for the duels in the high phase of the Klopp Era, these were long, as dramatic as this 3:2 victory. So what you have not seen for a long time. It was an evening, it became clear that this season will not again five weeks before the end of the season, the masters. At least not if he should but hot Bayern Munich. After six long years, the Bavarian duration of the championship, the victory of the BVB seemed like a change of staff, as a day of liberation from the great tyrant. The atmosphere in the Westfalenstadion would not be described euphoric almost appropriate. The BVB can become a master.

Now, not over a third of the season. One should not overlook the weaknesses of the BVB in the first half, his midfield was bad, Marco Reus, the team was of no help. Dortmund has big swings up and down, often even within a game. And the FC Bayern you do not need to write off in most combat. But anyone who has even the impotence of its defense in the second half, before the eyes, can hardly imagine that the current squad is to the size of the past years will return. Much hope is also that Niko Alen Kovac said after the game that his team could have done more long balls hit, in order to avoid the defeat. As a coach of SC Freiburg, Mainz 05, or, well, actually speaks Eintracht Frankfurt.

Whether or not the FC Bayern that is sure to usher in a gigantic shopping tour for 2019 already, get the seventh title in a row, is, perhaps, at some point this season, not the question. But: Will Bayern ever Second? Or Bayern reached the Champions League? Gladbach, Leipzig, Frankfurt and Hoffenheim, there’s finally. Bayern is currently the Fifth – or already-formulated: the fourth in the Second. It is the new voltage, long live the free German Bundesliga live.

What game could you miss with a clear Conscience?

Manchester against Manchester City against United, England’s champion against the Vice-Champions, Pep Guardiola against Jose Mourinho. 3:1 won by City, but United actually had no Chance. The only shot on goal resulted from a penalty kick. Mourinho’s Eleven without the injured Paul Pogba started, was so inferior to that City before the last hit of the Evening by Ilkay Gündoğan 44-to be able to fit the Ball. No opponent came to the Ball. After this one-sided game of United is on the 8th rank, and the question is: Is it more on the coach or the team?

Who stand in the spotlight?

Manuel Gräfe. He proved himself as a worthy referee the top game for Borussia against Bayern. He made no significant errors, also fell to Robert Lewandowski attempts to fly in, realized off thanks to his wizard self-Centimeters. Video geschiss he didn’t need. In addition, flow of the game and the Tempo of which were created by his generous interpretation of the Foul, what by the way all most of the time. Some viewers meckerten of the audience at the beginning of the game, because you are probably used to different. But as you noted, that the long leash for all was. Especially Gräfe showed by its modern game, why he applies for players and coaches as the best German Ref. Authoritarian, he appeared only when it had to be, but never stuck-up or bossy, always communicating. His decisions, he explained, as far as possible, sometimes also to the audience through Gestures. Alone the way he imposed a yellow card, makes it for the player acceptable: Gräfe will not let you down, but walks up to you and gives them to understand: I’m Sorry, but I have no choice. It should also give referees, and the like to other penalties. Gräfe not one of them, has the not necessary.

He got praise from all sides, not for the first Time, but as much as never before. As a reminder: He was the one who spoke in the large German referee dispute in public about the abuses, nepotism and favouritism in the old leadership, and from the DFB a year ago with a speech ban and other sanctions have been threatened.