Boris Palmer knew what he was doing: “The Shitstorm is not to be avoided,” added the University of tübingen’s Lord mayor from the Green to his Facebook entry in which he commented on an ad of the web is critical. His comment was a promotional photo, which, among other things, the black TV chef Nelson Müller and the ethnic-Turkish TV presenter Nazan Eckes. With the words: “What kind of society the map?” said Palmer, the selection of the Celebrity – and sparked in and outside of his party outrage. That’s not happened for the first Time.

Many of the Green politicians Palmer feel just as embarrassing. Although the two Green wanted-Chefs Anna Lena Baerbock, and Robert Habeck to Express a Part to Palmer’s latest provocation. However, the national Director of the Michael waiter went to clear at a distance from the tübingen-based WHETHER and praised, in that the path is “promoting diversity”. Even more so, the former Green Deputy Özcan Mutlu. He threw with a view to the AfD in the case of Twitter, the question: “Why is this unspeakable type can’t just go to the place where his real political home is?”


stone of stumbling: The advertising campaign of Deutsche Bahn

©Deutsche Bahn, DPA, Boris Palmer makes Facebook-break

From the right-wing populist AfD, the 46-year-old mayor, since 2007, in the office, because even prompt received: “I share the criticism of Boris Palmer on the advertising of the Deutsche Bahn”, exulted the AfD-party leader Alexander Gauland. Palmer himself not to put his critics at least, to Express themselves in social networks, for the time being. “I post from zero at up to the local elections, nothing on Facebook,” he promised in the “Stuttgarter Zeitung” and the “Stuttgarter Nachrichten”. He’s actually up to the ballot on the 26. May is silent, is not clear, but for a long time. Palmer manifests itself namely by Interview.

Many of his party friends irritates Palmer for years until the blood – for example, when he kept German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) at the peak of the refugee crisis: “We can’t do this.” Prior to the Bundestag election in 2017, he came up with the Thesis that Afghanistan is not more dangerous than Brazil, and suggested the conclusion that the refugees safely in the crisis-ridden country-of-origin could be deported.

Tübingen Lord mayor

Different skin colors – Green politician Boris Palmer is outraged by the railway advertising

By Annette Berger, a complaint for assault against Palmer

at the Time, Palmer presented also idiosyncratic theories about the living in Germany refugees: “punctuality, discipline, and acceptance of hierarchies is very pronounced in the case of the people, because they have not learned it, wherever they come from.” And “idle young men”, he shouted, that he “saw increasingly as a Problem in public space and the crime statistics”.

Palmer is up there funny – and not just in a figurative sense. In the past year, he delivered on the street in Tübingen in an aggressive confrontation with a student, the person wanted to control alien he is, because he saw himself as the head of the local police authority the right, and a penalty was due to coercion. And he complained very bitterly about after all, from the Green mitregierte Berlin: “When I get there, I always think: be careful, you leave the functioning part of Germany.” He will come “with this mix of crime, drug trafficking, and abject poverty on the road is not clear,” said Palmer. His conclusion: “I don’t want these conditions in Tübingen.”

to respond While there are many Green politicians are now tired of constantly being on the provocations of the idiosyncratic local politician, and hopes of so many, that he returns the party to the back: “no one is stopping you,” said Özcan Mutlu: “just Go!”

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