BTS release new ‘Make It Right’ remix featuring Lauv

make it right bts
make it right bts

Big Hit Entertainment has dropped a new “Make It Right” remix from BTS and American singer-songwriter Lauv on Friday. did I finally #makeitright Top trend in the world with Make It Right. around two Million Tweets on Twitter with this Hashtag #makeitright.

Director: Guzza (lumpens)
Edit: Lumpens
Assistant director: Jihye Yoon (Lumpens)
Animation: Yoo Jung Woo, Park Jung Joon (topgoal)
Shooting: Woojung Bang, HyunJi Gil, Jeongin Jang, Junsoo Park, Jeongsoo Park, Dokyun Kim, Seongjin Moon, Deokjung Kim (CAMP)

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