The EU seeks to accommodate London in the Brexit-the dispute over the so-called Backstop for Ireland.

“We know that in great Britain there is mistrust, the Backstop could be a trap in which the British are tied to the EU,” said EU chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, the “world”. “We are ready to give additional guarantees, insurance, and clarification that the Backstop should only be temporary.”

The Backstop is the European Union demanded the guarantee for an open border between the EU-state of Ireland and British Northern Ireland. Until another solution is found, the whole of the UK is in a customs Union with the EU. Critics fear but a permanent and close bond to the community.

The EU will, however, allow no time limit or a single-sided exit right of the British. Barnier said: “What it can give, is the promise of a limitation of the Backstops of an agreement on the future relationship. And this is in the Form of an interpretive document.”

The British Parliament is to the 12. March on the withdrawal of the contract vote, it is the middle of January, had to be rejected. Prime Minister Theresa May recently said, she was about to get concessions from Brussels. After that, the had determined the lower house May, in the case of rejection of the Treaty and No Deal is also the Option of a Brexit-shift to the vote.

Barnier reiterated that the member States of the EU are open to an extension of the Brexit period, albeit with conditions. The States wanted to know what the displacement should be good. The EU chief negotiators confirmed that an extension of the Brexit-the deadline had to be decided by the European Council, acting unanimously. “So this would have to be, if, after the 14. March, such a request comes, the next EU Council on 21. March to be decided.”

Meanwhile grows in the Brexit-the dispute of the pressure on the British transport Minister, Chris Grayling to resign. Critics such as the opposition Labour party to accuse him, to turn billions in taxpayers ‘ money. So his Ministry awarded a contract for a ferry service in the event of a No Deal on the English channel to a company that has no ships. High payments in the context of an out-of-court agreement to the operator of the Eurotunnel, the feel at a disadvantage. In social networks there are dozens of jokes about the Minister, (#failing grayling).

An unregulated Brexit would hit the economy and many other areas of life. Also, Europe’s largest low-cost airline Ryanair is the Provision of: spare parts from the English to be centrally distributed storage on other EU sites, said the chief of the maintenance division, Ryanair Engineering, Karsten mill field, the German press Agency. The Run of spare parts could be difficult if there is a No Deal – for example, due to customs restrictions.

Ryanair is not the first group, the fear with the Brexit consequences for the complex processes in the air travel. The aerospace and defense group Airbus threatened with the closure of factories.