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read on a Regular basis, we report on people living in their profession discriminated against and feel because of their gender, the color of their skin or their appearance to be at a disadvantage. If you like us tell your story, write to [email protected] Here is a lawyer reported that in the case of fat people, the discrimination began with the application photo.

I am a lawyer, 170 centimeters tall and weighing 120 pounds. Since I started my professional career over ten years ago, I get thrown constantly unpleasant looks, am being bullied, and I hear from many employers, nothing more, once you know what I look like. The worst Situation was when I had gotten me at a meeting a Salmonella poisoning. When I had a 40 degree fever to the office, even though I was on sick leave, my Boss said: “you Wouldn’t eat so much, you wouldn’t have Salmonella poisoning.” Such malicious comments aimed at my weight, are extremely stressful: I feel immediately bad and I get heart palpitations. Clearly I told my Boss in this Situation, that the statement is totally unfair. I was not sick because I’m fat, but because I had eaten something wrong.

It was a miracle that I got this Job in a consulting company at all: I have answered to the second state 120 applications exam sent with a photo and no. At the same time the employment Agency had sent my Portfolio without an image, and immediately and 14 of feedback received. The have seen, that I bring in highly fied’m a straight-a high school and a high work ethic. Twelve of the employers have received my CV, with a photo, and then no longer reported. And, although I look on my photo not bad at all. But you see, I have a double chin approach and well-padded shoulders. You can see that I’m fat.

“didn’t want to hire you only because you’re so thick,”

Already during the interview in this company, I was looked stupid and asked what I wanted for here. After an hour’s wait and a short conversation I was able to go right back and have heard for months and months nothing more of them. As I learn later, you don’t leave in time, other works that were as qualified as I, but also so thick. Later, they had to rely on me. At first I thought I was wrong. But the brother of the chief, who himself was overweight and I had a good relationship, took me at a company party aside and explained to me: “The did not want to hire you only because you’re so thick.” There was not clear, I’m imagining the teasing and stupid glances.

If you are constantly treated badly, you feel inferior. Part of me has impacted the way that I haven’t eaten anything all day except an Apple and thinking about committing suicide. Every Morning I woke up with fear and wouldn’t go into the office. But the Alternative would have been unemployment. Not always, it worked to suppress the comments. As the mother of the Boss has made at every opportunity, disparaging remarks, about how to look for and go can. She said to a colleague, while I was sitting in the same room at my Desk. I’ve paid attention to my Appearance, had cut a neat page, subtle Make-up and pin-stripe suits made of high quality Material. But thick people are just as lazy, undisciplined, not reliable and not efficient. My Obesity is a serious disease and not of it, I can’t leave out the Cola. Rather, mental, and hormonal factors play a role: I eat more when I am stressed or someone is putting pressure on. A single vicious circle.