the fate of the week for the Brexit and Theresa May: British MPs want to debate on Monday evening about the further course of action in the stalled Brexit-armed.

twice the interim Prime Minister, Theresa May and the Brussels agreement negotiated with the EU-exit in the lower house. Maybe it will give on Tuesday a new start. A majority for the Deal this Time, too, is not, according to Finance Minister Philip Hammond.

May had tried by letter, pressure on their members to exercise. In it, she threatened to let the third vote to fail, if not enough support is a risk. Then Britain had to ask in Brussels for a further postponement, which would mean a participation in the European elections.

The EU had the UK, a shift in the Brexits to 22. May be offered if the consents under the house now the exit contract. Otherwise, the extension applies only to the 12. April. In the case of London to say before this date, how to go on.

on Sunday afternoon, May met to common Brexit talks with Deputy Prime Minister, David Lidington, Minister for the environment, Michael Gove and Brexit-hard-liners like Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg. The results of the talks, a government spokesman said in the evening.

British media reported at the weekend that May could soon be forced by her Cabinet to resign. As a possible successor Lidington and Gove are in the conversation, it said. Downing Street described the reports as speculation.

The parliamentarians have in the Brexit debate on Monday, the possibility of Amendments to the draft resolution. You can pretend the government is a the direction of. Binding, this decision would not be but. However, it is likely that a renewed attempt is made to wrest from the government the control over the parliamentary calendar. Then the deputies could bring about by legislation a legally-binding decisions.

May-Faithful could try to use the vote late in the evening, a decision of the President of Parliament, John Bercow, after which the Brexit agreement may not be made without substantial Changes to the vote again. Bercow had to rely on a 415-year-old rule.

For Wednesday or Thursday. in the Parliament the decision on the deletion of 29 March will be recognized as the withdrawal date.