The European Union and Britain are considering a further shift of the Brexits in order to avoid a chaotic break in a week. The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, asked in a Letter to EU-great-grandson, Donald Tusk, to a postponement of up to 30. June. Tusk self-advocates, however, according to EU officials for a flexible extension of the outlet open for a period of up to twelve months. The decision is expected to fall on Wednesday at a special EU summit.

A high hurdle for the postponement of the elections to the European Parliament, 23. to 26. May. The UK would still be a member of the EU, it would have to allow members to choose. The now provided for Brexit-date 12. April is the last day of the UK election in the country could be convened.

Theresa May plans, prior to the European elections-EU

to withdraw After Tusk’s proposal, the UK would have to participate in the election. May promoted a different way: your country would be to prepare a European election, but try to before the first election day on 23. May a ratified the outlet to withdraw the agreement from the EU. In the case of great Britain would cancel the European elections, wrote to May on Tusk.


to exit the EU

The last hurrah: Theresa Mays new Please to Brexit-delay can not be accepted from the Chaos

By Michael Streck

the UK – and the EU – are stuck deep in the Brexit crisis, because the British outlet under the house the of May with Brussels negotiated the contract yet. After three times of Fail, in Parliament, May has taken up just this week, negotiations with the leader of the opposition, Jeremy Corbyn about a bipartisan consensus. Out of nothing came but Tangible.

The Brexit special summit on Wednesday, the rest of the 27 EU States would have to approve an extension unanimously. There are up to 12. April is not a solution and not an extension, would leave the United Kingdom on this day, unregulated from the EU – with far-reaching negative consequences for the economy and the citizens. German Chancellor Angela Merkel had reaffirmed on Thursday during a visit to Ireland, you’ll try to at least everything to avoid this.

Tusk strikes twelve-month extension before

May wrote to Tusk, it was frustrating that the process has not yet come to a “successful and orderly completion”. The talks with the Opposition should not lead to a solution, want May hold a further round of voting in Parliament on the “clear options”. The result will keep the government, if the Opposition do that.


Drama in order to exit the EU

“gambling”, “ordeal”, “high-wire act”: the press has to say about may’s planned Brexit-delay


Tusk wanted to EU, according to EU officials its proposal for a twelve-month extension on Friday of the 27 remaining States. The Ambassador wanted to advise in the early afternoon. If all States agree, a shift – and if so, how long – was open in the first place. Several diplomats said the dpa in Brussels, it is still too early to assess. Also, the EU has no interest in a No-Deal-Brexit in a few days.

Strong financial injection of the EU ungeordnetem Brexit

The German taxpayers would have an unfair Brexit apply in the short term, a cash injection of Hundreds of millions of euros to the European Union. EU budget Commissioner Günther Oettinger told the German press Agency, “less than half a billion euros” would have to Germany this year, in addition, if the UK leaves without a contract from the EU and no EU pays contributions. The sum, however, is comparatively small, said Oettinger. “That is acceptable.”

in 2019, would create a No-Deal-Leaving a financial hole of the net four to five billion euros, said the CDU politician. 2020, there would be twelve billion, which should be covered by savings and the other half through additional contributions. Even then, Germany would have to make up for the so.