The police have taken in the Rhine-Main region are a plurality of Salafists to have planned a terrorist attack.

they were in focus on Friday after anti-terror searches in Hesse and in Rhineland-Palatinate. According to previous findings, they should have “agreed to commit an Islamist terrorist attack with the use of a vehicle and firearms and kill as many “infidels” as possible,” a spokeswoman for the Frankfurt Prosecutor’s office said.

in Total, were arrested eleven people. One of them is obviously in a different context, because the investigations are directed against ten Accused persons between 20 and 42 years. The main suspects are two 31-year-old brothers from Wiesbaden and a 21-Year-old from Offenbach, each with German nationality, as the spokesperson reported. For the preparation of the attack, the men already in contact with various arms dealers, a larger vehicle is rented and the money collected. For more information about how specifically, the attack plans were developed, there wasn’t.

Undercover investigations have led to track down the accused, it said. You, on the financing of terrorism, and the Date would be placed to a crime. It is the suspicion of preparing a serious state was dangerous to the Offence, the public Prosecutor’s office. At the time of arrest, the accused had offered no resistance. The searches and arrests also special forces were involved.

In the course of the search, extensive Material has been ensured, including more than 20 000 euros in cash, several knives, smaller quantities of drugs, and a variety of written documents and electronic data carrier.

The Hesse interior Minister Peter Beuth (CDU), said that he expected that the investigators had managed to prevent a serious Crime. “The police is taking the right steps to possible attack plans to tie in an early stage,” said Beuth. The authorities had the radical Islamist scene in view. “And we will protect our citizens by all means of the law of state Terror and violence.”

The Rhine-Main-area is considered to be one of the focal points of the Hessian Salafist scene. Searches and raids in connection with radical Islam, there had been already several times in recent years. The national office for the protection of the Constitution estimates the number of Islamists in Hesse, in his annual report for 2017 4170, including 1650 Salafists.

In the past few months, terrorist suspects were been arrested again, to attacks planned. In Düsseldorf, a Tunisian accused-German couple, to have worked on a bomb with the Bio-agent Ricin. Last August, a man of Chechen origin was to have been prepared also in Berlin, with the Berlin bomber anise Amri and, along with a French bomb attack. In December 2018, the police in Mainz and had taken a Syrian, who was suspected to have participated in the preparation of a terrorist attack in the Netherlands involved. In Germany, he was not entered until then, criminal in appearance.