A drug cartel in Mexico, its brutality, and in Public, on Display: The Remains of 19 people were discovered on a main road in the city of Uruapan. Six bodies dangled to Knit from a bridge. In addition, a large, printed plastic hanging tarpaulin, a warning.

two other sections of the road body parts, some of them in plastic bags were, as the Prosecutor’s office of the state informed of Michoacán. Local media reports indicate that local residents made the gruesome discoveries on early Thursday morning (local time).

Some of the dead had, according to the attorney General of Michoacán, Adrián López, gunshot wounds. Among the 19 bodies of the three women, he said at a press conference. The identities of the dead were not initially known.

years Ago they threw severed heads in a Bar

as seen on a photo in the local media. In the Text, it was said, who was helping members of the rival gang, Los Viagra, will end up like the Killed. Was signed with the name of the cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG).

Terminus Ciudad Juárez?

Where are the migrants on the US-Mexican border jam


attorney General López spoke of a conflict for control of the drug trade in the area. Parts of Mexico are controlled by powerful drug cartels such as the CJNG, the sometimes bloody struggles for power with each other to deliver.

In Uruapan, in the heart of one of the largest Avocado-growing areas of the world, had thrown in September 2006, a hitherto unknown cartel called La Familia Michoacana five blood-smeared heads on the dance floor of a Bar.

40,000 people are missing in action

Shortly afterwards, it was Felipe Calderón, President of Mexico. Only a few days after his arrival, he sent thousands of soldiers and Federal police into the battle against the Narcos. The violence escalated until, in 2011, the number of murders doubled to around 22,000 per year. Demonstrations of power of the Gangs by the display of their numerous victims – just like the again in Uruapan del Progreso – were no longer a rarity.

drug war

Second truck with the dead bodies didn’t show up: Mexico knows what to do with the many of the dead

After the situation is relaxed in the meantime, something that is now more confusing than ever. Long ago, the cartels no longer make their money through drug smuggling, but are also involved in extortion, fuel theft and human trafficking. More and more small gangs involved in the bloody business.

In the past year, Mexico experienced a record level of nearly 36,000 murders. In addition, around 40,000 people are believed to have disappeared. Again and again mass graves are discovered.

national guard with the fight against refugee flows has

The since last December, ruling President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, a national guard military, has created the police to curb the violence. This, however, is to a large part on Mexico’s borders in order to pressure the U.S. government agents to stop American migrants on the way to the Northern neighboring country.

Michoacáns interior Minister Carlos Herrera tweeted on Thursday, in the West of Mexico city, the Federal state of please to an increased presence of the national guard.

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