After the violent death of a seven-year-old in Basel, the investigators have doubts as to the Culpability of the alleged offender. The 75-year-old Swiss rider, who had placed themselves, will now be examined psychiatrically, informed the public Prosecutor’s office on Friday in Basel. According to the investigation, the woman knew neither their victim nor their family.

The little Boy had been attacked on Thursday afternoon on the way home from school. He had been injured with a knife and suffered serious stab injuries on the neck, said the Prosecutor’s office. Passers-by and a teacher at his school, which had been on the bike over, had found the seven-year-old in a pool of blood and the ambulance was alerted. Reanimation attempts and emergency surgery at the children’s hospital could not save the life of the child.

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The case was “terrible, absolutely serious,” quoted the “BZ Basel,” the spokesman for the Basel Prosecutor’s office, Peter Gill. “The boy was seriously injured on the pavement, as his class teacher on the Bicycle is over and the child has discovered.” The ambulance had attempted, together with the paramedics over an extended period of time, to resuscitate the child. In the hospital the Boy had been emergency surgery then, but a little later of his injuries died.

Swiss border city of Basel

Little Boy stabbed on way to school – a 75-Year-old poses

The Basel police immediately launched an investigation, said Gill. “Passers-by had observed an elderly woman who has been away from the scene of the crime”. The search for the alleged perpetrator had just run right when I put the 75-Year-old.

The Swiss “Blick” reports, citing the Kosovo TV station “Klan Kosova”, when the victim was a boy with Kosovar roots. His family comes from the village of Lipjan. The Swiss news site “20 minutes” says the Young have roots in Kosovo, such as “multiple sources” had said.

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