The assassin of Christchurch, has tried to justify the attack on two mosques, with 50 deaths in his hatred Manifesto “The Great Replacement” (The great exchange). Thus, Brenton T. already referred in the title to a right-wing conspiracy theory, the should be replaced, according to the population of Europe by immigrants. The origins of this idea lie in Nazi circles after the Second world war.

unlike today, not the Muslims, but the Jews were at that time. After 1945, developed extreme Right-wing the idea that Europe by African immigrants, “” colonized should be. As the mastermind behind the alleged plans, you saw an alleged Jewish conspiracy, as the historian Nicolas Lebourg explained in an article for the French Online newspaper “Médiapart”.

Waffen-SS-the people’s common verschöwrung theory

“From 1946, alleged former soldiers of the Waffen-SS, that the whole of Europe, of ‘Negroes’ (American soldiers) and ‘Mongol’ (Russian soldiers) was occupied, and that the continent had to be freed by a ‘popular resistance movement’ of the ‘crew'” said Lebourg.

assassin from new Zealand

“I’m a Monster who wants to force. I just need a target”


At the international level, a Frenchman of the theory of reputation: the former Trotskyist and member of the Waffen-SS, René Binet helped. He was also of the view that the Jews were behind the planned “great exchange” of the European population.

This anti-Semitic orientation of the theory changed after the September 11 attacks. September 2001 in the United States, such as Lebourg, explains more. Since then, I have developed the theory of a “mobilizing myth for racism and Islamophobia”.

Instead of the Jews according to him, the extreme Right is now the “multi-culturalism” for the alleged “Umvolkung” responsible. The aim is therefore to replace the “white and Christian” people of Europe by Muslims””.

Christchurch-Terrorist wrote of the “great exchange”

The assassin T. used in his 74-page hate-font this updated idea from the “great exchange”. He referred to an alleged “white genocide”, a formulation used according to the Lebourg for 40 years of extreme right-wing groups in the English-speaking world. It is a Synonym for the “great exchange”.

attacks on mosques

The mass murderer of Christchurch and his perverse Pamphlet

A racist in new Zealand at least 49 people shot. In a Pamphlet, he explained his Motivation and crude view of the world. What one learns on the 74 pages about the mass murderer and what he thinks about Angela Merkel.

such ideas are at the core of conspiracy theories, as the historian Valérie Igounet argues in a study for the linsgerichtete Jean-Jaurès Foundation. Therefore, the supporters of the theory hold the “exchange” for “aware of the ‘representatives of the global Elite’ organized”.

The French writer Renaud Camus to handle these conspiracy theory in his 2001 published book “Le grand remplacement” (The great exchange). It says: “France is about to come under Muslim rule.” By contrast, Camus advises, among other things, to strengthen the French nationality law to prohibit family reunification and social benefits only to the Europeans to pay off. After the deadly attack of the Friday Camus showed a small voice. He described the attacks as “terrorist, horrific, criminal, devastating, and very stupid.”

In Germany is widely used, among other things, the right-wing extremist and from the protection of the Constitution as a suspected case is classified Identitarian movement, the theory of the “great exchange”. Also, AfD leader Alexander Gauland said the same. So he 2017, said: “The population exchange in Germany is running at full speed.” The xenophobic Pegida Alliance is also with the ideology of community, and fears of an “Islamization” of Europe.

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