The University of tübingen’s mayor Boris Palmer wants to reconcile with the Greens, and to comment on the future of rare refugee issues.

“I want to help with my party back to a better ratio. I have performed for 2019, the topic of Migration aside,” said the 46-Year-old the editors ‘ network Germany (RND) (Monday). Palmer, who had published a book with the title “We can’t help everyone”, for a Long time with his positions on refugee policy for controversy, even within his own party.

Also announced Palmer, on Facebook, in the future, more on his critics. “You can’t pop people the facts simply before the head. It is necessary to create a framework in which you are willing to look facts in view,” he said.

Palmer and the “mirror”Journalist Hasnain Kazim had exchanged a week of their Facebook Profiles and on the side of the other’s posted. You wanted to find out how a supposedly like-minded Facebook-reacted following, when confronted with a different opinion. Palmer, it was worth the Experiment “very”, and how different reactions in the respective environment fail.

Palmer had described in a Post a fight of asylum seekers at the tübingen train station – while the shared on his own page, more than 10,000 users, was the in the exchange Experiment on Kazims page only 23 Times. “The people on Kazims page perceive such information as being uncomfortable,” Palmer said on Monday. The people would have desired, often one end of the Exchange. “This shows how much Facebook feel transported only with the own opinion deal,” said Palmer.