Fernando Onega is a seasoned television journalist, and has seen a lot. But he fights in a live broadcast with the tears. The desperate search for a two-year-old, to be plunged when Playing in a more than 100 meters deep and very narrow well shaft, in the whole of Spain compassion. Although rescue teams for Sunday lunch at the accident in Totalán in Málaga province, even at night, constantly active, also on Tuesday, after more than 48 hours, no sign of life from the small Julen. There is no news, informed of the accident emergency service. Whether the child was still alive, remained unknown.

The police had admitted on Monday that they had “no physical proof” that the child was actually in the hole. On the basis of the information provided by the parents hear the child in the shaft would have to cry, to clasp but other ways – for example, that he was out climbed and got lost – for the time being.

100 companies offered their help to

The cheerful family trip to the countryside, a picnic with a lot of Paella, and was finished on Sunday in the hilly forest area, suddenly a desperate scream. An aunt had seen the fall from some distance, and loudly called for help, reported the newspaper “La Vanguardia”, and other media. The Small is supposed to have fallen while Playing with other children in the open slot. The rescue work is complicated by the fact that the shaft has a diameter of only about 25 to 30 centimeters.

rescue in Spain

helpers fear for two years in the 110-Meter-deep shaft – you want a Tunnel to the child dig


The sympathy of the Spaniards is great. Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez had called on Sunday to the hope not to give up. Courage to the languages of the family, also many other personalities of the public life. Queen Letizia, herself a mother of two daughters, asked on Tuesday to the opportunities of the Small. More than 100 companies, among other things, in the construction sector and help offered. The Madrid Ministry of the interior pledged “all means”. The Church is invited to pray the Little. Also people the family knew, howled in front of TV cameras uncontrollably. “All are shocked and anxious,” said the 71-year-old Onega.

The parents of Julen, the unemployed, the market seller José and the fast-food operation in Victoria, had been already taken in may of 2017, the fate of hart. In the case of a walk on the beach of older brother Oliver (3) died Julens of a heart failure. José and Victoria wanted to the accident, not for one Minute leave. The neighbors of the family in a poor Malaga suburb of El Palo are also not comforting. “The Little one was here with his green tricycle up and down the road. I have no words,” said an elderly woman, weeping.

The helpers will want to penetrated a Tunnel digging

With a robot camera man was on Monday to a depth of nearly 80 meters. There they had discovered a bag of candy that Julen had. Because earth have dissolved, the plug of the shaft, come with the camera so far, but no further forward, informed the rescue teams. The shaft had only been a couple of weeks ago in search of water is dug, a total of 107 metres deep, it said. This corresponds approximately to the height of a 30-storey building.

family heard like the child cry

In the 110-Meter-deep shaft? Spaniards in the care of two-year-old boy


the search close to the 352-Meter-high hill, Cerro de la Corona, about 15 kilometres North-East of the coastal city of Málaga, more than 100 members of the fire brigade, the police, the civil protection and other emergency services involved. Also, experts from companies and universities were consulted. On Tuesday, moreover, experienced miners of the Northern coal Region of Asturias were called to help. Were used in the larger vehicles, hard-to-reach area of the various machines.

rescuers hope to find a bubble of air

to build at First had considered, after the removal of the dislodged earth and the strengthening of the inner walls of the shaft, a hole parallel to the shaft. On Tuesday, it was decided, however, the slope of the terrain to take advantage of a slope from a horizontal, approximately 50 to 80 meters long Tunnel to dig, which should lead directly to the end of the well shaft. Then if you want to use again the robot camera, to find Julen. “This is the safest and fastest way,” said the Deputy delegate of the government in Andalusia, María Gámez.

An expert said on TV, the construction of such a tunnel will take two to three days, and only if no problems have appeared. The Spaniards hope that the child can survive thanks to an air bubble for longer. “With every Minute that passes, wane but the hopes,” commented the newspaper “ABC”.

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