Brandenburg decided as the first state, a law, according to which all the parties for the parliamentary election, the same number of women and men as candidates.

The state Parliament in Potsdam, approved the Amendment of the electoral law with the votes of the ruling SPD-Left coalition and the Greens. The parties are obliged to nominate before the Parliament elections, the same number of women and men in your country lists. Remain the exception, however, direct candidates in the constituencies. Currently, the proportion of parliamentarians is on the inside in the state at just 39 percent.

The opposition factions of the CDU and the AfD voted against it. You think it is unconstitutional, because it encroaches on inadmissible in the right to vote. The scheme should only occur in the summer of 2020, and thus according to the Brandenburg state election in the autumn.

The CDU-interior expert Björn Lakenmacher had warned during the debate in the interior Committee before a possible crisis of the state, because there is against the rules considerable constitutional concerns. “If, after the entry into force of new elections would be necessary, and the constitutional courts have not yet finally decided we would have a veritable state of crisis,” he had warned. In contrast, the fractions of the SPD and the Greens had argued that equality between women and men is a right granted by the Constitution.

The statutory scheme is based on a design of the Greens, the SPD and the Left had changed. The AfD had in the past year, a report by the parliamentary Advisory service for the Initiative of the Green make. This identified the project as incompatible with the basic law.

The SPD in the state Parliament does not write on your Homepage, it is only a question that women get half of the state mandates. “It is important that the needs, interests and expectations of women to be represented on an equal footing.” The state legislature should go forward with a positive example. The SPD in the list of sites in the Federal government and the countries now on full parity.

The CDU parliamentary group submitted a bill for the more chance of justice, which calls on the parties to take account of women and men as equal. Assistance to childcare or changing meeting times to enable more women to volunteer in local parliaments. This bill was referred by Parliament to the consultation in the Committee on internal Affairs.

The Brandenburg pirates and the youth organization of the Brandenburg liberals have announced constitutional complaints against the law. The pirates are not represented in the Parliament – see a violation of article 12 of the Constitution, to equality and to a massive infringement of the principle of the freedom of Organisation of the parties.

At the Federal level, had demanded, among other things, Minister of justice Katarina Barley, and Minister for women’s Affairs Franziska Giffey (both SPD), a greater representation of women in the Bundestag to impose. In France, there is already since the year 2000, a Parité law.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) is also a higher proportion of women in parliaments. The subjects are “a fundamental issue of our democracy,” she had said in mid-November at a ceremony for the introduction of women’s suffrage 100 years ago. The Bundestag was a women’s quota of 30 percent in this legislature, “no glory,” said the Chancellor. The policy must be exactly the same as in economy, administration, science and culture: “The quotas were important, but the goal should be parity.”

The CDU Chairman Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer said, your party must make “your homework”. Further, you said in a Thursday in Parts of the pre-release interview with the magazine “Emma” (release date 28. February): “I’m definitely sure that in the context of electoral reform, the question of women’s representation according to their share in the population is discussed.”