Union leader Ralph Brinkhaus (CDU), is convinced that CDU leader Annegret is Kramp-Karrenbauer next Chancellor candidate of the Union.

On the question of whether Kramp-Karrenbauer should rapidly switch to the Cabinet of Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), he told the German press Agency in Berlin, the Chairman have a lot to do with the realignment of the CDU. Brinkhaus added: “And you will be our next Chancellor candidate. In this respect, that is your decision, what is the best way to do it.”

After the Disaster of the CDU in the European elections and the criticism of the handling of the party headquarters with the Anti-CDU-Video of the Youtubers Rezo the Suitability Kramp was a part was also provided internally of the question-cart-Builder for the Chancellor’s office. A change of chair to a Cabinet post is occasionally speculated, as they would have in this case, even more possibilities to differentiate the policy implementation and more frequent public appearances.

From the point of view of the Deputy CDU Chairman Armin Laschet has not yet decided about the next Chancellor candidate. “Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer has proposed to decide the candidacy for Chancellor at the CDU party conference at the end of 2020. By the end of 2020, not today and not now,” had Laschet said the “Welt am Sonntag”.

The conservative values of the Union, and to let the party members over the course of the next Chancellor candidate of the CDU and the CSU to the vote. “The values-Union demands in the face of devastating poll a primary, the candidate for Chancellor of the values by the members and starts a short-term Initiative to implement it,” said the Federal Chairman Alexander Mitsch, the “world” (Tuesday). The Grand coalition has failed “both in terms of content, as well as in the eyes of the citizens.

Brinkhaus said on the question of whether there will be the Grand coalition, given the unresolved leadership question in the case of the SPD and the continuing dispute in property matters at Christmas: “That’s the Plan, that the Grand coalition to see Christmas.” The Bundestag is elected until 2021, as well as the Chancellor and her government from the Parliament. “That’s why it must be our claim that the Grand coalition until 2021 to continue.” Black-and-Red have done with the adoption of the migration package in the Bundestag on Friday – and the coalition had “a lot”.

With views of the high survey of the Green, which lie partly in front of the Union, values the Group’s Chairman, said: “I now have the concern that somebody in us is passing.” The in the European elections with 30 per cent so far worst result of the Union in a nationwide election had been unsatisfactory. “The fact that we make good policy. We need to improve its own force of our result from the European elections.”

He did not want to speculate about an end to the Grand coalition, said Brinkhaus. There is the notion that a constellation is easier, he said, with a view to a possible future Alliance of the Union with the Greens or a “Jamaica”government with the Greens and the FDP. “I think that most of the constellations, which are practically and theoretically possible, always involve a large potential for conflict. And against the Background of the idea that we choose now, or we roll the dice and everything will be a great harmony, probably cannot be satisfied.”

fear that the Greens, the Union could actually pull of it, not, he had made a brink house. “We are confident that we will be as a people’s party, the center of which is a broad and wide layers of the population responsive, successful in the long term.” The party did not “make the mistake that we are guided on one side in one direction or the other,” but must take all parts of society.

Skeptical Brinkhaus said that Germany could be led as the largest and strongest country in Europe in case of a possible withdrawal of the SPD from the coalition over a longer period of time by a minority government of the Union. “A minority government is always dependent on at least one party outside of the minority government, the minority government will not tolerate,” said the leader and added: “Since the imagination, that is stable possible I’m missing right now is a little bit.”


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