The British Chancellor of the exchequer, Philip Hammond, to imagine, to overthrow a Prime Minister’s own Conservative party, a Unger EU are to prevent Britain’s exit to.

The big favourite in the race to succeed Prime Minister Theresa May, Boris Johnson, would also take an EU-exit without a contract in the purchase. On the question of whether he would support a vote of no confidence against a Prime Minister Johnson, said Hammond of the “süddeutsche Zeitung” (Friday) on the sidelines of the meeting of the G7 Finance Ministers in the French Chantilly: “I exclude anything right now.”

On Tuesday, the result of the election of the new Tory party chiefs in London are to be announced. The 160,000 party members had several weeks time to decide between Johnson and foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt. In a first speech, the winner may reveal the Details of its Brexit plans.

On Wednesday the handover of power then follows. Prime Minister Theresa May will in at noon for the last Time to the questions of the deputies. Then, you will stop in front of the seat of government in Downing Street, a farewell speech, before starting with Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace for your resignation.

The Queen will directly appoint the new Prime Minister and with the government education mandate. Also by him is expected to make a speech in front of his headquarters.

Johnson and his rival Hunt want a “No Deal” after the expiry of the withdrawal period on December 31. October in, should not get involved, the EU Changes to the Brexit Treaty. On Thursday the new Prime Minister could have made his first appearance in Parliament.

The government has a majority of just three votes. Therefore, Hammond’s threat is not insignificant. Two dissenters would be enough to deprive the new head of the government, the trust, and to overthrow his government.

the first warning shot, the Deputy fired on Thursday. They voted with a clear majority for a Legislative add-on that would make it difficult for Johnson to send the Parliament in a forced break, a withdrawal without an agreement to push through.

the stumbling block is the “Backstop” scheme, which should guarantee that after the Brexit no border checks between the UK, Northern Ireland and the EU Ireland. Since then, a resurgence of the conflict between the Catholic supporters of Irish unification, and Protestant fear’s loyalists. Under the scheme the whole of the United Kingdom would be first in the customs Union and Northern Ireland, in Parts of the internal market, to London and Brussels will find a better solution.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel reiterated on Friday at her Summer press conference in Berlin, the EU’s position that the termination agreement is non-negotiable. The Backstop could, however, be overwritten by find a other solution. Whether these words indicate a willingness to make concessions to the British, is questionable. They could also be used as an invitation to London, interpreted, to constantly seek a closer connection to the customs Union and the internal market.

Hammond, only a few days as the Chancellor of the exchequer will remain, is for a close connection to the EU and could be a leading figure of the Pro-European rebels in the Tory group. Only on Thursday he had warned strongly against the consequences of a Brexits without agreement for the economy. The “süddeutsche Zeitung”, he said: “I’m going to do the behind Bank everything possible to ensure that the Parliament has blocked a disordered Brexit.”

In London, however, speculated that a Prime Minister Johnson could refuse a decision of the Parliament against an unjust EU to accept the outlet. In this case, conservative opponents of an unregulated consider apply outlet according to the BBC, to send the 93-year-old Queen, with the request that an extension of the Brexit period to Brussels. As head of state the Queen was entitled to represent their country at an EU summit, says the report. You can ask for an extension of time. Observer but it is as good as excluded, to make that happen, because the Royal family keeps strictly out of politics.

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