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British Parliament votes against a hard-Brexit – EU but against Changes to the Treaty, (22.31 PM)court: Italy must provide migrants on the rescue ship (at 19:53)earthquakes in the copper mine: Eight mountain people in Poland missing (18.28 PM)justice Guaidó prohibits taken to leave the country and freeze his accounts (at 17:20)the dam break in Brazil – employees of the Tüv Süd (14:15)

The News of the day in the star-Ticker:

+++ 22.31 PM: EU rejects the Amendment to the Brexit Treaty +++

The European Union, the Amendment to the Brexit Treaty, rejects. A spokesman for EU President Donald Tusk said on Tuesday evening in Brussels. This line is matched with the main cities of the 27 remaining EU countries.

+++ 21.54 watch: British Parliament votes against hard Brexit +++

The British house of Commons has turned on with a narrow majority against a hard-Brexit. 318 members in London voted for a motion in which an EU exit agreement will be rejected. 310 parliamentarians voted against the joint Initiative of the conservative MPs Caroline Spelman and your Labour colleague Jack Dromey. The application is for the British government, however, is not binding. Britain out of the EU is to exit on 29. March will be completed. The Brexit-the agreement between London and Brussels had failed in mid-January, however, crashing in the British house of Commons. A No-Deal-Brexit could, in particular, have for the economy, with serious consequences.

+++ at 19:53: court: Italy must provide migrants on the rescue ship +++

Italy must allow the migrants to the blocked rescue vessel “Sea Watch 3” as soon as possible medical support, food and drinks. The European court of human rights ordered. The helpers on the ship of the German aid organization, the Sea-Watch had recorded ten days ago 47 migrants from Libya. The ship stays currently in front of the Sicilian coast, because it is not allowed to invest in Italy.

announced As the Strasbourg court, had provided, among other things, the captain of the migrants on Board applications on a so-called provisional measure. According to this method, the court can be threatened in cases of violations of human rights to intervene and States to instruct, to remedy the situation.

+++ at 19:44: Humboldt Forum in the Berlin Palace will open in November +++

The Humboldt Forum in the reconstructed Berlin Palace is to be opened in November. The Prussian cultural heritage Foundation announced during their annual reception in Berlin. The first parts of the controversial construction will be made in the Humboldt year. The namesake and Explorer, Alexander von Humboldt was on 14. September 250 years ago in Berlin was born. To this date, a ceremony in the castle provided.

for 600 million euros in planned cultural and Museum centre will be shown above all the ethnological and Asian collections of the Foundation. In addition, the construction of the Humboldt is equipped University, and the city Museum of Berlin.

+++ at 19:12: defence Committee advises again on Committee of inquiry to a consultant-affair +++

The defense Committee of the Bundestag concerned in a meeting on Wednesday (12.30 PM) again with the establishment of a Committee of inquiry to consultants affair. Two weeks ago, the project was failed on the resistance of the Grand coalition, the AfD had. FDP, Left and the greens accused the coalition of a Blockade.

The government factions of the establishment was not formulated the request sufficiently specific. The Committee of inquiry to investigate the question of how it came to the irregularities in the award of consultant contracts in the Department of Minister Ursula von der Leyen (CDU). There million dollar contracts in circumvention of the procurement should have been awarded the right, even the accusation of nepotism is in the room.

+++ 18:54 PM: US intelligence: Iran not working on nuclear weapon +++

Iran service coordinator Dan Coats works according to findings of the U.S. Intelligence is currently not a nuclear weapon. “We do not believe that Iran is currently the key activities, of which we believe that they are for the construction of a nuclear weapon,” said Coats in front of the intelligence Committee of the US Senate.

business with Iran in the crosshairs

United States bring charges against Huawei


The secret service coordinator objected to U.S. President Donald Trump and Minister of foreign Affairs Mike Pompeo. Both of them had referred to the information as credible, that Iran had abandoned the construction of a nuclear weapon. The findings were part of the basis for the decision-making Trumps, to terminate the involvement of the USA on the nuclear deal with Iran.

Coats, however, confirmed the U.S. government in their assessment that Iran is involved in dishonest practices, including support for the Huthi rebels in Yemen, and Shiite extremists in Iraq.

+++ at 18:28: earthquake in copper mine: eight miners in Poland +++

missing Eight miners in a Polish copper mine after a powerful earthquake in the mine is missing. The company KGHM Polska Miedz informed after the earthquake on Twitter.

The quake in Polkowice the North-West of Breslau (Wroclaw) reached after measurements of the GeoForschungsZentrum (GFZ) in Potsdam, a strength of 4.6. It was built according to KGHM at a depth of 770 meters.

at The time of the earthquake at midday on Tuesday were, according to the company, 32 miners in the Mine. Seven workers have been associated with injuries to the hospital, eight were missing.

First of all, a spokeswoman for the company had said that 14 miners were missing. Rescue workers searched for in the afternoon after the Missing. The injured workers in the hospital do not float to the Polish press Agency, PAP, in danger of their lives.

+++ at 17:42: 14 mountain people after the earthquake in Polish copper mine +++

missing A strong earthquake has shaken a copper mine in the Western Polish Polkowice. At the time of the earthquake at noon, 32 miners were in the Mine. 7 workers have been associated with injuries to the hospital, 14 were missing, said a spokeswoman for the company KGHM Polska Miedz. Rescue workers searched for in the afternoon after the Missing. The earthquake in the North-West of Breslau (Wroclaw) reached according to the German research centre for Geosciences (GFZ) in Potsdam, a strength of 4.6.

+++ at 17:27: New EU rules for the divorce of international couples +++

The distribution of the assets of international couples in the case ofu or death of a partner should be easier. On Tuesday, new EU rules came into force, which determine which court is for a Couple of responsible and to which national law is judged. Both of which, depending on the case either, depending on where the spouse lives, or where the marriage was concluded. Also, people with different passports in a registered life partnership are affected by the provisions.

Because not all EU countries, the new rules apply initially only in 18 countries. Including Germany, France, Italy and Spain. Ireland, Denmark, Poland and other Eastern European States are not participating.

+++ at 17:20: judiciary prohibits Guaidó the exit and a +++

The Venezuelan attorney-General Tarek William Saab freezes his accounts has called on Tuesday an exit barrier against the self-interim President Juan Guaidó requested. He also requested the Supreme court that the accounts of the opposition leader, will be frozen. In Venezuela, a power raging battle between the head of state, Nicolás Maduro, and Guaidó, had on Wednesday declared the interim President.

+++ 17:15 PM: Suspected serial killer, from Toronto, admits to eight murders +++

The suspected serial killer Bruce McArthur, of Toronto, has confessed to have between 2010 and 2017, eight men murdered. The canadian media reported, after a court hearing. As the names of the eight victims were read out, the 67-Year-old in each of the cases of death for the guilty. The criminal process was initially set for January 2020 is expected. The sentence should now be announced next week.

According to state attorney Michael Canton McArthur planned the murders in advance, and abused his victims sexually. In addition, he is said to have personal items such as jewelry that you keep as a souvenir. McArthur had been taken a year ago. On a plot of land in Toronto, where he worked as a gardener, had investigators discovered the body parts.

+++ at 17:14: Nahles: abortion compromise-news “major progress” +++

The compromise to provide Information about abortions means according to the assessment of the SPD-group head of Andrea Nahles “substantial progress” for women and Doctors. You see very good opportunities for a broad majority within the SPD, said Nahles prior to a group meeting in Berlin. “I am pleased that it was possible to put in a topic that was really very emotional and there are great differences between the actors, at the end of a good draft on the table.” The SPD believe that the abolition of the so-called ban on Advertising for abortion but for right, said Nahles.

The dispute to Section 219a of the criminal code had charged the Coalition between the CDU and the SPD. For months, the five responsible Ministers struggled to reach a compromise. The draft bill of the Ministry of justice, the so-called ban on advertising for abortion remains in place, the Clause will, however, be supplemented. As a result, Physicians and hospitals must inform the public in the future, that they perform abortions. For more information, you have to look back on the neutral.

+++ at 17:05: “The blue party”: Petry loses trademark dispute against AfD +++

The former AfD Chairman Frauke Petry, has lost a trademark dispute with their former party. You need to delete your registered mark “The blue party”, as the district court of Munich I decided. The brand will be declared “null and void”.

Petry, was founded by your media effectively staged withdrawal from the AfD in 2017, “The blue party” and the lettering for the Logo at the German Patent and trademark office as a trademark registered. The AfD was with your brand “clear Blue” but about two weeks faster than Petry and asked her the brand. According to the court, you must do that now.

This is not to say, however, that Petry needs to rename their party. “A party needs to focus on your actual tasks, not a brand,” said a spokesman for the German Patent and trademark office. “Brands are for parties only important if you want to sell something.” This could be, for example, in the case of T-Shirts. “As it may be, of course, been a hindrance, if you don’t have a brand, or another has the party name as a brand.”

+++ at 16:44: suicide bomber kills two soldiers in Mali +++

A suicide bomber in the North of the crisis-state of Mali at least two soldiers were killed. The attacker blew himself up at a base of the Malian armed forces in Tarkint in the air and injured six soldiers, a spokesman for the defense Ministry said. A spokesman for the armed forces, Diaran Koné, spoke of at least ten injured. Tarkint is located about 135 km North of Gao, where German soldiers are stationed.

Around 1000 German soldiers participating in a UN stabilization Mission in the West African country. Especially in the desert North of the country, numerous groups of Islamic extremists are active.

+++ at 16:37: Pompeo: get Guaidó access to Venezuela’s government accounts in the USA +++

The United States gave the Venezuelan against President Juan Guaidó access to certain accounts of Venezuela in the United States. Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo had given permission that Guaidó could have legal access to the property, the store on certain accounts of the government of Venezuela or the Central Bank of Venezuela in the case of US banks.

questions and answers

power struggle in Caracas

Juan Guaidó: Who is the man who usurps the Power in Venezuela, and who supports him?


“This certification will help the legitimate government of Venezuela to safeguard the values and to the Welfare of the people of Venezuela,” reads a press release of the US state Department. The USA Guaidó as the legitimate President of the Latin American state.

on Monday, the US had imposed sanctions against the Oil sector of Venezuela.

+++ at 16:25: Pentagon remains covered to speculation about U.S. use in Venezuela +++

The reigning U.S. Secretary of defense Patrick Shanahan has kept covered to speculation about a possible military intervention by the USA in Venezuela. They keep an eye on the situation in Venezuela very closely, said Shanahan in a press conference at the Pentagon. His Ministry will support the National security Council of the White house with the Council.

“soldiers to Colombia”

Subtle warning to Venezuela? Trumps consultant, Bolton clumsy with explosive note


Earlier, the national security adviser, John Bolton had been with a Notepad speculation about a possible use of the US military in the crisis-ridden country. It was the hand-written note “to read 5000 soldiers to Colombia”.

Shanahan said he had not spoken with Bolton on this topic. He added that he did not want to comment on the matter further.

+++ at 15:51: Berlinale Director invites AfD to Film about the Warsaw Ghetto, a +++

Berlinale-Director Dieter Kosslick has taken in the short term, a Film in the program – and AfD-politician invited. He had decided to make the documentary film, “The secret archive in the Warsaw Ghetto” by Roberta Grossman on 10. To show February, said Kosslick on Tuesday. “All AfD members, all the deputies in the Bundestag, AfD, are free may to the movies. I personally invited. I’ll pay any Ticket.”

He hoped that as many as possible will see the Film. “And if you say, that is afraid of a fly, then I have to tell you, maybe someone else will step in as the filmmakers.”

+++ 15:43 PM: France is examining inclusion of jihadists from Syria +++

In France, a change of course in dealing with domestic extremists, announced detained by Kurdish forces in Syria: The Ministry of foreign Affairs in Paris, checks its own information, a recording of the jihadists, a spokeswoman announced. Currently, about 130 men, women and children of Kurds are being held in Syria, which are attributed to the environment of the militia of the Islamic state (IS).

France is examining “all options” to prevent that the French extremists fled because of the unstable situation, said the spokesperson. The Kurds should be deported into Syria to France, would be handed over to the jihadists “instant justice”. So far, the government in Paris refused a return of the fighters.

+++ at 15:37: Poroshenko occurs again in the case of presidential election in Ukraine +++

The Ukrainian head of state Petro Poroshenko, to run again for the presidency. He strut in the presidential election on October 31. March a second mandate, said Poroshenko in front of around a thousand supporters in Kiev. He wanted to push for the further Integration of Ukraine into the European Union and Nato, “in order to renew the territorial integrity of Ukraine and to bring Ukraine will be peace”.

Poroshenko is in recent polls behind former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, who had announced last week her candidacy in the presidential election.

+++ at 15:35: unemployment rate in Spain drops by two points to 14.5 percent +++

In Spain, the unemployment in the past year has fallen – but at a high level. The national statistics Agency INE announced that the rate had fallen from 16.5 percent at the end of 2017 to just under 14.5 percent by the end of 2018. 3.3 million people were without a Job.

+++ at 15:34: Bolsonaro after a seven-hour Operation fine +++

The Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro after his seven-hour Operation on the way to recovery. The clinic announced in São Paulo, in the Bolsonaro on the previous day because of the knife attack surgery had been that he had a few months ago suffered.

+++ at 15:32: police in Cameroon opposition, arrests leader +++

According to the government critical of the demonstrations, the police has arrested the leader of the Opposition in Cameroon. A police spokesman confirmed the arrest of the chief of party of the MRC of Maurice Kamto, as well as several of its employees. The arrests were made in the course of more than 100 arrests since the demonstrations on Saturday, said information Minister René Sadi. In the capital city of yaoundé were gone on the weekend, thousands of opposition supporters to the streets to protest against the for more than 35 years ruling President Paul Biya. The arrest represents a new level of repression of the Opposition, said the human rights organization Amnesty International called for the release of Kamto and his followers. The protests against the 85-year-old Biya had increased since 2017. The background is also a crisis between the Francophone majority and the Anglophone minority in the country.

+++ at 15:31: Von der Leyen, report of the defense referred to the Ombudsman as an incentive +++

defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen, the modernization of the Bundeswehr on the right path. The annual report of the military Commissioner, Hans Peter Bartels, a long list of defects open, said the CDU politician on Tuesday as “inspiring” and dismissed parts of it. So while there is 21.500 Vacancies in the armed forces, but at the same time, 35,000 men and women in the training, which could occupy these Posts in the future. “For us, it’s like the German Mittelstand. We are looking for skilled workers,” said von der Leyen.

The force grows according to your words, very dynamic. “We have to rise many modernization steps in the Material, the personnel, the finances. And most important: Cyber and digitization moves us forward,” she said. This is a battle on many fronts. You have to have a long breath and powerful the way forward. “I wish I had that much could go faster, but 25 years of contraction, and the Kürzens in the Bundeswehr, not in a few years to reverse,” said the Minister.

+++ at 15:15: number of primary schools are planning toilets for the third gender +++

In three new elementary schools in the Munich area, students may choose in the future between the three silent Village: one for girls, one for boys and one for the third gender. Appropriate proposals for new school buildings in Pullach, Munich, and Garching, Germany, had first reported the “Münchner Merkur” and “tz”.

In Pullach had been put forward the idea for such a toilet of an external school consultant, confirmed a municipality spokeswoman at the request of the German press Agency on Tuesday. Still, you will not find, however, is in the planning. In Garching, the plans are according to “tz” in Taufkirchen an architecture firm tested the idea.

With the toilets for the third gender in the elementary schools, pioneer would be in the free state. “Schools that currently offer such a possibility of the third toilet are not known to us yet,” said a spokesman for the Ministry of culture.

+++ 15:08 PM: Several people have been killed after attack on police station in southwest Pakistan +++

In an attack on a police station in the southwestern Pakistani province of Baluchistan at least eight people and more than 20 injured. Among the dead were seven policemen and a civilian, sayte, a police spokesman. The attack took place during a recruitment test in the city of Loralai. All three “terrorists” had carried explosives vests and automatic weapons. Two would have detonated their vests, while the third had been killed by the security forces. The attack, the Pakistani umbrella organisation of the radical Islamic Taliban, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) claimed. Baluchistan borders Afghanistan and Iran and is considered to be troubled province of Pakistan.

+++ 14:49 PM: at Least 26 people Dead in three days of unrest in Venezuela +++

In Venezuela, came in the recent riots, according to the UN human rights office within three days, at least 26 people were killed. The opponents of the government were, according to credible Reports, between 22. and 25. January by members of the armed forces or armed government supporters had been shot, said a spokesman for the UN high Commissioner for human rights in Geneva. According to information of the UN office for further five people were killed, parts of the illegal raids of the armed forces in the poorer areas of the city. A member of the national guard had been reportedly killed by an Armed.

+++ at 14:23: Doctor Hänel: information about abortions not +++

extends The due advertising for abortions condemned Giessen Doctor Kristina Hänel has criticised the agreement reached by the Federal government to complement the law. The controversial Clause 219a to stay below the line, said Hänel the German press Agency (DPA). “Women have a right to Information and the is still prohibited. This is a government censorship,” said Hanel. This is so not acceptable.

+++ 14:15: dam break in Brazil – employees of the Tüv Süd arrested +++

After the dam break at an iron ore mine in Brazil, the police have detained two employees of the Munich-based company Tüv Süd. “We can confirm at this time that two employees of Tüv Süd were arrested in Brazil,” informed the company of the German press Agency (DPA). “Due to the ongoing investigations, we can give at present no further information. We support the investigation fully.” The Tüv Süd had tested in the past year, the dams at the Mine.

in Addition, the police arrested three employees of the operator company Vale. The mining group announced that the company is cooperating with the authorities. “Vale will assist in the investigations to clarify the facts,” it said in a statement.

+++ 13:43 PM: May want to Brexit agreement with the EU to negotiate new +++

The British Prime Minister, Theresa May seems to want to undo the with the EU-negotiated agreement on the Brexit. Seeks, above all, a renegotiation of the Ireland-question, the so-called “Backstop”. “We need to get a Deal that can gain the support of Parliament, and that requires some Changes to the exit agreement,” said Mays, a spokesman in London. The UK wants to prevent that, between the British Northern Ireland and Ireland, a real outer border, whereby possibly also the Northern Ireland-could be fuelling conflict. The EU had ruled out a renegotiation of the months resulting agreement. In the afternoon, the debate about the Brexit course in the UK starts, for 20 PM the votes are provided.

+++ at 13:01: WDR: On the camping in NRW, about 20 children are supposed to have been needs to be +++

A 56-year-old man from North Rhine-Westphalia, Lippe, and two other offenders to have needs to WDR information over a number of years, about 20 children between the ages of four and 13 years, miss. The scene is supposed to be a campsite in Lügde, as the channel reported. The police and the public Prosecutor Detmold want to announce on Wednesday details of the case.

The authorities in an invitation to a press conference of a “variety of acts, in which children were seriously sexually abused”. In this context, there have been three arrests. For more Details, the investigator is not called first.

+++ 12:44 p.m.: the Palestinian government is enough of withdrawal in the case of Abbas, a +++

The Palestinian government based in the West Bank, has resigned. The government of Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah had submitted its resignation to President Mahmoud Abbas, reported the official news Agency Wafa, citing a notice from the Council of Ministers. You will as long as perform their duties until a new government is formed.

+++ at 12:24: storms drive insurance services to the top +++

storms over Germany have charged in the past year, the residential building insurers. Their services to victims increased compared to the previous year, to EUR 1.1 billion or 20 percent to 6.3 billion euros. Thus, the division has slipped after a short recovery in the red, said the President of the General Association of the German insurance industry, Wolfgang Weiler, in Berlin. The expenditure of the residential building insurers ‘ payments were 8 percent of the contribution revenue. For the property insurance in a total loss of 600 million euros.

+++ 12:16 p.m.: Moscow calls U.S. sanctions against Venezuela’s Oil company “illegally” +++

Russia has condemned the new U.S. sanctions against Venezuelan state Oil company PDVSA as “illegal”. “The legitimate authorities of Venezuela will consider these sanctions as illegal and we can support this view completely,” said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov in Moscow. He accused the U.S. government of “blatant interference in Venezuela’s internal Affairs”. Russia will protect its interests “within the international legal framework”. Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced that Moscow will work together with other members of the international community to “do everything in its Power to support the legitimate government of President Maduro”. The US had embarked on a “path to an illegal regime change”, said Lavrov.

+++ 12:10 p.m.: CARNIES are calling for exceptions in the case of Diesel-driving bans for vehicles +++

The German showmen demand for their vehicles, the exception rules in the case of Diesel-driving bans. “We need to with our tractors necessarily in the cities,” said the President of the German fairground Association (DSB), Albert knight, in Essen, Germany. “A Diesel-driving ban would hinder us fairground in the exercise of our activity only – it would make it virtually impossible for us”, – stated in a DSB-position paper. It is a rice industry, an exception should therefore apply nationwide. “Otherwise, threatens us in the face of differentcher Venues, a licensing bureaucracy monster.” The Association estimates the number of affected vehicles up to 30,000.

+++ 11:28 p.m.: E-Mail providers are for the storage of IP addresses required +++

E-Mail provider must be able to provide law enforcement authorities with comprehensive information. Business models where the provider is not able to capture the so-called IP-address the Computer address, are, therefore, inadmissible, how the Federal constitutional court in Karlsruhe ruled in a published decision. The associated interference in the freedom to choose an occupation is justified in the interest of law enforcement. (Az: 2 BvR 2377/16) of the Constitution, which rejected a complaint by a E-Mail service that advertises with a particularly effective protection of customer data. He collects and saves data only when this is necessary for technical reasons or – in his view – provided by law. The so-called IP-address was not one of them yet. It is the most only for a session assigned, individual “address” of a computer, in particular, also the owner of the used Internet connection can be determined.

+++ at 11:18: Sea-Watch calls due to fixed-seat rescue-ship of the EU human rights court +++

The German aid organisation, Sea Watch has been turned on is because your in front of Sicily blocked vessel with 47 migrants on Board the European court of human rights. Sea Watch spokesman Ruben Neugebauer justified the step with the attitude of Italy, which wants the refugees to go ashore, and the situation of the people on Board. The rescue vessel “Sea Watch 3” had the people on the 19. January off the coast of Libya. Due to a Storm, it is anchored currently off the coast of Sicily, but was allowed to approach an Italian port. Italy’s interior Minister Matteo Salvini is the fact that the Netherlands or Germany to take the refugees in. Both States have rejected the recording for the time being.

+++ at 11:15: BGH strengthens rights of organ donors +++

The Federal court of justice (BGH) in a landmark judgment for the living organ donation high requirements to the enlightenment, prior to such donation. The “aware of strictly formulated” education requirements served the “protection of the donor against himself,” said the Supreme court on Tuesday. Compliance with the requirements is said to be “a prerequisite” if the willingness of the people should be encouraged to organ donation in the long term. With the decision, the damages claims of two of the kidney donors were successful. The two plaintiffs demand due to insufficient explanation by Doctors for Pain and suffering and damages. In one case, a daughter and her father donated a kidney, in the other it comes to kidney donation from a man to his wife. Both complain that they are suffering since then, among other things, chronic fatigue. You can accuse the Doctors, they are not sufficiently elucidated.

+++ 10:56 p.m.: the Supreme court of Pakistan has appealed the acquittal of Asia Bibi +++

The Christian woman, Asia Bibi left Pakistan. The Supreme court in Islamabad has declared an appeal against the acquittal of Bibi’s inadmissible. It is the immediate release of Bibi’s ordered at the same time. Thus, the 51-Year-old can leave the country now. As the host country for Bibi Germany was also in the conversation. Bibi was sentenced to eight years in a Muslim country because of alleged blasphemy to death. At the end of October, the Supreme court had lifted the death sentence against them. This triggered massive protests by radical Islamic groups against the mother of two. The radical Islamic cleric Khadim Rivzi of the political party Tehreek-e Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) called for in the Wake of the protests Bibi’s death. The rallies and blockades stopped only after the government and the TLP had concluded an agreement, which provided for a revision application against the judgment.

+++ 9:07 am: Five arrests in connection with attack on the Strasbourg Christmas market +++

In connection with the attack on the Strasbourg Christmas market on the 11. December have been taken in Alsace five Suspects. They were suspected to have the assassin Chérif Chekatt the weapon is procured, with the help of these five people killed, confirmed to investigators circles, an Exclusive report by the newspaper “Le Point”. All five arrested are members of the same family and were taken into custody.

+++ 8:54 PM: Saxony, SPD chief defends Eastern campaign in election year +++

Saxony, SPD chief Martin Dulig has defended the Eastern Offensive of his party in this election year. “30 years after the peaceful Revolution and the post-reunification experience, the injustices have to be worked out,” said Dulig on Tuesday in the ZDF-“morning magazine”. It had been in the past few years, a mistake to compare only the structures in the East and the West. You should see the differences in the mentalities and life experiences. There had been “too little respect for the life achievements” of the East Germans, said Dulig, who is competing for the SPD in the Landtag election in Saxony as the top candidate. This year, with three elections in the East, next to Saxony, is elected in Thuringia and Brandenburg – and the aftermath of the SPD for a “new departure for East Germany”.

+++ 8:11 a.m.: accidents in icy – dead +++

On snowy and slippery roads in Parts of Germany to numerous accidents. According to police information, a man was killed, several people were injured. Some of the highway were locked sections. In Waldshut-Tiengen (Baden-Württemberg), died a 23-year-old motorist after he was caught in the traffic. Hard a 28-year-old car driver was injured in the district of Böblingen. They, too, had slipped on a slippery roadway into oncoming traffic. In the event of ice-accidents in North Rhine-Westphalia and Bavaria, there were more injured. The A 31, close to Coesfeld (NRW) and A 14 in Nossen (Saxony) had to be closed after accidents at times. In Thuringia, 15 Truck blocked after heavy snowfall on a country road.

+++ 6:53 am: environment: Scheuer, representatives of the automotive industry +++

acts as an official In a dispute over a speed limit on motorways and the limit values for nitrogen oxide and fine dust, has criticised the Federal Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer (CSU). Environmental assistance-managing Director Jürgen Resch of the “Passauer Neue Presse”, in Scheuer, act said, “not as Minister of transport, but as the official representative of the automotive industry in the Federal Cabinet”. “He takes on positions of the auto companies and the millions of deceived owners of dirty Diesel Cars in the lurch,” said Resch. “He is in charge of neither the cities, in the Autoverkehr choke and an effective shift in Traffic demand, the clean air.” Resch also criticised that Scheuer stand in the debate on limit values of nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter “on the page that is supposedly of critical lung doctors” and spoke of a “phantom debate”.



cacophony to fine dust, and driving bans: finally, for clarity, Minister, Scheuer!

the longer the public debate about limits on particulate matter and Diesel-driving bans, the more unclear the situation is. When, if not now, should be the responsible Minister, in order to clarify the situation? Finally, it comes to our health.

Dieter Hoß +++ 6:05 p.m.: Four Dead and nearly 200 injured by the Tornado, Cuba +++

After the violent Tornado in Cuba, the number of dead to four increased. A further 195 people were injured, as the state television reported, citing the competent authorities. Accordingly, more than 1200 houses and apartments were damaged or completely destroyed. Particularly strong in the Central harbour district of Regla in the capital, Havana, was affected by the severe weather on Sunday evening. With gust speeds of up to 100 kilometres per hour, the storm was swept away by the world-famous boardwalk, El Malecón.

+++ 5:40 am: military officer criticized to many of the private transports of German soldiers in Afghanistan +++

The defence Commissioner of the Bundestag, Hans-Peter Bartels, has criticized a sprawling Transport of German soldiers with civilian helicopters in Afghanistan. “This is not ideal. Germany should be able to, its a soldier fly indoor and soldiers both, even in the stakes than to transport in the operations – on the ground or in the air,” said Bartels of the German press Agency. Germany is the largest country in Europe, the second-largest Nato Nation, the fourth largest economy in the world: “and may, therefore, be no question of Resources.”

+++ 5:25 p.m.: drive-by shooting in Houston – Two Dead, five police officers injured +++

In the case of a shootout in the Texas metropolis of Houston have been injured, on Monday evening, five police officers and two suspected drug dealers killed. According to media reports, police officers wanted to search an apartment. As they wanted to gain admittance, it was opened from the inside, the fire on them. Four officers were hit. In the subsequent exchange of fire two of the alleged drug dealer, who had holed up in her apartment died. A fifth policeman was injured during the operation.

+++ 5:06 PM: number of cases in advice + +

for Islamist radicalization has fallen + The number of cases in the counseling center radicalization of the Federal office for Migration and refugees (Bamf) has declined in the past year by more than half. As a spokeswoman for the authority told the editors ‘ network-Germany, recorded the point of contact of 2018, only 80 cases, in the previous year, there were 191. The place can turn relatives of people, if there are indications that Islamist radicalisation in their area, as well as potential Islamists. The number of newly arrived asylum seekers in this country had decreased significantly the last.

+++ 4:34 PM: UK Parliament to vote on further Brexit-rate +++

takes The British Parliament, on Tuesday made another attempt the course when to exit the EU. In the evening (20 clock CET) want to vote the parliamentarians in several applications. The conservative Prime Minister, Theresa May, with the EU negotiated exit agreement had been rejected by the lower house in mid-January with an overwhelming majority.

+++ 4:04 p.m.: not much hope left for Survivors after a dam break in Brazil +++

After the dam break at an iron ore mine in the hopes dwindle more and more, to find Survivors in the mud masses. The rescuers were able to last only bodies of the mountains. The number of deaths rose to 65, as the civil defense announced. 279 other people were still missing. The death toll is expected to rise accordingly. “Unfortunately, it is very unlikely to find Survivors,” said fire Department spokesman Pedro Aihara of the TV channel Globo News. The last Survivors had been recovered on Saturday morning. The dam at the Mine of the Brazilian mining group Vale, was broken on Friday. A mudslide had rolled through parts of the plant and neighbouring settlements.

+++ 3:18 PM: cleaning lady from New York Billionaire spends a weekend in the Elevator +++

for Three days, the cleaning lady of a New put York billionaire in the Elevator of his house. The fire Department, the woman freed on Monday from their predicament, as a spokesman for the rescuers said. Of the weekend in the Elevator, trapped woman go it appears to be good, you had been to study in a hospital. According to media reports, the cleaning lady works for the billion-dollar Investor Warren Stephens in his luxury home in the Upper East Side in Manhattan. She wanted to use the lift on Friday, while the family of Stephens was the weekend out of town. The Elevator remained, then, but between the second and third floor stuck.

+++ 3:00: Australians to the smuggling of weapons +++

parts in toys under arrest for the smuggling of weapons parts in children’s toys have been arrested in Australia three men. The Suspect, aged 25, 26 and 33 years, had hidden parts of hand fire weapons in Toy motorcycles and brought into the country, the police announced on Tuesday. In the case of searches in Melbourne and Sydney, Material for several dozen weapons has been ensured.

+++ 2:47 p.m.: trump’s Ex-lawyer Cohen says on 8. February in front of Congress +++

The former lawyer of the US President, Donald Trump, Michael Cohen, is on 8. February before the US Congress to testify. Cohen will be behind closed doors to the intelligence Committee of the house of representatives to answer questions, said the democratic Committee Chairman Adam Schiff. The former Trump-Familiar appear to be agreed “voluntarily”. Last week, Cohen a for 7 had. February set a public date in front of another congressional Committee canceled. His lawyer reasoned with “threats”, to which Cohen’s family had been subjected to by U.S. President Donald Trump.

+++ 1:32 a.m.: a passenger record in long-distance transport, the railway, according to media report +++

saving prices and 19-Euro Tickets of the Deutsche Bahn have brought a report that in the past year, a new passenger record in long-distance transport. Thus, the company had a record level of 142 million travellers from the year 2017 once exceeded, report to the Newspapers of the Funke media group. The revenues in the long-distance passenger transport, therefore, rose by almost 300 million euros to about 4.5 billion euros. The exact balance figures for the railway published in March. According to the report, the railway wants to hire this year, about 22,000 new employees. About a fifth of them to be apprentices, in 2000 a new driver to come to the station. Overall, the railway employees in Germany currently 205,000 people.

+++ 0:38 watch: US sanctions against state Oil company of Venezuela, to increase pressure on Maduro +++

With new economic sanctions the U.S. has increased the pressure on the Venezuelan head of state Nicolas Maduro. The punitive measures directed against Venezuela’s state Oil company, PDVSA, as the US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin in Washington announced. Venezuela’s self-appointed transitional President Juan Guaidó announced at the same time, to take control over the foreign assets of the state. The USA called on the Venezuelan military to stand behind Guaidó.

+++ 0:25: ban on advertising of abortions: coalition agrees on Reform +++

The Federal government has definitely on a Reform of the so-called ban on Advertising for abortion, agreed. The Clause 219a is supplemented by an Exception, therefore, Doctors and hospitals may in the future inform you that you perform abortions, says the AFP news Agency this bill. On him had agreed to previously by the competent Federal Minister. Already in December of last year, an agreement in this sense had been achieved. However, the exact formulation of the new paragraph 219a. The new regulation is now in the departmental vote and to on 6. February will be debated in the Federal Cabinet. Then the Reform must be decided by the Bundestag.

+++ 0:05 am U.S. to sue Chinese Telecom firm Huawei +++

The U.S. justice Department initiated a lawsuit against Huawei, the largest manufacturer of Telecom Hardware in the world, as well as several of his daughters. In total, there are 13 charges, and nearly two dozen individual allegations. In the centre of the activities of the Huawei-daughter Skycom is in Iran. In this context, the United States also require officially, the delivery of the Canada prisoners, is chief financial officer of the Chinese group, Meng Wanzhou. The group will be charged in addition to the undermining of sanctions against Iran, money laundering, fraud and other crimes in the amount of hundreds of millions of dollars. Among other things, is supposed to have Huawei is secrets by T-Mobile in illegal operation. This was a test robot for mobile phones. All of this is over the security needs of the United States. The Chinese government maintains that the lawsuit is politically motivated.

+++ 0:05 PM: Russia-investigation into Trump’s Team shortly before the completion of +++

The Russia-investigations of the U.S. special investigator Robert Mueller, in which there is also the possible involvement of President Donald Trump and his campaign camp in Russian electoral influence, shortly before the completion. The reigning U.S. attorney Matthew Whitaker in Washington said. “The investigation is, as far as I know, to be on the verge of complete,” said Whitaker. “I hope that we will get the report as soon as possible.” Details Whitaker mentioned. The former FBI chief Robert Mueller investigated since may of 2017, the influence of Russia on the U.S. presidential election of 2016 and a possible involvement of the electoral camp of Donald Trump.

+++ Trump-Ticker +++

Suspended address

Trump holds a speech to the Nation on 5. February

The United States by breathing, after the government is still exposed. Now Donald Trump should keep his speech to the Nation.

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