The brutal attack should only have a few seconds lasted – the victim will forget you but never in life: Suddenly and apparently without any reason tract numbered two holidaymakers from Germany to Mallorca, a bouncer, according to the statements of witnesses with fists and feet. As other employees and guests of the interventions, were the badass bat of him. The victim was seriously injured. The young men at the age of 21 and 22 years of sitting since Monday evening on the Spanish island of behind bars.

According to police, is suspected to be a “racial Background”. As the regional newspaper “Diario de Mallorca” and “Última Hora” reported, citing the Majorcan authorities, investigators found on the phone of one of the two Suspects, images of swastikas and extreme right-wing and violent force of the Ku-Klux-clan. The competent judge had ordered after the hearing on remand, said a judicial spokesman.

The victim was in the meantime, without awareness

The attack occurred on Saturday at 21.30 clock in front of a cult locally on the “ball man”, a beer garden with an open air disco. Apparently, out of Nothing, the two Suspects should be left to the bouncer and him with punches and kicks have been maltreated. According to the data of employees and visitors of the premises, the 44-year-old Senegalese was even temporarily unconscious, bled profusely and was unable to move his legs.

dream bays

This is Mallorcas most beautiful beaches away from the mass tourism

Other employees and guests of the restaurant at the ham street rushed to the victim according to the Reports quickly to help. “Otherwise it might have a tragedy,” said an employee of the German press Agency on the phone. The two attackers were detained until the Arrival of the police. The victim had severe injuries and was in surgery on Monday in hospital Son Espases in Palma, media reported. A judiciary spokesman announced, accused the two Suspects of serious bodily injury. Your identity and where you come from Germany, it was not communicated.

residents and visitors to Mallorca are horrified

In Majorca indignation made itself, meanwhile, quickly wide, especially among the German residents of, and visitors to the island. Shortly after the attack, a German eyewitness said to a Reporter of the “Última Hora”: “These people do not represent our country.” There were Hooligans and neo-Nazis, especially young people and football fans, who “were only on the rampage” from. A Fund of the police confirms this Thesis: In the pockets of the detainees mouth and dental guards had been discovered, which would be used in the martial arts, according to a spokesman.

The attack is likely to be water on the mills of the opponent of the masses – and Drink-tourism, wanted to protest on Tuesday evening on the island, especially against the increasing cruise tourism. And it is not good news for the person in charge of the tourism sector. “Such tourists don’t want to we have here,” said a man who operates in the vicinity of the crime scene, a small Shop, the German press Agency.

“Ultima Hora”, the best-selling newspaper in the Balearic Islands, emphasised would have called that German visitors of the restaurant insulted on Saturday the attackers and “Nazis out!”. You know that not all Germans were like the perpetrators, said the shop owner.

neo-Nazis, there is always Trouble on the ball man

On the island of bad memories of the summer of 2017 will, however, inevitably guard. Neo-Nazis from Germany were two years ago, a lot of Trouble, especially on the ball man.

extra-large stir an uproar in the cult attracted local “beer king”, as a group of some 15 neo-Nazis there is a Reich war flag of foreigners out of dawns, “!” chanted, women molested, and a dark-skinned man anpöbelte. There were also fights among the Germans, and between Germans and African street vendors. Guests of the hotel complained that the Germans had heard of the Pool, right-wing songs.


Again the Trouble with neo-Nazis in Majorca: this Time, you scare the hotel guests

“neo-Nazi tourists on the Playa to the street image,” said by 2017 a need-to-know: Francisco Marin, the longtime head of the hotelier Association of the Playa. The police go to the beach area much too lax against the troublemakers, he complained at the time. He spoke of “Chaos”. Last year Marin had finally enough. He gave up his Post after 15 years, because he had the “negligence of the authorities,” fed. And still you see them everywhere: The with Nazi symbols tattooed German, the the beach promenade of the Playa along often cheer and drunk.

The attack Saturday arouses new Fears – even before the summer has properly started.

Emilio Rappold / DPA

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