was found As a Kevin S., was he severely injured on the floor of an adjacent building in the Ubon Ratchathani Central Prison in Thailand. In the hospital the Doctors were unable to save the 51-year-old British. On his death about eight months to British media reports, for two reasons: firstly, the British “Foreign and Commonwealth onwealth Office has confirmed” the death, it is only now, on the other, has still not been clarified, such as S. has his serious injury incurred.

Why he sat in prison, is well known. S. has been waiting for his trial. The investigators accused him in April of 2018, his 29-year-old wife and kicked choked, that she died. According to the “Mirror” lived the Couple with their two small children in Pattaya. They lived by the sale of a controversial slimming powder. You had as a Fitness Model to 28,000 subscribers and friends on Facebook, reports the Daily Mail. On the photos you showed not only your family, but also how well the Fitness and the powder is your body supposed to do it.


On their Facebook page showed Kanda S., not only with her husband and children, but also often in a Bikini

©Facebook Because they don’t want Sex, he appears to

For the Thai new year festival Songkran, the Couple traveled, according to the Reports to the parents of the woman. 16. April neighbors Kanda S. discovered a naked corpse. According to the “Mirror” said a Thai investigators at the time that the corpse had been covered with a blanket. Face and body would have followed numerous blue spots. Since she was already been dead for several hours.

Kevin S. has confessed to, according to the investigators, to have his wife killed. It said, however, that her death was not a’s intention. According to the “Independent” signs, investigators the night of her death: The Couple had been drinking on the evening of beer. While eating and drinking, had then erupted in a fight. The reason: He wanted to have Sex. You don’t. As a result, he had become jealous and have a relationship with another man. He had kicked her several times in the head. On her escape, she had fallen down then. He had placed a blanket over you and then went to bed.

Ministry of foreign Affairs confirmed the death of the man

Four months after the fact, he is then badly injured on the ground. Still, it is unclear how S. got hurt so hard. The British foreign Ministry confirmed this week, only his death. English media quoting a Ministry spokesman: “Our staff supports and advises the family of a British man who came in August, 2018 in Thailand lost their lives, and is in contact with the local authorities.” Whether the circumstances of his death can now enlighten?

sources: the Daily Mail, The Independent, the Mirror.