The former British Chancellor of the exchequer George Osborne has regrets, in an Interview with the star, the EU-Referendum by 2016. “I didn’t want the Referendum, and always thought it was a mistake. I believed that we a) split the Conservative party and it could lose b) also. And it was clear to me that a Brexit for Britain and for Europe is a Disaster.”


oomph! President of the Parliament, Bercow spread shock waves from London to Brussels

By Michael Streck

Osborne, who since two years ago, the London “Evening Standard” newspaper as editor-in-chief, was considered the designated successor of former Prime Minister David Cameron. He had repeatedly pointed to the consequences of a possible defeat: “It is not really so, that the people have not been warned. But, for whatever reason: you have not heard.”

Osborne: politics stood in front of unsolvable task

On the question of how he assessed the political Chaos in his country, said Osborne, it was too easy to blame everything on the politicians. They had stood in front of an unsolvable task: “you are to deliver a Brexit, the UK will not be damaged. A Brexit, we enjoy all the benefits of the EU, but nothing to pay for it. A Brexit that will stop the Immigration. A Brexit, which flushes money into the health system. And a Brexit, which brings us more influence and control in the world.” None of this would be possible.

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“Would be May and colleagues, the lawyers in my law firm, I’d fire you”

The former Chancellor of the exchequer criticised in the stern, his former Cabinet colleague Theresa May. The Prime Minister had unnecessarily placed before the negotiations with the EU red lines, which proved to be harmful. And: “It is Theresa May, the proclaimed new elections without Not was lost, the majority and the government weakened. And it was Theresa May not listening to the members of her own Cabinet that they warned that they would not bring the Deal through the Parliament. For this, you will bear the responsibility.” May have logically no longer be a majority in the Cabinet and still less in the house of Commons – “this is a complete loss of control”.

The biggest mistake: a Referendum

Osborne was quite self-critical and admitted mistakes before the Referendum. He regret the most, “that we ever had a Referendum. And to speak that we have not dedicated enough time to it, about the benefits of Europe. And also about the benefits of Immigration.” It would have been difficult to convince the people on the last meters. “With the well-known result.”

this result would deal with the country now for a long time: Anyone think that with the Brexit is then fixed everything and, crazy huge. “We will have to fight it for many, many years to come.”

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