Tübingen Lord mayor Boris Palmer (Green party) has rejected against him, claims directed to a party to the exclusion of sharp. “I think that is the expression of an anti-democratic debate, denial,” he told the German press Agency.

“I represent the values of this party against such opinion tyrants and let me in no way impress.” In the case of the Green it’ll give people the freedom of expression only to endure, if it is a matter of the own opinion. Debates, one could not decide by some of the other muzzle. The suggestion of Berlin’s Green party politicians is absurd and ridiculous. It was not the first attempt from the party to exclude. “I’m sick of something,” said Palmer.

A group of the Berlin Green politician calls for the party to the exclusion of Palmers. This was “a well-established right-wing populist Pöbler,” – said in an open letter, the authors in Berlin and, in addition, to support promote.

criticism of Palmer also came from the Green-heads Robert Habeck and Anna Lena Baerbock. To advertising with respect to the Expressions of faces of the rail, it was said: “He has evaluated people according to external characteristics, and the question of who belongs to our society, will be derived. Neither is correct”, stated the two party leaders on Thursday at the request of the German press Agency. “Boris Palmer has opened a door to a racist view of the world – he should close quickly.”

Baerbock and Habeck said they had discussed this with the local politicians personally. They hoped very much “that he seriously thinks about it, what is the meaning of such Statements for the cohesion of the society”. The local politicians Palmer had commented on Facebook images on the home page of the web, people with different skin colors. “What kind of society the map?”, he asked there.

Palmer has irritated his party in the past few years, with provocative Statements, among other things, to the asylum policy.