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brother of Abou-Chaker in Denmark arrested (8.43 PM)the International manhunt for kidnapping of 88-Year-old (4.52 p.m.), Senate will vote on two proposals for Shutdown (0.12 hours), and the FBI can no longer pay informants (0.01 PM)

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+++ 9.50 PM: Chinese-Australian writer disappeared, apparently, in the case of travel in China +++

A Chinese-Australian writer, apparently, disappeared during a trip to his home country. The Australian government after Reports about a possible arrest of Yang Hengjun, said the Ministry of foreign Affairs in Canberra on Wednesday. The Ex-Diplomat Yang, is known as a novelist and democracy activist, was gone, according to friends, on Friday of last week, after his arrival in the city of Canton in southern China. A spokesman for the Ministry said on request, the government is trying to information about “an Australian citizen, has been discovered in China is missing”. With reference to the privacy of the Missing person the speaker wanted to make but no further information. Canberra should stand with both friends and family members of Yang, as well as with the Chinese authorities in contact.

+++ 9.41 PM: Minister of the interior, Pistorius wants higher fines for more speeders +++

the lower Saxony interior Minister Boris Pistorius has spoken in favour of that speeders have to pay a high-income, higher fines. The SPD politician said the “süddeutsche Zeitung” , he believe that this “superior value, because it did not hit the wealthy big earner or a millionaire, if he has to pay in the event of serious speed limits of, for example, more than 50 kilometres per hour, 240 to 680 Euro”. For apprentices, hairdressers, doctor’s assistants, or nurse, however, such money to be met, “aside from the driving ban, to digest hard”.

+++ 9.16 PM: Anne Hathaway wants to abandon 18 years of alcohol +++

If you stick at it? US actress Anne Hathaway (36) wants to drink in the next 18 years, no alcohol for her son. “He comes now in an age where he needs me in the morning, really constantly,” said Hathaway on Tuesday of the “Ellen”Show. Previously, the Oscar-winner (“Les Miserables had spoken to”) about their experiences with boozy nights and the hangover the next day. The 36-Year-old is married since 2012, with the actor Adam Shulman. Son Jonathan is in March, three years old.

+++ 9.02 PM: Chelsea Clinton is expecting a third child +++

The former US President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary will again parents Grand – daughter, Chelsea, for the third Time pregnant. “We can’t wait for our newest addition to the family in the late summer meet,” tweeted the 38-Year-old.

Chelsea Clinton and her husband Marc Mezvinsky have already two children: daughter Charlotte (4) and son Aiden (2). Chelsea is the only child of the former President (1993-2001) and former U.S. Secretary of state. She is married since 2010, with the investment banker Mezvinsky, who she knows already from his youth.

+++ 8.54 PM: Sony moved from fear of Brexit European headquarters to Amsterdam +++

Out of fear of the consequences of a hard Brexits the Japanese electronics group, Sony moved its European headquarters from the UK to the Netherlands. The administrative headquarters of Sony Europe will be relocated to the end of March from London to Amsterdam, a company spokesman said on Wednesday. The aim is “to avoid cumbersome customs procedures,” should the UK escape without an agreement on the future relations of the EU. Sony had in the past year, a new company in the Netherlands to register and wants to integrate its European headquarters there. This is a legal step, to leave the European representative of Sony “in the EU”. The in the UK for Sony-working staff and the daily business should not be relocated.

+++ 8:43 PM: report: brother of the Berlin clan chief Abou-Chaker in Denmark arrested +++

The brother of the German prisoners in Berlin clan chiefs Arafat Abou-Chaker has been taken to a media report, according to Denmark. Investigators of the Berlin police would have tracked him down there on Monday, reported the newspaper “B. Z.” on Wednesday. Would you have wanted since the days of an arrest warrant for him. Thus, the brother should be involved in the appointment to a crime, of which Abou-Chaker has been arrested in the past week, with a court date.

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separation of Arafat Abou-Chaker

Bushido: “If anything happens to me, is taken care of for my family”

The former business partner of the rapper Bushido is placed by the prosecution a “concerted the abduction of minors, aggravated assault and incitement to abduction of minors”. According to media reports, it was, among other things, the children hit.

+++ 6.53 PM: a US soldier killed in Afghanistan has been killed +++

In Afghanistan, a U.S. soldier. The cause of death was “small ammunition enemy fire,” said the Nato Mission “Resolute Support” in Kabul. Further Details have not been communicated out of consideration for the family members. The incident will be further investigated.

Since the beginning of the year, two U.S. soldiers are in Afghanistan killed. US President, Donald Trump had after years of troops, the US withdrawal increased contingent in Afghanistan, initially, from about 8400 to about 14,000 soldiers. However, he is considering, according to the US-Vice-President Mike Pence, currently a reduction.

a small plane crashed?

soccer professional Sala in the English channel, lost

+++ 6.13 PM: angry mood of Anti-Maduro protests in Venezuela +++

Before the scheduled mass protests of the government opponents in Venezuela has intensified the conflict between the leadership in Caracas and the United States. The left-nationalist head of state Nicolas Maduro accused the U.S. government of having a “fascist coup” in Venezuela arranged. Meanwhile, concern grew in front of great violence at the protests, which the Opposition for Mittweekly has called. US Vice-President Mike Pence assured the protesters in front of the rallies with the support of the United States. “We are on your side,” said Pence in Spanish and English in a Twitter video message. Maduro is a “dictator, without a legitimate claim to Power.” Pence welcomed the fact that the “good people” wanted to get in Venezuela.

+++ 5.10 PM: volcano Popocatepetl spews km long ash and smoke cloud +++

The volcano Popocatépetl to the Southeast of Mexico city has spit a high smoke and ash cloud. The smoke column was approximately increased four kilometers up, informed the civil protection of the Federal state of Puebla on Twitter. The ash was cloud had been blown in the direction of the North-East, in the state of Puebla. In social media was to read that the Eruption was heard in the surrounding communities.

+++ 4.52 PM: International manhunt after abduction alarm in Austria +++

on suspicion of kidnapping an 88-Year-old on the open road in Austria, an international manhunt for the perpetrators is underway. Due to the strange circumstances of the Case, the backgrounds are up now in the dark, even the government led to an opinion. “The hour is not to back it up, really, whether it is a kidnapping in the classic sense,” said Minister of the interior, Herbert Kickl (FPÖ) on Tuesday evening in the ORF-show “Report”. “At the Moment it is still too early to be going into Details.”

Breathtaking natural spectacle

Niagara falls frozen over – this is like a fairy tale

According to police, the elderly woman in Eisenstadt was with her Nurse on the go, as in addition to your two black sedans stopped. The Nurse was pushed to the side, the 88-Year-old put then in one of the vehicles, then both of them raced away at high speed. “The manhunt for the perpetrators is in full swing,” said a police spokesman for the Austrian news Agency APA. The investigation ran “in all directions”. The identity of the kidnapping victim, the authorities made a “tactically and due to the protection of Victims”.

+++ 4.12 PM: the greens and the Left calling for the scrapping of the Gorch Fock +++

After the explosion of Costs in the rehabilitation of the “Gorch Fock” call for Green and Left a phasing-out of the sailing school ship of the Navy. The Green defense expert Tobias Lindner told the Newspapers of the Funke media group, he believe it is for economic reasons “is mandatory, the repair cancel, and to quickly design a new building”. Left-defense politician Matthias Höhn said that everything seemed to indicate that “the time of the Gorch Fock has expired”.

+++ 2.43 PM: 5000 people leave the last ISIS stronghold in Syria’s Deir Essor +++

Almost 5000 people have left activists, according to the last stronghold of the jihadists militia Islamic state (IS) in the ostsyrischen province of Deir Essor. Including 470 IS fighters, the Syrian Observatory for human rights said. For most civilians, it was the relatives of the jihadists. You would have to leave the territory of the Syrian Democratic forces (SDF) skillful truck.

+++ 1.18 PM: Usain Bolt is the dream of a career as a professional footballer +++

The former world-class Sprinter Usain Bolt has given up his dream of a second career as a professional footballer, apparently. “The Sport life is over, I now turn to other things,” said the eight-time Olympic champion, according to Jamaican media reports. “I’m going to try to be a businessman,” added the 32-Year-old on the sidelines of an event in Kingston, the capital of his home country, Jamaica. He had been “a lot of things in the Pipeline”.

+++ 0.12 PM: the U.S. Senate will vote on two proposals for Shutdown +++

In the budget dispute, the US Senate is to vote on two proposals to end the in a month ongoing Shutdown. The majority leader of Republicans and opposition Democrats in the Senate, Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer agreed on Tuesday. The templates are, however, given little chance of success. One proposal is for a procedural vote to ensure the financing of the Federal authorities until September. It also includes the US President, Donald Trump demanded funds for the construction of a wall on the border to Mexico, and his proposals for immigration policy. The second proposal provides for an interim financing of the authorities to the 8. February. Thus time will be gained, to discuss border security and immigration. It is also for the end of January, the planned speech Trumps on the situation of the Nation before the US would allow for Congress.

+++ 0.01 PM: FBI can no longer pay informants +++

By four and a half weeks of ongoing budget freeze in the USA, the work of the FBI is severely restricted. The Federal police no longer could pay informants and Translators, and any kind of drugs for covert operations buy, defendant anonymous FBI employee, according to a message of your professional Association FBIAA. If, however, sources of the FBI could no longer be paid, there is the risk, “of losing you, and the information supplied by you forever”, was quoted an employee. A FBI office, complained to the Association that it is also about the fact that it tires the money for DNA-testing kits, replacement car and the copy paper is missing.

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