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Brexit: May fears of the stock of great Britain (18.19 PM)Peggy: an appeal against the release (16.57 PM)gdańsk mayor dies after knife attack (14.58 hours), and a burglar taking a dump with sheets (12.21 PM)military machine in Iran, 13 Dead (12.04 PM)”Identitarian” pasting editorial building with posters (11.50)Bamberg: thieves drive car into jewelry store (11.39 PM)

hurt the news of The day:

+++ 22.06 PM: Two German policemen in attack in Kabul easily +++

Among the casualties of the car bomb attack in the Afghan capital, Kabul, two German police officers. A spokesman for the foreign office said in the evening, both officers had been injured “easily”. He thus confirmed a report of the “mirror”. The news magazine, according to the two men, a Federal police officer and a police officer wounded in North Rhine-Westphalia, due to flying shards of glass on the eye and the Hand. They had been at the time of the attack at dinner in the hard-to-secure building complex “Green Village”. The two police officers involved according to the report, in a training mission for Afghan police officers.

+++ 21.11 PM: According to the lawyer, R. Kelly wanted to bring alleged victim to Silence +++

US singer R. Kelly is supposed to have one of his alleged victims of abuse are threatened by the suit of the wife against him to avert, and to Silence them. The prominent lawyer Gloria Allred in New York, said. It currently represents three women who have accused Kelly of sexual or other forms of abuse. “He cannot and will not intimidate his alleged victims,” said Allred. Kelly has so far denied all allegations. “None of this is criminal,” said his attorney, Steven Greenberg last.

+++ 19.57 PM: “the delay scarf” for 7550 Euro auctions +++

What began as a viral Internet Hit, has now introduced quite a bit of money: A “delay scarf” has been auctioned in the net for 7550 Euro. The highest bid was delivered on an Internet platform in the evening. The 1.50-metre long scarf was knitted a Commuter from the vicinity of Munich, the delays of the Deutsche Bahn in the past year in color. Every day, the wife knitted two rows and in different colors: in less than 5 minutes late-grey, in 5 to 30 minutes pink, and in the case of a journey that was more than half an hour late, red wool.

+++ 19.06 PM: a woman of the Shutdown-Affected $ 100,000 in the lottery +++

win your husband is one of hundreds of thousands of US government officials, the lock currently get to because of the budget, no salary paid. And nevertheless, it has to make Carrie Walls from Ashburn the state of Virginia to the Livelihood of your family for the time being, no Worries – because she won last weekend in a lottery $ 100,000 (87,000 euros) and a car. “I cried. I couldn’t believe it,” said the 35-Year-old, according to the Virginia Lottery. A part of the profit wants to use the Walls for a vacation with your family in Disney World in the state of Florida. Her husband works for Fema.

+++ 18.21 PM: for Future U.S. attorney General Barr: special investigator, Mueller should be able to stop working +++

The designated U.S. attorney General Bill Barr has assured that he would not let the special investigator for the Russia affair, Robert Mueller, in his work end. He think it is “extremely important that the special investigator allows his investigation to complete,” said Barr in a prepared Statement for his Senate hearing this Tuesday and Wednesday. The 68-talking-Year-old, that Mueller’s published final report. According to his view, it is very important that the Public and the Congress would be informed of the results of the investigation. With his current statement Barr fears of the opposition Democrats are trying to dispel, he could be stalling on behalf of President Donald Trump, the Mueller investigation. Mueller examined in may 2017, the alleged Russian interference in favour of Trumps in the election campaign of 2016, and any agreements between the Trump Team and Moscow.

+++ 18.19 PM: May fears in a No-Brexit Deal, The British Prime Minister Theresa May has apart been warned break up of the United Kingdom +++

before a break-up of the United Kingdom in the event of leaving the EU without agreement. A so-called No-Deal-Brexit would strengthen the advocates of Scottish independence and the merger of Northern Ireland and Ireland, warned in May in a speech in Parliament. “That is certainly the actual threat to our Union,” said May. The head of government asked the deputies to give the Brussels agreements negotiated a second Chance. You must reckon on Tuesday with a crashing defeat, when Parliament votes on the evening of the exit agreement. About 100 members of their own group have spoken out against it.


British Prime Minister Theresa May in London’s Parliament: Before the Brexit vote, warns you of the Kingdom before a break-up of the United Kingdom.

©House Of Commons / PA Wire DPA +++ 16.57 at: office of the public Prosecutor appeals against the release, in the case of Peggy, a +++

The public Prosecutor of Bayreuth, has filed in the murder of Peggy complaint against the release of a 41-year-old suspect. In the opinion of the public Prosecutor’s office of the Bayreuth local court repealed arrest warrant had been issued to law, informed the investigating authority. There is an urgent suspicion against the accused person continues to exist. The district court had decided on Christmas eve that a revoked part of the confession of the Suspect could no longer be used and therefore the release is arranged. In contrast, the Prosecutor’s office according to the legal opinion of the district court on the recoverability of this portion of the confession is wrong. If the district court of the complaint, not to decide, the district court on the arrest warrant.

+++ 16.26 PM: car bomb explodes in the “Green village” in Kabul +++

In the case of a car bomb attack near a foreigners district of Kabul killed at least four people, and dozens have been injured. Currently, we know of 44 injured, including ten children, said a spokesman for the interior Ministry in the Afghan capital. Accordingly, the Explosion occurred in the afternoon near the “Green village” part of town, where mostly foreigners live. The schwer guarded quarters, in which, among other things, staff of the EU, the UN, or also of the German society for International cooperation (GIZ), was always the target of attacks. The Detonation was heard in many Parts of Kabul.

+++ 16.15: Drowned shelter condemned loser in Berlin – Two men to five years in prison +++

The process of the violent death of a homeless man in Berlin attended by multi-year prison sentences to the end. The Berlin regional court sentenced the two at the time also homeless defendants to five years imprisonment for assault resulting in death, as a court spokeswoman said. In addition, accommodation was arranged in a reformatory. The men, aged 32 and 40 years of age should have pulled last March after a dispute in a tent with two homeless people in a lake in hohenschönhausen. One of the men in the tent could not free himself and drowned, the second suffered minor injuries. The judgment is not yet final.

+++ 16.06 PM: 140 notes after attack on Bremen the AfD-politician Magnitz +++

After the attack on the AfD-politician Frank Magnitz in Bremen received by the investigators so far, 140 notes. If what were on the perpetrators, not to say a spokesman for the Prosecutor’s office. He expressed also as to whether there are new insights to the subject. The investigators had released on Friday a Video that shows the Robbery of the Bremer AfD-Chef and members of Parliament on Monday of last week. It shows how three men Magnitz track. One of them runs the politicians from behind and hits him, apparently, with the elbow to the head. This falls to the ground and strikes with the head. Magnitz was injured in the attack, heavy and spent two days in the hospital.

mysterious case Magnitz

police released Video of the attack on the AfD-politician

has given The kicks and punches during the attack on the Bremen AfD-Bundestag Frank Magnitz it never. An online accessible surveillance video shows what really happened.

dpa +++ 15.13 PM: Citigroup’s balance sheet is disappointing, in spite of billions in profit +++

The American Bank Citigroup has in the past year thanks to good business with corporate and private customers, operationally, something more deserving. Over the year, profit before tax rose by 3 percent to slightly more than 23 billion dollars (20 billion euros), as the Bank in New York, new York. The result was slightly weaker than experts had expected. The bottom line is a profit of $ 18 billion, after a decline of about 7 billion dollars in the year 2017. At that time, a load of a little more than $ 22 billion in connection with the tax reform of the US President, Donald Trump had arranged for the losses.

+++ 14.58 PM: gdańsk mayor after knife attack +++

Gdansk mayor Pawel Adamowicz died died of the consequences of a knife attack. The 53-Year-old died at the hospital confirmed his severe injuries, such as the Minister of health, Lukasz Szumowski in the Polish television TVN24. Until recently, Doctors of the gdańsk University hospital had fought for the life of the party mayor, after he had been stabbed on Sunday evening on the open stage at a fundraising event by an attacker with a knife. Adamowicz has been hurt to the heart, the diaphragm and the organs in the abdomen and have lost a lot of blood. The blade was according to the authorities nearly 15 inches long.

The public Prosecutor’s office are now investigating the murder. The offender, a 27-year-old gdańsk, had acted from base motives, – said the Deputy Prosecutor General Krzysztof Sierak. This could threaten even life imprisonment. Behind the fact, by Sunday evening, revenge is suspected. The man should have called, that he was innocent of imprisonment, it is said, citing eyewitnesses.

The man has a criminal record Polish according to the authorities already, and had done time for an armed Bank robbery series is already five and a half years in prison. According to reports, he had come only in December.


Gdansk mayor Pawel Adamowicz, 53, is the result of a knife attack

©Simon Krawczyk AFP +++ 14.45: Missing woman died after more than a year in a Garage +++

In his Garage in Bielefeld, a landlord has discovered a dead young woman. The body was hidden in a wooden box, police said. The property owners wanted to see last Friday, according to the Right, because he had not received any rent. As it turned out, is the tenant of the Garage since mid-November in pre-trial detention. The German was taken as a suspect in the case of his missing wife fixed, and I have yet to weigh in on the allegations. In the case of the corpse, it was the then-34-year-old wife, who is already missing for more than a year. According to the autopsy, she has been the victim of a violent crime.

+++ 13.46 at: child like in Spain in the 110-Meter-deep shaft to be +++

Spain fears for the life of a two year old, to be plunged when Playing in a 110-Meter-deep well shaft. Well over 100 members of the fire brigade, the police, the civil protection and other emergency services the night, searched about in a rural area of the municipality of Totalán in Málaga province, according to the boy. There is no news, informed of the accident emergency service today on Twitter. Whether Julen is still alive , is unknown.

The Small opening yesterday for lunch during a trip with his family to the countryside in the slot like that. A police spokesman said on request, while there is “no physical proof” that the child was actually in the hole. However assuming. The family informed, you have to listen to Julen in the Interior of the Bay wines. The older the game, the stones had comrades before the alleged fall, with which the Opening was obstructed, reported the TV channel RTVE relying on the parents.

+++ 13.29 PM: Pompeo: Saudi Arabia wants killer Khashoggis to account +++

Saudi Arabia has, according to US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo “affirms the resolution” to draw the killer of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi to account. Pompeo said after talks with king Salman and crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, both have acknowledged that “accountability needs to take place”. Saudi Arabia, like the US, but would work the facts.

“Our expectation is very clear,” said Pompeo. So all would have to, with the murder of the 2. October in Saudi Arab Konsulat be be associated associated in Istanbul, in front of the court. Since his first conversation with the responsible people in Saudi Arabia were chosen, insured Pompeo. In addition to the case, Khashoggi he was raised in Riyadh also questions of human rights, as well as the prosecution of the “Activists”.

+++ 12.46 PM: the United States and Saudi Arabia want to implement a ceasefire in the Yemen +++

The United States and Saudi Arabia insist that the UN-mediated ceasefire in Yemen to continue to implement. US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo and the Saudi crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman had spoken about a de-escalation and the implementation of the in Sweden, agreements regarding the Yemen conflict, informed the U.S. Embassy in Saudi Arabia. A comprehensive political solution is the only way to end the conflict, it said in a statement said the Embassy on Twitter.

+++ 12.35 p.m.: 14-year-old Palestinian dies after clashes on the border +++

Three days after new clashes between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian demonstrators on the border with the Gaza strip, a 14-year-old Palestinian succumbed to his injuries. As a spokesman of the Ministry of health announced in Gaza, had been injured by the Teenager on Friday to the East of the city of Dschabalia in the North of the Palestinian territory by the shots of the Israeli army. Today, he had died

+++ 12.21 PM: burglar come down with bed sheets over the facade in Frankfurt +++

With a torn bed sheet and has roped a burglar in the Hessian town of Frankfurt am Main on upper floors in a business. After the police arrived, the man tried to flee in the same way, but crashed and injured themselves badly, the officials said.

according to this, the 34-Year-old had entered the rooms with a balcony on the fifth floor in which a floor underlying business. The failed break-in occurred on Sunday evening in the shopping street, the Zeil in Frankfurt’s city centre. In the Store, the offender took money from a cash register, triggered a burglary alarm. As police officers surrounded the house, he wanted to sheets with the bed on the facade climb. In doing so, he plunged into the deep. He fell on a cart, on the cardboard was collected. This dampened the impact. He came with heavy injuries in a hospital. Against the alleged perpetrators from Maintal is now determined.

+++ 12.04 PM: 13 killed in crash of military plane in Iran +++

the plane accident in the Morning in Iran and 13 people are killed. A cargo aircraft of the air force Boeing 707 was lost to the North-West of Tehran, in the case of a forced landing off the runway and caught fire, as the Iranian military said. The cargo plane with a cargo of meat from the Kyrgyz capital, Bishkek, had to make an emergency landing at the airport Fath. The military machine was shot on the runway, and after the collision with a wall and caught fire. The cause of the accident will now be examined, said the army.

+++ 11.50 am: extreme Right-wing, glue the editorial offices and party headquarters with posters +++

The right-wing extremist so-called Identitarian movement has been the building of the editorial offices and parties with posters pasted. In Berlin, for example, the ARD-capital Studio, as well as the editorial offices were affected by the “daily newspaper”, such as employees confirmed. The “taz” newspaper informed that a member of staff have to hold the IB members by putting a poster on the building. Then she had been, and on the neck used Packed. An IB member was penetrated also into the building and have thrown leaflets. When the police arrived, the group was already gone. The aim of the poster campaign, the party headquarters of the SPD. According to media reports, the Greens were also affected. The “Frankfurter Rundschau” reported on Twitter, “Identitarian” would like to paste posters on the building in which the newspaper editorial rooms. They were from the police.


Identitarian movement

The new Right hip and völkisch

Ruben Rehage

The Berlin police reported on Twitter that the state security had taken up the investigation. This “of a concentrated politically motivated action”. In the case of “taz” will be determined for trespassing and grievous bodily harm. The Identitarian movement is well-known to the action and called in a on its website, published the Declaration of a nationwide crackdown against “left-wing extremism” and “left-wing violence”.

+++ 11.39 PM: thieves drive car into jewelry store in Bamberg’s pedestrian zone +++

an Unknown offender went into the night with a car in a jewelry store in the Bavarian town of Bamberg, and have virtually stolen the whole of the goods. The police spoke of a “considerable” damage and is searching for four men. The concrete value of the loot is still unclear, said a spokesman in Bayreuth. According to the officials, the perpetrator drove a car into the door of the shop in Bamberg’s pedestrian zone and broke almost all of the display cases. After that, they fled with the vehicle, which was later discovered abandoned in Bamberg. A large-scale manhunt involving a police helicopter was involved, was initially inconclusive.

In a stream in the neighboring municipality Strullendorf employees of the Water and shipping Board found in the Morning in addition, backpacks with tools and empty jewelry container. The criminal investigation and asking witnesses to report suspicious transactions to the various places.

+++ 11.29 PM: Turkey open to trump’s demand for “safety zone” in Syria +++

After violent threats by US President Donald Trump against Turkey, the Turkish is not emphasized foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu that his country is “intimidate”. At the same time, he was open to claims of Trumps after the establishment of a “security zone” in Syria. The Turkey was not “against” a safety zone, said Cavusoglu at a press conference with his Luxembourg colleague Jean Asselborn.

Trump yesterday had threatened via Twitter, the US would destroy “the Turkey economically, when they attacked the Kurds”. He also called for the establishment of a 30 kilometre-wide “security zone”. For more information on their location, he didn’t. The Kurds, he “exhorted at the same time, to provoke Ankara”.

+++ 11.02 PM: Nobel laureate loses honorary title because of racist statements +++

The US-American Nobel prize winner James Watson has lost because of racist remarks, the honorary title of his previous academic home. On Long Island, New York-based Cold Spring Harbor Laboratzory said in a communiqué that the 90-Year-old of the title of Emeritus Chancellor, the honorary Trustee and an Emeritus Professor title were revoked. The research institution rejected Watson’s recent remarks on ethnicity and genetics as “objectionable” and “scientifically untenable”.

According to a BBC report, Watson brought in a TV recording observations from the year 2007, that Black people are because of their genes less intelligent than whites. The had cost him at the time, his Post as Chancellor of Cold Springs gave birth to him at the time of all other tasks. Watson is regarded as one of the discoverers of the molecular structure of DNA-the carrier of genetic information of living organisms. In 1962, he received, together with Francis Crick and Maurice Wilkins the Nobel prize for medicine. According to the BBC, Watson, in April of 91, after a car accident is currently in a nursing home and takes his environment only to a very limited extent true.

+++ 10.43 PM: Egypt has 18-year-old German because of terrorist suspicion from +++

Egypt has deported an 18-Year-old pour out because of alleged Connections to Islamists. The state-controlled newspaper “Al-Ahram” published photos of the young man at the security check and at the Check-in at the Cairo airport. According to the report, a survey of the Egyptian authorities should have shown that the man believe in the ideology of the terrorist militia Islamic state. Accordingly, he Online have Connections to IS members, and had come to Egypt to terrorist elements in the North of the Sinai-to join Peninsula.

The 18-Year-old was seen since mid-December, initially as gone when he wanted to travel to Luxor in the North African country. Only last week the Foreign office had confirmed that the man is in the custody of the Egyptian authorities. Already in the last week, a 23-Year-old from Göttingen, which was shortly after Christmas has been at the port of entry at Cairo airport detained had been deported, with a similar justification.

+++ 10.20 PM: 16-Year-old in Austria was choking – suspect++

taken + A young woman whose body was found yesterday in Austria, choked to death according to the autopsy report. The 16-Year-old had apparently been strangled, said a police spokesman in the morning. The suspect’s Ex-boyfriend was taken in for the night in Vienna. Evidence from the population would have led to the quick arrest, it said. The Syrian asylum seekers, was today questioned for suspicion. The body of the girl was yesterday in Wiener Neustadt found. The lifeless body had been covered with leaves and Branches.

+++ 10.11 PM: a man Crossing the highway in Saxony-Anhalt +++

In Saxony killed-Anhalt is a man Crossing the highway 14 killed. The 49-Year-old parked his car last night on the resting place of three mountain height, and ran, apparently several times on the highway, the police announced in the Morning. He should significantly have drink and stood. Initially, he was striped according to the figures of the two cars and slightly injured. Then the man crossed the guard rails again. On the roadway in the direction of Magdeburg, he was collected by a truck and fatally injured. He died at the scene of the accident. The motorway was closed between Calbe and schönebeck several hours.

+++ 10.08 PM: Kramp-Karrenbauer defends re-employment with migration policy +++

The CDU Chairman Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer has defended its push to re-employment with the migration policy. It is not a case of “backward-looking debates” or, for that matter, to Excel in the “outrageous claims”, said Kramp-Karrenbauer speaking at a CDU conference in the ZDF-“morning magazine”. In a “Workshop” in February, the party wants to deal with the everyday life and practice in this area apart.

It should be checked, what also with a view to agreed changes to working and what is not, said the CDU Chairman. It was about what could be further improved. They believe that the citizens expected the same from the policy.

+++ 9.43 PM: the number of Germany tourists is increasing to new record +++

more and more tourists to spend their holidays in Germany. In the year 2018, the number of overnight Stays of domestic and foreign guests will expected to reach a new record level of around 477 million, according to the Federal Statistical office. Compared to the previous year, an increase of four percent. The preliminary result is based on data from January to November 2018, and the December results of the previous years. The lion’s share of the guests in Hotels, pensions and camping places in the first eleven months of the year, with around 366 million overnight Stays of guests from Germany – an increase of four percent compared to the same period last year. Even stronger, the number of Stays by foreign guests rose by five percent to 81.5 million. The German tourism Association (DTV) welcomed this development. “In Germany the quality and quantity of votes,” said DTV CEO Claudia Gilles. “Therefore, 2019 will be a good year for German tourism.” The month with the most overnight Stays was therefore the July. Will traveled but not only in the summer months, the Association said. Throughout the year, business trips, holidays, city trips or class trips, visitors in German travel resulted in goals.

+++ 9.21 PM: Confused bats in Australia people resort to: + + +

Because of the ongoing heat in Australia, bats attack people there in increasing. Authorities warn of further Bite and scratch attacks of the stressed animals, as the broadcaster ABC reported. In just the last two weeks there have been North of the metropolis of Sydney of seven attacks of bats. This is more than ever before in such a short period of time. In two animals the rabies pathogen similar to the Australian bat had been-Lyssavirus detected. It can be for people with life-threatening.

The heat wave lasts already since Christmas. The unusually hot weather with temperatures over 40 degrees Celsius was a burden for bats. Confused some of the animals from the trees fell and caught in power lines. People had been attacked while trying to help. To save bats in Need yourself, should you be called dear experts, wrote the Sender.

+++ 9.17 PM: Wolf near Hanover freight train run over +++

A freight train in the vicinity of Hanover, a Wolf being run over. The animal was captured on Saturday by the train and killed, informed the Federal police now. The carcass was found beside the railway track. The The Federal police recovered the dead animal together with a wolf, a consultant to the hunting community of Hanover. It should be investigated at the veterinary school. The Federal police pointed out that the dead should be wild animals in finding never touched.

+++ 9.10 p.m.: 22-Year-old after shots of a house in Iserlohn arrested +++

After shots from an apartment in North Rhine-Westphalia, Iserlohn, special forces police have arrested a 22-year-old man. In the night, a witness had seen someone shot on the street, the police announced. During the search of the apartment, the officers found a blank-firing pistol and ammunition as well as marijuana.

After the emergency call, a special operations command (SEK) had joined the police. The forces overwhelmed finally in the apartment, the 22-Year-old and a 27-year-old woman. The alleged shooter was taken into custody.

+++ 8.57 PM: Again gas explosion in a Russian apartment building – at least one Dead +++

In Russia has once again destroyed in a gas explosion parts of a residential building. In the case of the accident in the town of Shakhty in the South of the country, a woman came at least killed as the civil defense announced. Seven people were rescued from the destroyed apartments. In the case of four residents, the fate is still unclear, reported the Agency Interfax. Rescuers assume that people were buried alive in the rubble.

collapsed high-rescued house

After 35 hours from the rubble: a Baby is better


Only at the new year’s eve, a gas explosion in the city of Magnitogorsk in Siberia, a part of a large building to collapse. While 39 people had been killed.

+++ 8.15 PM: New Instagram record: Brown Egg is more popular than Kylie Jenner +++

A brown egg the Instagram has cracked the record of U.S.-Model Kylie Jenner (21). Until this morning the Egg had Like, more than 23 million “like”clicks. The record of Jenner with a photo of your newborn baby held previously, it had posted in February 2018 and more than 18 million people like. The unknown owner of the account “world_record_egg” (“a new world record-Egg”) had created the account until the beginning of January to achieve with the photo as many clicks as possible. “Let us together set a world record with the most gelikten entry on Instagram.”

The Online magazine, “Buzzfeed” was the new world record holder as the “Henrietta,” a chicken from the British province. “I realized the competition. It was nothing Personal,” said the user of the magazine upon written request.

+++ 8.06 PM: farmers despite drought aid to billion in damages +++

to sit, Despite the multi-million dollar drought assistance from the Federal government and the länder, the German farmers to remain on a billion damage. Farmers ‘ Association, President Joachim Rukwied said the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung”: “Even if we deduct the prospect of drought assistance in the amount of 340 million Euro, of approximately 2.5 billion euros in damages.” The affected companies were impacted over the next few years. “This summer, according to acts,” said Rukwied. More than 8000 companies accounted for according to the Association, an application for drought assistance in the provinces. This is also evidenced by the great Distress, said Rukwied.

+++ 7.38 PM: cargo aircraft in Iran, in residential area +++

In Iran, a cargo plane crashed apparently crashed. The machine with ten people on Board had crashed near the capital Tehran, in a residential area, reported the Iranian state television. The Boeing 707 is shot at landing on the runway, said a spokesman for the Iranian aviation authority, the broadcaster Irib.

As the news agencies Fars and Tasnim reported, came the meat-Laden military aircraft from Kyrgyzstan’s capital of Bishkek. The broadcaster Irib reported that the Pilot had controlled during the approach to the airport Fath in the province of Albors-East of Tehran the wrong runway. The plane then crashed into a house.

+++ 7.09 PM: China’s foreign trade, a +++

breaks in December, The customs dispute with the US and slower economic growth, the Chinese foreign trade at the end of the year. Exports fell in December in US Dollar terms compared to the previous year, to 4.4 percent, the government in Beijing. The imports declined by 7.6 per cent. Experts had expected a weak result, but in both the From and imports a Plus. Both values were also as bad as it has been for 2016.

+++ 6.50 PM: Because of the “shutdown”: Canadian flight donate Pizza for US-colleagues +++

pilots Because of the Government shutdown in Washington, you have seen for weeks, no salary, but receive a number of U.S. air traffic controllers at least a little support from North of the border. Canadian air traffic controllers would have bought for your colleagues in the United States in recent days, hundreds of pizzas, reported the canadian public broadcaster CBC. The US Controller thanked the Canadians, with whom you work with every day in Monitoring the North American airspace, for the “true proof of solidarity”.

armed border wall

“I’m going to Buy medications or food?” Government closure lock has a dramatic impact

By Marc Drewello

The budget in the USA was on 22. December started. The background of the “shutdown” is the dispute between President Donald Trump and the opposition Democrats over the President’s requested money for the construction of a wall on the southern border of the United States. How are the pizzas arrived to guide the hungry flight, not mentioned in the report.

+++ 5.42 PM: Second black box from the crashed Lion Air machine found +++

Two and a half months after the crash of a Boeing 737 MAX, the Indonesian airline Lion Air, the second black box has been found. Divers discovered the Cockpit voice recorder in the Morning, as a head of the AFP news Agency said. A few days after the crash of the passenger plane divers had already seen mountains, the flight data recorder. The two black boxes are in the elucidation of the cause of the plane crash of Central importance.

crash of the Boeing 737 Max

man against machine: The battle in the Cockpit of Lion Air

The Lion-Air machine was on 29. In October, shortly after the launch in Jakarta, into the sea plunged. All 189 occupants were killed. A preliminary investigation report revealed in November that the plane would have been due to serious technical defects startmay en. It had problems with the speed indicator and the AOA Sensors, which deliver data to, in which angle the Wind blows over the wing and how much lift a plane. On a crash, the investigators were not.

+++ 5.06 PM: Podolski reactions to ribéry’s Gold-Steak-to-extreme +++

football professional Lukas Podolski holds the Hype around the Gold-Steak affair of Franck Ribéry covered for. “Everyone should live his life the way he sees fit. If he gets something to eat, buy a car, or to change which club he – I don’t care,” said the 33-year-old Ex-national players in Gummersbach. “The Steak I have the same opinion. If the Steak is golden, or silver or bronze, which I actually don’t give a shit. I think he is not a different person when he skin a Gold-Steak or a kebab to eat.”

Podolski finds ribéry’s action was triggered in the previous week with his Post in the social media part of great indignation, “not so dramatic”. But also the reactions on the Internet, as well as the media coverage being excessive. “In Germany, this is extreme. If I, as Lukas Podolski is now a kebab to eat, they say: Bow, what a Horny guy! And if I were to smack me the next day, a Golden Steak, it is called: What in the world is this asshole?” The Frenchman insulted his critics in the network of evil, the Offensive player of Vissel not Kobe but a good one: “In retrospect, he also knows that he has responded, perhaps too early or too fast.”

+++ 2.53 PM: the refugees ‘ return on incentive programs in the home back +++

The number of refugees, the return on a funding programme of the Federal government on a voluntary basis in their home, apparently dropped in the last three years. From January until the end of November 2018 15.089 people would have taken the offer, reports the “Rheinische Post” citing the Federal office for Migration and refugees. Throughout the year 2017, the authority was one of therefore 29.522 voluntary returnees, 2016, there were even 54.006. “The – in comparison relatively high number of the authorized voluntary Departures in the year 2016 is to be paid in connection with the in this period of historically high access protection in Germany search for people to see,” said a spokeswoman for the Bamf of the “Rheinische Post”.

The Figures of the authority relate solely to the Federal government and the States offered programs for returnees. The travel costs will be borne by those wishing to Return and, depending on the case, a further travel allowance and start-up funds for the new life in the home country.

+++2.22 PM: Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia fails in the Playoff quarter-finals, + + +

missed The Philadelphia Eagles from the US Football League NFL have the indent in the Playoff semi-finals. The defending Champions failed in the quarter-finals of the New Orleans Saints with 14:20 (14:10). Eagles Quarterback Nick Foles will be the Team with two Touchdowns (Pass, run) in the first quarter with a 14:0 lead, in the connection, only scored in the hosts.

New Orleans Quarterback Drew Brees impressed with the 301 Pass Yards, two Touchdowns and an Interception in the NFC Divisional game. For the decision in favor of the Saints players Marshon Lattimore, who was able to just capture two minutes before the end of the game, his second Interception ensured the defensive. Super Bowl Hero Foles finished the game with 201 Pass Yards, a Touchdown and two Interceptions. In the final of the NFC, the number one seeded Saints to receive this coming Sunday, the Los Angeles Rams.

+++ 0.54 at: Trump Turkey threatens with economic destruction +++

Donald Trump has in case of Turkey’s attack on Kurdish forces in Northern Syria prior to the “economic destruction,” warned. The Turkey will be destroyed, “economically”, if you are attacking the Kurds, wrote to the US President on Twitter. “At the same time I don’t want the Kurds are provoking Turkey,” he added in another message. Trump spoke also of the creation of a safety zone of 32 kilometres, but closer.

with the U.S. allied Kurds in Northern Syria fear after the withdrawal of US troops from the country, an attack of Turkey. Ankara sees Kurdish fighters as terrorists and the extended Arm of the Turkey’s outlawed Kurdish workers ‘ party PKK. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had declared on Tuesday that it will very soon come to action, “to neutralize these terrorist organizations on Syrian soil”.

+++ 0.14 PM: Weber criticized the AfD as the “German Brexit-party” +++

the leading candidate of The European people’s party for the European elections in may, Manfred Weber, has warned of a rise of the AfD. “With the AfD, we would get in Germany, too, by British standards. This is the German Brexit-party”,-said Deputy Chairman of the CSU in the “Bild-Zeitung”. The AfD yesterday had decided on their European election meeting in the Saxon town of Riesa your program for the European elections. The party of Germany does not consider withdrawal from the EU inevitable, and if this changes in the foreseeable future radically. In the slogan of the “Dexit was provided” as a possibility already after one term.

The impending withdrawal of Britain Weber described as a “tragedy” and added: “such A standoff, such a self-induced mess I have experienced in my political career. If you want to know what happens, if one follows the populists and nationalists who finds the answer to the Brexit.”

mad / fs / DPA / AFP

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