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Brexit: the lower house rejects again all variants (23.06 hours), and Algeria’s President Bouteflika announces withdrawal (18.16 PM)puncture on a government plane after landing of Maas in New York (15.18 hours)Subtotal: Selenski sentenced in the case of presidential election in Ukraine clearly on the front (8.20 PM)Kim-assassin three years and four months in prison (6.39 PM)Erdogan claimed 16 big cities – counting unfinished (1.20 PM)

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+++ 23.06 at: house of Commons rejects again all of Brexit-Alternatives +++

Also in the second round of the British Parliament is an Alternative to the EU exit agreement from the Prime Minister Theresa May. The lower house rejected late in the evening, all four will vote on proposals for closer integration with the EU after Brexit, or a second Referendum. Now the search for a way out of the Brexit Dilemma is likely to go on Wednesday. The Cabinet is already convened for Tuesday to a multi-hour session.

the completely divided Parliament to an agreement soon, threatening a withdrawal from the European Union without an agreement on the 12. April or a re-displacement of the leaving the EU, with the participation of the British in the European elections in late may as a result.

For the vote in the evening, the President of Parliament, John Bercow, had selected four proposals. Chances of a majority were given in the run-up, especially the two alternative proposals for a closer integration of the UK and the EU. A request was that the country remains after the Brexit in the customs Union. The should by law be prescribed. Another suggestion was that Britain should remain in addition, in the internal market. In the test votes, but there were none of the variants around the a majority. The other two proposals included the possibility for a second Referendum. Also, it was not in the house of sufficient support.

+++ 19.20 PM: Half-naked environmental activists use the stage of Brexit-consultations in London +++

the excitement in the British Parliament: members of the activist group “Extinction Rebellion” (English: “Rebellion of extinction”) have used the re-Brexit debate in the British house of Commons to Protest against climate change – and half-naked in the visitors gallery of the House of Commons, presented. Some of them pressed against the glass window that separates the auditorium from the chamber. In fine British style, many visitors and parliamentarians tried to pay attention to the barely – clad activists miss are not all that managed. According to a report by the BBC, four out of the twelve activists were arrested.

+++ 19.15 PM: Employee raises allegations: To lax access to compromise classified information under Trump +++

A longtime employee of the U.S. government accuses the White house, with laxem access is not reliable persons to secret information, the security. This is evident from a letter of the Democrats in the house of representatives. Accordingly, the assistant Tricia Newbold has declared that the White house is estimated at 25 persons included in the group of employees with access to secret material, even though they or other competent staff would have rejected the applications for such a “Security Clearance” before. “It is deeply convinced that the Congress must intervene immediately to ensure our national security,” – said in the letter. Newbold a go with your warning about the “major security risks” a professional risk. To the granting of authorisations to employees of the White house, there are long discussions. Among other things, to his son-in-law and close Advisor to Donald Trump, Jared Kushner, the access only on the instructions of the President have been granted.

+++ 18.16 PM: Algeria’s President Bouteflika announces after protests resignation to the 28. April +++

The controversial Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika before the end of his regular term of office on the 28. April back. Until then, the 82 will take-Year-old “measures”, the operation of the state authorities during the “transition phase” to ensure it says in one of the state news Agency APS statement released by the presidential office. Bouteflika had previously remain in office on the 28. April also sought a new government is formed, and thus angry protests triggered.

+++ 16.49 at: report: number of registered crime continued to decline +++

The number of in Germany, police recorded crime is, according to one report, continues to decline. The Police crime statistics (PKS), according to the “world” for the past year, a total of 5,55 million offences, representing year-on-year to 2017, a decrease of 3.6 percent. Federal interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) will present the statistics on Tuesday in Berlin.

+++ 16.31 PM: More than half of all new cars in Norway are electric +++

In March, the number of battery-powered cars in Norway has reached a new record. As the road authority, Statens vegvesen, on Monday announced, the proportion of electric cars in new registrations at 57 percent. “This is a historic number,” said the Director of the authority, Terje Moe Gustavsen.

Statens vegvesen registered in March 10.316 so-called elbiler. About half of them were Tesla. Norway has set itself the target of 2025 to any Diesel and petrol engine is more new to allow. In order to accelerate the transition to electricity-powered vehicles, the state gives large tax benefits.

+++ 15: 28: OSCE: election in Ukraine was free and fair, + + +

The presidential election in the Ukraine is run from the point of view of international election observers as free and fair. “The elections took place under strong competition, and the voters had a great selection,” said Koorcoordinator of the organization for security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE), Ilkka Kanerva, in Kiev. He hope that in the EU aspiring country’s democratic development.

+++ 15.18 at: flat tyre on a government plane after landing of Maas in New York +++

The first service flight of the government plane “Konrad Adenauer,” after a four-month overhaul, there has been again a glitch. After landing in New York, a tire was found damaged, so that the plane could not travel independently to the Park position. “We have a problem with a tire, so we have to be dragged” by the Pilot.

The Airbus, with foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) on Board was departed early in the Morning in Berlin. The “Konrad Adenauer” was a General overhaul, after the end of November, with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Board is on the way to the G20 summit in Buenos Aires problems. Merkel’s flight was canceled, and the machine to the airport, Köln/Bonn is headed.


Maas is stuck in Mali

The problems of the government plane is not only embarrassing. It is not available for a bigger Problem

It is to Laugh, it would be so embarrassing. For the umpteenth Time, the self-proclaimed High-Tech location of Germany will not be able to transport a member of the government reliable. The roadside series of acts in a fatal way symptomatic.

Dieter Hoß +++ 14.17: two-year-old’s moving too much and is in a nursing home indulge +++

A two-year-old has gotten out in Friedrichshafen on lake Constance from home and in a nearby old people’s home to be pampered. The nursing home informed the police after the little girl was released on Sunday without an escort, as officials have informed in Konstanz. When the police arrived, the baby was cared for accordingly, a number of spare grandma’s, and with cake and Apple juice in a great mood.

Shortly after, she came back in the care of her family. As it turned out, had taken care of the mother and a sibling, and noted that the two-year home-avulsion and to 500 meters away and old home tappelte.

+++ 13.45: dead bodies after the crash of the propeller aircraft recovered +++

A day after the crash of a small plane in the state of Hesse, the three bodies have been recovered. According to the Prosecutor’s office in Darmstadt, you will be this Tuesday the autopsy. Among other things, the Russian business woman Natalia Filjowa is announced to be among the dead, like the airline S7, whose co-owner Filjowa. The public Prosecutor’s office Darmstadt is hoping that the forensic examination for more evidence.

forensic technicians and experts from the Federal Agency for flight accident investigation, measured on the morning of the crash site and photographed the wreckage. You want 25 to. A first interim report. The propeller aircraft of the type Epic E1000 crashed on Sunday in Erzhausen, between Frankfurt/Main and Darmstadt. How it came to be, was still unclear.

+++ 13.39 PM: No.Wild concert in Flensburg Arena – request rejected +++

the concert of the controversial South Tyrolean Band.The Wild will not take place after a court decision in the Flens-Arena in Flensburg. The district court of Flensburg rejected the request of a concert organiser for a preliminary injunction. The application was targeted Mainly to the fact that the hall on the 20. To April for the concert.

Against the Free.Wild-concert stirs a lot of resistance in Flensburg. The English rock group, is accused by critics to the right of the scene, which denies the Band. In the opinion of the Second civil chamber of the plaintiff is not entitled to Relinquishment of the hall, as between the parties, no contract of lease had been concluded. Against the judgment an appeal may be made.

+++ 13.09 watch: woman finds when Geocaching on the island of Rügen and a number of letters in the forest +++

The so-called Geocaching last weekend, a woman in a forest in Sassnitz, more than a hundred letter of Rügen, found on the island of shipments. According to the date stamp of the loose pieces of mail had been delivered according to the police inspection of Stralsund, in the period between the beginning of December of 2018 and the end of January, 2019 at a media company. Your addressees, you reached but, apparently, never. The criminal investigation initiated an investigation on suspicion of breach of Postal or telecommunications secrecy. They are directed against Unknown.