Scott’s shaft Creek is really fascinating. If you listen to the white-haired Canadians, it is difficult not to like him. What makes the man so special? The 67-Year-old is a practicing Buddhist and is a very successful poker player. Several times already he has won considerable gains in major poker tournaments. He has to keep them well-almost nothing. According to his own statement, he gives his gambling winnings for the good purpose.

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man with a Million Dollar win, a day after the best news of his life

in mid-January, it was again so far: shaft, Bach sat at the Final Table of the “PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA)”. Participation in the professional poker tournament actually takes around 10,000 euros. But the 67-year-old canadian had qualified online and had to put only $ 500 on the table. In the end, he took third place in the high tournament and won the proud 671.240 US dollars (about 591.000 Euro). Like “sports 1” is reported, had to wave Bach announced before the final round, to donate his entire income for charitable purposes. A large part of the donations should have been paid in the past to Buddhist projects.

It is not the first Time that the generous Buddhist gains more. According to wave Bach donates its profits always. The highest sum, so it is reported by “Sport 1”, he won in 2017, when the “Main Event of the PokerStars Championship” in Barcelona. More than 72,000 US dollars should it be at the time. Also, the money should be donated to the Halifax-born poker player who describes himself as an Amateur player. His donations will be gone, among other things, Doctors without borders, Oxfam and a Nepalese monastery for a Buddhist on the inside.

Scott wave Bach sees himself as an Amateur poker player

a wave stream that earns his money with the Translation of Buddhist texts, says himself that he is financially well and he doesn’t need the money “really”. “I have a place to live. I will be able to buy without money and eat,” quoted the player with the happy knack on . He did not meditate a lot, which is expensive. He is of the opinion that the poker gods are currently sympathetic. His agreement with the gods from seeing that he was playing Poker only if, he reasons, from work to travel and there is a poker room or a tournament. To tournaments, otherwise journey, he only if he had qualified online.

His great successes, and especially his great selflessness have made known Scott wave stream outside of the poker scene internationally. As he told the Australian news page “CBC News”, he wanted the gods on his Pact with the Poker for the time being, nothing will change. His big goal is the main prize in the PokerStars tournament. Then 1.5 million dollars in prize waving money. Charities should him cross our fingers.

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