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the Second Trump-Kim summit at the end of February (6.49 p.m.): the Cabinet May be discussed, apparently, the grace period (6.35 PM)Opposition: Venezuela’s army blocked the border (6.31 p.m.)this year’s Oscar ceremony without a Moderator (6.21 PM)France intends, in the future, of the genocide of Armenians (6.17 PM)

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+++ 10.48 PM: information about abortions: Cabinet approves law to inform Pregnant change +++

in the future easier ways to have an abortion. The Cabinet approved the troublesome compromise to the so-called ban on advertising in Section 219a of the criminal code. Also, the Bundestag agrees, should Doctors and hospitals to inform in the future about the fact that they perform abortions. For further information, they must, however, referred to authorities, advice agencies and chambers of Physicians. Doctors and many women criticize to sharp, Pregnant still not comprehensive with a trusted doctor can inform.

The Amendment of section 219a, the “advertising” for abortions under the penalty, in the coalition’s highly controversial. The SPD and the opposition parties wanted to remove the ban entirely – but the CDU and CSU rejected.

agreement to a Clause 219a

access to information about abortion is to be easier

achieved The Grand coalition has reached agreement on the so-called “prohibition of advertising” for abortion. We clarify what this means for us.

+++ 10.06 PM: Russian Discounter opens German pioneer branch again. + + +

go After problems with a supplier and a temporary closure of the Russian discounters “Mers” has opened its first branch in Germany. After new goods have arrived, could shop for the customer in the “Mers”-the market in Leipzig, a company spokeswoman said. Russian mother group-Torgservis, which operates in Eastern Europe and Asia, 928 discount stores that had opened in the previous week in Leipzig, its first store in the country. Due to supply shortages, the market had to be closed on Monday for two days. Many of the products were sold out because of the great demand in the first days already, as the company said.

Cheap instead of good-looking

cheap-Offensive from Siberia: discounters Mers wants to make Aldi and Lidl competition

A Russian food group is pushing for the German market. Be discounters Aldi and Lidl wants to Mers attack – with sparse decor and ice-cold struggle prices.

+++ 9.58 am: Rockefeller family donates $ 200 million to New York’s MoMA-Museum +++

windfall for the New York Museum of Modern Art: The Industrial-Rockefeller family to the art Museum in a donation of $ 200 million (175 million euros). It is one of the largest donations ever made to an Museum. The Rockefellers have a long history as patrons of the New York art Institution: In 2005, the now deceased family Patriarch David Rockefeller was MoMA ever $ 100 million. In addition, he donated priceless paintings by Picasso, Gauguin, Matisse and Cézanne. David Rockefeller’s mother, Abby, was one of the founders of the Museum of Modern art.

The Museum will need the new large-scale donation well: It will work over the summer for renovation for four months. The cost is estimated at $ 400 million.

+++ 9.56 PM: ECJ advocate for rejection of Austria’s action against a passenger Car toll +++

In proceedings before the European court of justice (ECJ), the advocate General, the action of Austria against the German Car toll to dismiss. The planned discharge to a German car owner for the motor Vehicle tax is not discriminatory, explained the procedure, the competent advocate General Nils Wahl. In the view of Austria, foreign drivers are discriminated against by the tax.

+++ 9.38 PM: a fire destroyed two residential houses – around 700,000 euros in damage +++

it has destroyed A major fire in the state of Baden-Württemberg, a building complex with two residential buildings and a damage of around 700,000 euros. A family of five, which inhabited both houses, was unharmed in security, said a spokesman for the police in Aalen. She was attended to by the ambulance service. One of the residents had heard, therefore, rattling of the window panes that broke because of the fire, and alerted the emergency services.

When the first firefighters arrived in Waiblingen, Germany, a house already full of fire. At the second house flames from the roof beat. Both buildings were connected, according to police. Around 150 firefighters were up in the early hours of the morning to extinguish the fire. You could prevent that the flame attacks on a neighbouring house, the two houses burned, however, to a large extent. Why was the fire that yesterday erupted in the late evening, is unclear.

+++ 8.57 PM: Germany-be-missed climate targets for 2020 seem to be significantly +++

Germany is also a target under the current climate protection report climate for the year 2020 clearly miss the mark. Instead of the target of 40 percent less greenhouse gases than in 1990, Germany will only achieve a reduction of 32 percent, cited the “Rhine-Neckar-newspaper”, the paper intends to present the Federal environment Minister, Svenja Schulze (SPD) today, in the Cabinet.



Ragna, Linus, Ronja and Florian: you cut classes in order to save the world

Already in the past year, submitted to climate protection report of these Figures. In the new climate-change report says according to the report, the government is seeking to achieve the target for 2020 “as quickly as possible”.

+++ 8.31 PM: Scheuer driving rejects tests for seniors categorical +++

the Federal transport Minister, Andreas Scheuer, a mandatory driving has refused tests for older drivers categorically. “A road test for seniors, not for me,” said the CSU politician of the Newspapers of the Funke media group. “I’ll take responsibility.” Everyone needs to always check back his Fitness and his skills on the road. His rejection of driving tests, he reasoned with a lack of objective basis – “from the accident statistics, no abnormalities”. Accidents could happen to a 21-year-old driver as well as a 81-year-old driver.

Within the European Union besides Germany, according to the report, only five other countries have no mandatory driving tests for seniors.

+++ 7.26 PM: Light the all-clear in Australia’s high-water areas +++

In flood-affected areas in the North-East of Australia, there has been a slight improvement. “It looks as if the worst is over,” said the meteorologist Vinor Anand from the weather authority. The precipitation became weaker, and in the morning you should go further back. In some areas, residents came back already in their homes and started the cleanup. The masses of water had flooded in the state of Queensland, thousands of homes and vehicles and for the closure of airports and schools.

In Australia’s tropical North are heavy rains in the monsoon season, typical. In some regions, so much rain throughout the year, but fell within the space of a week. Reason, a monsoon was a low-pressure area that is only very slowly moving and large amounts of precipitation released.

+++ 06.49 PM: the Second summit between Trump and Kim at the end of February+++

US President Donald Trump and the North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un on the 27. and 28. February meeting in Vietnam to be their second summit. The Trump announced on Tuesday evening (local time) in his state of the Union speech before the US Congress in Washington. At their first Meeting, last June in Singapore, Kim had said the complete nuclear disarmament of his country, but not the Details.

Trump gave himself in his speech, nevertheless, through its convergence rate compared to North Korea, a nuclear war is prevented. If he had not been elected President, were “today we are in a major war with North Korea, with millions of people killed,” he said in his speech. The US President acknowledged that the negotiations with Pyongyang “to do a lot of work.” His relationship to Kim, however, is “good”. The negotiations on the dismantling of North Korea’s nuclear weapons were to fall in the past few months always again to a Halt.

+++ 6.35 PM: report: British Cabinet discussed secretly Brexit-delay +++

just before the next trip of the Prime Minister Theresa may to Brussels, there is in the British Cabinet discussions to set a date for the planned Britain to leave the EU. The usually well-informed conservative “Telegraph” reported in its Online edition, without accurate sources. If Mays gets negotiated contract, the consent of the Parliament, demanding some of the Ministers are, therefore, a two-month grace period after the official withdrawal date on the 29. March to bring the necessary laws on the way. Up to the 24. May, should remain in the UK continues to be a member of the EU, as in the past.

the Prime Minister May have had, however, repeatedly stressed that the UK will 29 the EU as planned on. March, leave. Discussions about a delay in the exit date to be counterproductive. Among the proponents of a grace period Secretary Jeremy Hunt, Chancellor of the exchequer, Philip Hammond, and Minister for trade Liam Fox, according to the newspaper outside. All three had already spoken previously to the public for a delay. On the search for a solution in the Brexit-the dispute May travels on Thursday, once again, to Brussels, EU Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker is to present your ideas.

+++ 6.31 PM: Opposition: Venezuelan army blocked the border crossing to Colombia +++

Prior to a planned international aid delivery of Venezuelan soldiers blocked after opposition information is a border crossing to Colombia. A tank truck and a huge Container obstructed on Tuesday, the Tienditas bridge between the neighbouring countries, such as the journalists of the news Agency, reported AFP. The oppositional Deputy Franklyn Duarte said, the Transition between the Venezuelan town of Ureña and the Colombian city of Cúcuta was blocked by members of the Venezuelan armed forces.

The planned delivery of aid had been coordinated by the self-proclaimed Venezuelan President Juan Guaidó. The head of state, Nicolás Maduro rejects such supplies strictly. He referred to it as a pretext to prepare the ground for the US-led military invasion. In Venezuela, an extreme lack of food, and

+++ 6.25 PM: Germania prevails as a result of the political and economic crisis-staff until the end of March to be financially +++

backed by the Germania Bankruptcy affected approximately 1700 employees are still protected until the end of March to be financially. For the months of January, February, and March to insolvency, get paid money, said a spokesman of the provisional insolvency administrator on request. The Berlin-based Airline had filed on Monday for insolvency, and the operation of the aircraft in the night to Tuesday ended.

Berlin Airline bankrupt

Germania is broke – the airline wants to help passengers


In January, the financial difficulties in the case of Germania had become known, the planes took off. Among the fleet of more than 30 pilots last. Germania was the fourth-largest German airline, many tourists to holiday destinations in the Mediterranean. At the end of January and it turned out that the employees wait for their wages. The Insolvency benefit is paid, therefore, according to the spokesman for this month.

In the next days and weeks will now be examined whether a further operation of the company was possible, it said. It is a preliminary insolvency proceedings until a court decides on the opening of the actual procedure.

+++ 6.21 PM: this year’s Oscar ceremony without a Moderator +++

Now it is official: the upcoming Academy awards ceremony will for the first time in three decades, no moderators. “We can confirm that there will be no host,” said a spokesman for the Oscar Academy on Tuesday. The originally, as a Moderator, provided US Comedian and actor Kevin Hart had withdrawn in December in a dispute with former homophobic Twitter posts. The organizers of the ceremony were looking for then, first, a replacement, and decided then for a Gala without moderators.

according to insiders at the 91. Awarding of the coveted film awards on 24. February can be rather trying out a new Format. Therefore, Hollywood will introduce Stars in individual sections of the Show. Recently, there had been in 1989, an Oscar Gala without moderators. In the past two years, the talk show host Jimmy Kimmel hosted the ceremony for the most important film prize in the world. The pressure on the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and science Museuit is due to a declining audience. Last only 26.5 million people had followed the glamorous Gala on television, a historic Low. For comparison: in 2014, had to watch 43 million people.

+++ 6.17 PM: France intends, in the future, with remembrance day of the genocide of Armenians +++

France will in the future remember with a national day of remembrance for the massacres of the Armenians in the First world war, which are classified by many countries as genocide. Representatives of the Armenian community in France, the state chief Emmanuel Macron said on Tuesday evening, the 24. April become a day of remembrance of the “genocide” of the Armenians. He informed the Turkish head of state Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the run-up to this step. France had in 1915, the beginning of the massacres of the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire as early as 2001, officially as a genocide classified as the first large European country. The German Bundestag did this in June 2016, which triggered a severe diplomatic crisis with Turkey. Ankara rejects the classification of the massacre of up to 1.5 million Armenians as genocide categorically.

With the proclamation of a memorial day, Macron delivers on a campaign promise. In France, there is a large Armenian community lives. 24. April is already remembered in Armenia on the genocide.

+++ 6.09 PM: Minister sets requirements for animal welfare-Logo +++

After years of discussions, Minister of agriculture, Julia Klöckner (CDU), on Wednesday, the criteria of the proposed national animal welfare label for meat in the supermarket. It is a question of requirements, better animal husbandry, such as more space in the barn, but also during transport and slaughter.

The label should guarantee consumers a livestock well above the statutory requirements and three levels. Environmental and consumer advocates and the Greens criticise that this is not supposed to be for farmers mandatory.

The managing Director of the consumer organization food watch, Martin Rücker, told the German press Agency: “Instead of bringing a purely voluntary seal on the market, you have to use Julia Klöckner for legal requirements, so that all and not just some of the few livestock animals are kept.”