not later than 2038 planned phase-out of coal-fired power generation can be delayed from the point of view of Union leader Ralph brinkhaus. There is a broad social consensus that in the area of climate, something needs to be done, said the CDU politician of the “world on Sunday”.

It must also be guaranteed the security of energy supply. “If she’s in danger, then we should take in the political process, the freedom to turn a lap of honour and to clarify it without leaving the path. A dogmatism on this issue is not appropriate,” said Brinkhaus.

The government-appointed coal Commission had submitted to, after long negotiations, a concept for a phase-out of coal-fired power generation up to and no later than 2038. When power and economic position give it, it can be preferred to the exit date, in agreement with the operators to 2035. 2032 to be checked.