The possible displacement of the Brexits busy today with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the other EU heads of state and government at their summit in Brussels. Actually, the EU is to exit the UK on the 29. March will be completed, so in just over a week.

The British Prime Minister Theresa May is seeking an extension of the withdrawal period of up to 30. June. The rest of the 27 EU States would have to approve this unanimously.

EU-great-grandson, Donald Tusk, holds a “short shift” is possible – but only under the condition that the British house of Commons contract Outlet approves of the already twice rejected EU yet. May has announced that the contract package to the members again. Against their desire to date the EU Commission has, however, concerns: Should the UK at the Start of the European election from 23. May still be a member, it would have to participate in the election. May refuses.

The Brexit crisis overshadowed the EU spring summit, to quite other topics. A Central point should be on Thursday evening, a debate about the future relationship of the European Union to China. In addition, the strengthening of the internal market, Innovation, climate protection and the fight against false information before the European elections on the Agenda.