The EU Commission rejects a contract with London on rights for EU citizens in the UK and Brits in the EU to Stay. “We will negotiate Mini-Deals,” said a Commission spokeswoman in Brussels.

Rather, we expect that the UK implementing the commitment to safeguard the rights of EU citizens also in case of a Brexit without a contract. The EU member States are invited to grant the British on their territory, to generous rights. It’s going to be a total of 4.5 million people on both sides of the English channel. “You should not have to pay the price for the Brexit,” said the spokeswoman.

On Wednesday evening, the Parliament had given in London to the government of the order, to decide with the EU on the part of the exit agreement on the rights of the citizens separately – regardless of whether the Deal is accepted as a Whole. The declared aim is to guarantee the in the agreement agreed-upon rights for EU citizens in Britain and for Brits in the EU without a Deal.

The uncertainty deters many EU citizens: more and less move to the UK, more and more return to the country. This is the case for Estonia, Hungary and Poland. The net Migration from the EU – from immigration, after deducting the emigrants – 57,000-the lowest level in almost ten years, as the UK statistics authority, the ONS (Office for National Statistics) reported. In contrast, the net-Migration of citizens from outside the EU, with 261.000 to the highest level in almost 15 years. The statistics take into account the period of one year until September 2018.

In the Brexit-the dispute negotiated by the British government with the EU is still on the so-called Backstop for Ireland. Here, it could, according to EU diplomats, even before the 12. March will come to an agreement. Several EU representatives confirmed this to the German press Agency. Nevertheless, a shift of the Brexit-date 29. March is now almost inevitable, said EU diplomats.

Even if the Prime Minister Theresa May to bring the Treaty through the house of Commons, would be a few weeks for ratification is necessary. An extension of the EU, in all likelihood, would be at the summit on 21. 22. March agree, several diplomats said in Brussels. May emphasized, however, that she wanted to exit on 29. March.

The Backstop is required by the EU guarantee for an open border between the EU-state of Ireland and British Northern Ireland: Until another solution is found, the whole of the UK is in a customs Union with the EU. Many Brexiteers reject this because they fear a permanent commitment to the EU.

The British Parliament is to the 12. March once again on the withdrawal of the contract vote, it is the middle of January, had to be rejected. May had said on Wednesday that it was about to get concessions from Brussels. After that, the had determined the lower house, the Prime Minister, in the case of rejection of the Treaty and No Deal is also the Option of a postponement of the Brexits to the vote.

to Protest against the British Agricultural-Secretary of state, George Eustice, resigned on Thursday from his office. The conservative politician warned in this context a “humiliation” of Britain by the EU. He wanted to have by his resignation, the opportunity to in the coming weeks, regardless of his office at the “critical debate” to a Brexit

to participate, Meanwhile, Prince William has called for a not announced visit to the British Northern Ireland, the people “to hold Together in difficult times”. British media evaluated his speech from the night before on Thursday as a nod to the planned EU-exit. The Royals normally comment, no political events.