The University of tübingen’s mayor Boris Palmer (Green) has provided criticism of the selection of advertising media in the rail for outrage.

The train shows on their website images of travellers with different skin colors, including dark-skinned star-chef Nelson Müller and the Turkish-born TV presenter Nazan Eckes. “I don’t think it’s comprehensible criteria according to which the “Deutsche Bahn” has selected the individuals on this entrance page,” wrote Palmer on Tuesday on Facebook. “What kind of society the map?” The railway and the Green-tip responded surprised.

“Mr Palmer appears to have repeated problems with an open and colorful society,” said a spokesman for the railway of the German press Agency. “Such an attitude that we reject.” Müller, Eckes and the former formula 1 driver Nico Rosberg, also to see on billboards and in commercials of the railway, were “special talents, to the delight of many people”.

The national Director of the Green Michael Kellner, praised the campaign, pointedly: “The web is for everyone, and that it promotes diversity, I welcome it,” he said of the dpa. “It shows the social reality.”

Many of the Green were annoyed by the Lord mayor of the Swabian University town that appeals to, among other things, with statements on the asylum policy of his party again and again. The tübingen-based politician of the Green party in Baden-Württemberg, Daniel Lede Abal, rejected Palmer’s Utterance as “just completely wrong”: “If he comes in as Lord mayor with a city society, he should consider now whether he can stay mayor.” The North Rhine-Westphalian Green Ali Bas asked on Twitter: “It will take time for the hat to you, Mr Palmer!”

At the request of the dpa Palmer explained on Tuesday his position. “People who look as if they have no migration background, are the images in the minority,” he said. “I would keep a selection of images that reflect our society, for logical.” Who meet other selection, could have good reasons for it. “But I recognize so far.” He question, what is the strategy that lies behind the image selection of the web.