and then there were five: In the second round of voting over the Post of party chief of the British Tories – and, hence, the new Prime Minister – had Dominic Raab pull the short straw. He lost with only 30 votes, 33 would have been needed to come to more. In a third round of Boris Johnson, Jeremy Hunt, Michael Gove, Rory Stewart, Sajid Javid, came next to the favorites. The former London mayor and Ex-foreign Minister, Johnson was able to expand with 126 votes in its leadership.

following the vote, there was a TV debate on BBC television, the citizens of the possible future Prime Ministers questions were allowed. It is an at times heated debate, which largely revolved around the UK’s exit from the EU was created. In the hour-long discussion was also issues such as tax cuts, or climate. But the number one issue was from the beginning of the Brexit.

vote on May-successor

Johnson promises Brexit to October

Johnson to Brexit: “We need to come out”

Boris Johnson did not want to set a Brexit-date. On the question of a spectator, whether he could guarantee that the UK in the period up to 31. October is going to respect of leaving the EU, replied Johnson evasively. “We need to come out,” he said. “Otherwise, I fear, we will experience a catastrophic loss of confidence in the policy”.

at the same time, he stressed that nobody wanted a “disordered Brexit”. The important question of the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland, Johnson said: “Nobody wants to see a return of any kind of infrastructure or hard limit” and adds that the British government would “never do that”.

The Ex-foreign Minister wants to act the three Times in the Parliament failed Brexit agreement with the Brussels post. The EU rejects the but for quite some time and countless conversations with May categorically. The only way out would be an exit without any agreement on the many Johnson supporters hope. Experts anticipate that this is the case, with drastic consequences for the economy and many other areas of life.

race to May follow-up

Rory Stewart, the dazzling outsider with the Boris-Johnson-Problem

All of the candidates want to Brexit

Agree all of the debate participants are, however, that the Brexit would have to be made. So, Jeremy Hunt, said that currently foreign Minister, that if there were “no views” on a better Deal, the UK to the EU without a Deal to the 31. October, going to leave. But if there were a better deal from the EU, he would be ready for an extension of the exit date. A so-called “No-Deal-Brexit” would be the “last resort”.

The current environment Minister, Michael Gove agreed and said he wants the UK to leave the EU “in good order”. Interior Minister Sajid Javid finds, however, that it was “fundamental” that the United Kingdom of the EU to the negotiated termination date, the 31. October, leaves, and referred to the outcome of the referendum. However, he emphasised that it had been “prepared” and insert therefore, in the Brexit-Chaos.

in The Brexit question rather moderate and objective candidate Rory Stewart stressed in the debate that the next Premier needs to bring a new Brexit agreement by the Parliament, whereupon Gove in between parted: “We can’t be a fourth Time the same cold porridge present”. He called for a different approach.

Johnson: “There will be no customs duties”

Interesting it was, as a favourite Johnson with the question of import duties, claiming in Northern Ireland that the UK could continue to trade duty-free with the EU: “There will be no duties, there will be no quotas, because we want to continue our current arrangements, in the framework of the GATT, 24 time, until we have negotiated a free trade agreement”. According to the BBC, but this was not possible. A trade agreement should, in principle, be agreed before the said article 24 could be used.

Johnson’s statement could be the most promising candidates that may still be on boomerang, as well as the question of the guarantee of a Brexit to the 31. October. Because the EU is still no renegotiations ready. But perhaps Boris Johnson creates what is a disaster Theresa May miss. The “No-Deal-Brexit” will also sit him in the neck.