The British Brexit-Minister Stephen Barclay has called on the European Union, and, finally, Changes to the agreement to exit the EU admit of his country.

The “political realities” have changed since the European elections last may, wrote Barclay in the “Mail on Sunday”. More than half of the members of Parliament, newly concluded in the European Parliament. Therefore, the European Union should now allow your for the Brexit negotiations, the competent chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, to change the with of the former Prime Minister Theresa May negotiated Deal.

The Brussels rejects strictly. Was possible to complement the planned political Declaration on the future of relations between the international community and the United Kingdom, it is called there.

Mays successor to Boris Johnson wants the United Kingdom on the 31. October, from the EU – if necessary even without a Deal. This should make the economy and many other areas of life hard. This is also true for many schools, such as the “Guardian” quoted from a confidential paper of the Ministry of education. The consequences of a No Deals ranged from cuts in school Lunches to the failure of the teaching. In the worst case, would have to be closed schools in some border regions temporarily. The newspaper, a confidential document of the Ministry of education is according to their own information.

Meanwhile, Johnson announced that an additional one-time cash injection in the amount of 1.8 billion British pounds (nearly two billion euros) for hospitals. The clinics are to buy new devices. He wanted to keep his election promise and the National health service (NHS) more support, Johnson wrote in the “Sunday Times”. The opposition Labour party criticized immediately, that such an injection of cash could not make the long cuts of betting. The NHS is ailing and completely overloaded.

U.S. President Donald Trump wants to finish according to Reports, a trade agreement with Britain after a Brexit only if London stops its planned digital expensive for Tech giants. Talks were already on different levels, reported on Saturday the British newspaper “The Telegraph” without a clear source.

The new tax will hit U.S. Internet companies such as Google and Facebook. It is to be introduced from April 2020. The former Finance Minister Philip Hammond had announced.

The Ministry of Commerce announced on Saturday in London: “The Prime Minister and the President have repeatedly expressed their commitment to create an ambitious free trade agreement between the United Kingdom and the United States, and the negotiations as soon as possible after the exit from the EU, last in their conference call last week.” With a working group for trade and investment had already been the Foundation stone laid, the report says. “We are now preparing to resume negotiations as soon as possible.”

France had recently introduced a digital tax, after a solution at European level had failed. The tax is aimed at large, international Internet companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple. Many of the companies affected have their headquarters in the United States. Trump described the decision as foolishness and threatens France with counter-measures.

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