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Boris Johnson can claim leadership in Tory-choice (19.09), employers are allowed to gel nails for health reasons, say (16.03 PM)Merkel trembles at Selenskyj-reception – lack of water (14.18 p.m.)the Senate decides vertices for rent cover in Berlin (13.55)670 kilograms of Heroin in Brandenburg ensured (12.25 PM)BGH and withdraw money at the counter may extra costs (10.50 p.m.)-the Patient after stool transplant died (8.23 PM)Terrorist video used: new Zealanders must succeed managed in detention (6.33 PM)

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+++ 22.25 PM: US authorities are gigantic drugs Fund +++

The US authorities is a drug discovery of historic proportions. In the port of Philadelphia they seized 16.5 tons of cocaine, such as the Federal lawyer William McSwain told the. He described this as “one of the biggest seizures of drugs in the history of the United States”. The cocaine could have been the Prosecutor’s office, according to a sale on the road a total value of more than a billion dollars (890 million euros). It was discovered on Board a vessel, the powers whose name and origin, the investigators first of all, there is no information. Members of the crew had been detained.

According to the NBC News, the drug was cargo in the seven containers of the vessel “MSC Gayane”, which had previously been in Chile, Panama and the Bahamas. According to the regional newspaper “Philadelphia Inquirer” did the freighter in the city on the US East coast to a stop on the way to Europe.

+++ 20.13 PM: the court: In Austria, Smoking is allowed in pubs even further +++

In Austria you are allowed in pubs to be smoke – at least for the time being. The constitutional court has not overturned the existing regime, according to the separate guest rooms are still allowed to smoke,. Since, in the meantime, but politically the way for a General ban on Smoking in restaurants is free, it is the decision of the constitutional court, only a short of importance. In the beginning of July, the Parliament is expected to announce the ban.

+++ 19.09 PM: Dominic Raab, at the election of Tory party leader out – Boris Johnson’s leadership strengthened +++

British Conservative MEPs have elected on Tuesday in a second round of voting in the race for the office of the party chief and future Prime Minister, the former Brexit-Minister Dominic Raab out. According to the BBC, he received 30 votes, 33 were necessary to come to more. The favorite is Boris Johnson, Londo’s Ex-mayor and a former foreign Minister, was able to maintain his lead and came out on 126 votes. In the race, Jeremy Hunt, Michael Gove, Rory Stewart, Sajid Javid, are still.

The remaining candidates want to make in the evening (21 hours), and a TV debate on BBC television.

+++ 18.03 PM: media: investigators go in case Lübcke Indicate an accomplice after the +++

In the case of the murdered Prime Minister of Kassel, Walter Lübcke the Hessian investigators to the question of whether the suspect Stephan E. had an accomplice. The reports NDR, WDR and “Süddeutsche Zeitung”. This, they argue, according to research from a witness statement, in which the scene of the crime two cars removed very quickly to have.

+++ 17.36 PM: German abused children in the Philippines: detention and preventive detention +++

Because of the sexual abuse of minors in the Philippines is a 53-sentenced to Years in Frankfurt ten years in prison followed by preventive detention has been. The district court of Frankfurt went on Tuesday of 45 offences. In addition to the abuse itself, the “date of the crime was punished”: The man called prior to the Meeting parents or relatives of the victims and expressed special wishes.

The German held since 2009 permanently in the Philippines and he returned by the end of 2017 to Germany. At the beginning of 2018, he was arrested and has been taken into custody. In court, he made a confession.

+++ 17.27 PM: Siemens strokes worldwide and 2700 in the power plant division – 1400 in Germany +++

The industrial group Siemens strokes in its power station division in the world 2700, including 1400 in Germany. The measures should be implemented in a “socially acceptable”, the company announced on Tuesday. Siemens had announced at the beginning of may, its power generation division to secede.

+++ 17.15: Romania’s government survives the request of the Opposition +++

Romania’s social-liberal government of Prime Minister Viorica Dancila distrust has survived a motion of censure of the bourgeois Opposition. For the application to only 200 MPs and senators in both chambers of Parliament voted. For the removal of the government’s 233 votes would have been necessary. The Opposition had justified the motion of censure, among others, also criticised by the EU justice policy of the government. The background is a dispute over the relaxation of the criminal law on Corruption is.

+++ 16.03 PM: court ruling: employers are allowed to gel nails for health reasons, say +++

an employer may prohibit the Wearing of long, artificial, and painted finger nails for hygiene reasons. As the labour court Aachen ruled, according to the memo, was the Boss of a retirement home for your employees to Wear the gel nails under say. The employees had sued and argued that the statement affects on your personal appearance in the leisure and injured you, therefore, in their General personality right.

The employer pointed out that the ban on gel nails due to Hygiene reasons, for the protection of the residents is mandatory. The judge gave her right now. The interest of the applicant at the free design of your external appearance must protect the interest of the employer, the health and physical well-being of the entrusted to residents in the best way possible to withdraw.

+++ 15.57 PM: Tsunami warning in Japan after earthquake of a magnitude of 6.8 +++

After a quake with a magnitude of 6.8 on the Japanese authorities have a Tsunami warning for the North-West of the country’s output. The meteorological authority of the country announced that it was to be expected with a one-Meter high tidal wave to the North of Tokyo. The quake had occurred, therefore, before the coast of the Yamagata Prefecture.

+++ 15.40 PM: government fails with application for a temporary injunction on publication of the “Gorch Fock” +++

In the tug of war the sailing ship “Gorch Fock”, the Federal government has suffered a defeat. The district court of Bremen rejected your request to force the Bredo shipyard immediately to the surrender of the ship. The application for a corresponding interim injunction to have “on – the result is invalid – Vorwegnahme the decision in the main proceedings is directed,” explained the court for its decision.

The Bredo shipyard does not want to give out according to the court, the “Gorch Fock” at the moment, because you still want to have money from the government. The sail training ship for quite some time to repair in the Bredo shipyard. The actual contractor for the refurbishment shipyard Elsflether. This went in the meantime become insolvent.

Gorch Fock

the mysterious death of a Prosecutor’s office re-established in the case of Jenny boken

About a decade after the unexplained death of Jenny boken the Kiel public Prosecutor’s office determined again. Triggers are – back but Essentially on hearsay.

DPA +++ 14.18 PM: Merkel trembles at Selenskyj-reception – lack of water +++

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), has trembled at the reception of the new Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Selenskyj significantly. While they waited, together with Selenskyj on the pacing of the guard of honour of the Bundeswehr, began to her legs and her body to shake violently. As she paced the President, then the Formation, had put the Tremor is visible again.

Merkel said at a press conference with Selenskyj, you have now drunk three glasses of water, and have been missing apparently. As you can see, it again very good. Selenskyj said he had been in the incident in addition to Merkel. He added: “she was in full safety.” The Chancellor had already been shown before in similar occasions such Tremor – at that time had been cited as the cause of the lack of water on high heat.

+++ 13.55 PM: the Senate decides vertices for rent cover in Berlin +++

The red-red-green Senate in Berlin on the key points for a rent cover in the capital, agreed. According to DPA-information, a corresponding position paper was approved with minor Changes. Details there should be in a press conference that was delayed for lunch first. The next step after the vertices of a bill would be.

+++ 13.46 PM: Iran announces discovery of CIA espionage network +++

Iran is the discovery of a new espionage network in the US has reported to the foreign intelligence service CIA. “On the basis of References in the American secret services, we have found recently, the new recruits who have been hired by the Americans, and a new network smash,” said an Iranian secret service, the representatives, according to the news Agency Irna. Several spies had been detained.

According to the Irna report, the opposition to the CIA network was carried out in cooperation with “foreign allies”. For more information on the number of agents or their activities, the news Agency did not.

+++ 13.24 PM: Japan sells hundreds of North Korean fishing boats +++

The Japanese coast guard has 318 fishing boats from North Korea from its exclusive economic zone to the North of the Noto Peninsula pushed. The fishermen have been trying since may to catch illegal squid, it said in a statement. The coast guard called on, therefore, the boats several times to Exit the Zone. Patrol ships water cannons were on 50 boats that had ignored the warnings.

+++ 13.23 PM: Stegner remains the SPD parliamentary leader in Schleswig-Holstein +++

The Deputy SPD Federal Chairman Ralf Stegner remains the leader of the social Democrats in the Landtag of Schleswig-Holstein. The 59-Year-old was confirmed by the group in Kiel in office. For Stegner 14 members voted in favor. He received – even though he had no opposing candidates, but also 6 votes against. There was also one abstention. “The times are at the moment not for fair weather results, and also not for fair-weather leadership,” said Stegner after his re-election.

+++ 13.14 PM: BKA: 34 right-wing extremists currently apply as a threat +++

The Federal criminal police office classifies currently 34 persons from the right of the spectrum as a threat. 112 more are known to be relevant to the people, said BKA President Holger Münch in Berlin. The Numbers have increased, and in 2016, another 24 people were offenders classified. The protection of the Constitution, President Thomas Haldenwang said that his authority of at the moment 12.700 violent right-wing extremists. It was almost impossible to keep this all around the clock.

+++ 13.07 PM: child died in the womb – defendant blows +++

A 36-Year-old to have his pregnant partner so badly that your child is in the womb died, confesses to the crime has confessed to the process as a prelude to the part. “I tore off a Branch from a tree and you on the head and the waist hit,” said the defendant before the district court of Mannheim. The prosecution accuses him of, at the end of September 2018 drunk with his partner about their alleged Affairs fought and beaten, kicked and eventually raped. The 36-Year-old is said to have also prevents the woman gets medical attention. The unborn child is 26 in. Week in the mother’s womb died. The kicks and the rape, the man was riding.

+++ 12.53 PM: best-selling author Camilleri continues to be in critical condition +++

The Italian best-selling author Andrea Camilleri is a circulatory – respiratory arrest more in critical condition. The 93-Year-old should continue to be ventilated, it said on Tuesday, in a communication of the hospital Santo Spirito in Rome. “The Patient is not conscious,” he was quoted by the news Agency Ansa the cardiologist Roberto Ricci, who informed the press about the state of the writer below. Camilleri is especially for the thrillers with the Commissioner Salvo Montalbano is known. On Monday, he was surprisingly taken to the hospital.

+++ 12.25 PM: 670 kilograms of Heroin in Brandenburg, to ensure +++

the Brandenburg customs investigators have discovered a record amount of Heroin. The Fund, which could be around 670 kilograms of by far the most discovered individual lot in Germany since decades. On Tuesday afternoon, the Frankfurt public Prosecutor’s office and the customs investigation office in Berlin-Brandenburg would like to inform about Details of the Fund, as the authority announced.

A report from the “Berliner morning post”, the noise is poison in a truck for use in the night from 31. May on the 1. June, shortly after the German-Polish border to ensure have been. Neither the prosecution nor the customs wanted to speak first, and referred to the press conference.

+++ 11.40 PM: a man after threat against a driver of a tram in Oslo and shot +++

A man has threatened in the Norwegian capital city of Oslo, the driver of a tram with a knife and was shot by the police shot. The competent police officers would have issued a warning shot, and then the perpetrator shot, informed the Oslo police on Twitter. The man had been hit in the leg and was taken to the hospital. He stated that a hand grenade was in his shopping bag. Bomb experts have found this bag but searched and no dangerous items. The police have the Situation under control, the offender is conscious.

+++ 10.50 PM: BGH: money may cost extra to stand out on the switch – but not too much +++

banks and savings banks are allowed to for the Withdraw and Deposit at the Desk, in principle, an Extra-fee cash. This may be only as high as the actual costs incurred. The decision of the Supreme civil judge of the Federal court of justice (BGH) in Karlsruhe. (Az. XI ZR 768/17)

For Bank customers, the first is a deterioration. Because earlier the Supreme court had taken the line that there is a fee for Lift-off on the switch is only permitted, if five transactions in a month are free of charge. 2009 has changed however, is the law. Since then, may be demanded for each payment service, without limitation, a fee. The judges continued with their judgment now.

+++ 10.35 PM: Former Bank Executive in Bavaria, is said to have embezzled two million euros +++

A former member of the management Board of a Bank in Bayreuth to around two million euros in misappropriated. The 50-Year-old was in custody, police said. He should have used the money from the assets of the Bank since 2017 for themselves. The man had concealed the Bank accounts and account statements, manipulated to his act to keep secret. In the past week, the man was arrested, investigators searched his property and the Bank concerned. He sits now in a Bavarian prison, the police announced.

+++ 10.09 PM: a woman in Offenbach in the car shot – suspect arrested +++

In the case of a at the beginning of may in Offenbach, killed 44-Year-old has been taken, a suspect firmly. The police informed in Offenbach, Germany to call without more Details. The woman had been shot in her car in the city centre. First of all, the “had reports” newspaper.

The officials were looking for after the fact, after a 42-Year-old. Whether it is in the now arrested this man, was not immediately known. After the fact, the woman died in an ambulance her severe injuries. They had been parked, according to the Prosecutor’s office by the roadside, and her child waited.

+++ 9.53 PM: German Federal Supreme court: Ex-Partner has to give back free money only in exceptional cases +++

The Federal court of justice (BGH) makes for a clearer situation when dealing with larger gifts of money to the parents after a separation or divorce. The Ex-Partner has to pay back his share only then, if the relationship goes unusually quickly, like something out of a proclaimed judgment. In all other cases, the expression meet “is a Gift given to” the legal situation quite well, said the presiding judge Peter Meier-Beck in Karlsruhe. The risk that the relationship will not hold forever, go to the Schenker. (Az. X ZR 107/16)

If the Couple was married or without a marriage certificate, and lived, for the Supreme civil judge no role. Who give a plot of land or money, have typically the expectation that the property “will at least be used for some time” together, it was said to the grounds.

+++ 9.45 PM: ECJ: German Car toll is in breach of EU law +++

The German Car toll is not compatible with EU law. The levy was to vehicle owners from abroad, discriminatory, decided by the European court of justice (ECJ) ruled on Tuesday in Luxembourg.

European court

Scheuer: “that the road toll in this Form from the table” – Austria brings CSU-project case

Austria has filed a complaint against the German Car toll – and before the European court of justice. The judges in Luxembourg, described the levy as “discriminatory”.

DPA +++ 8.44 PM: Missing French trekkers in upper Bavaria found dead +++

since the end of may, missing the French hikers is near Berchtesgaden in upper Bavaria was found dead. The 27-Year-old was discovered on Monday at about 1400 metres of altitude, off the wall routes on steep forest terrain of the mountain guide and mountain rescue team recovered, a police spokesman said. The police inspection Berchtesgaden is a fatal mountain accident with no liable third party. The young man did accordingly, with his mom in upper Bavaria holiday, was at the ascent of the Kehlsteins but alone on the road. The circumstances and cause of death should be clarified in the investigation.

+++ 8.23 PM: Patient after the stool transplantation in the United States died +++

In the United States died a Patient in a clinical study, after a stool transplant from an infection with a multidrug-resistant bacterium. A second Patient was ill, informed the US food and drug administration FDA. The stool sample of the donor had not previously been examined for these bacteria, and it said. For more Details, the FDA was not known initially.

a number of similar studies would be interrupted until the Parties could demonstrate that the samples were sufficiently investigated, said Peter Marks of the FDA of the “New York Times”. In Germany, the security requirements are such studies already “very high,” said Maria Vehreschild of the University of Cologne. She was so “confident” that such complications in Germany could be avoided.

+++ 8.03 PM: gunfight at the championship celebration, the Toronto Raptors +++

tens of thousands of Fans celebrated in Toronto, the first NBA title for the local Basketball Team, the Raptors excited. Five open double-deck buses with the team and their families were struggling on Monday to the Parade in the canadian metropolis the way through the crowds. On the sidelines of the event, it was an incident: Two people were shot and heavy, but not life-threatening injured, informed the police via short message service Twitter. Two people had been detained. For more Details, the police are not informed first.

+++ 7.48 PM: at Least 15 Dead in ferry accident in Indonesia +++

In a ferry accident in front of the coastline.e of the Indonesian island of Java, at least 15 people have been killed. About 50 people were aboard the boat when it was capsized on Monday in rough seas near the island of Madura, said a police spokesman on Tuesday. 31 people had survived the accident and three more were still missing.

“The boat was hit by a large wave, capsized and sank,” said the police. Fishermen had discovered the ten-Meter-long ship shortly after the accident. Local Reports indicate that it could have been more victims. The boat may have been overloaded, said the police spokesman.

+++ 6.33 PM: 21 months in prison for new Zealanders because of dissemination of terrorist video +++

Due to the dissemination of terrorist videos of an alleged right has been condemned extremist in new Zealand to 21 months in prison. The owner of a business that advertises with neo-Nazi symbols, had forwarded the Video of the attack on two mosques with 51 dead in the middle of March in Christchurch, as is Known. A court in the new Zealand city thus imposed the sentence against 44-Year-old.

The attack was filmed by the offender with a helmet camera and a Facebook account live on the Internet have been transferred. The businessman from Christchurch forwarded the recordings the next day, to 30 well Known. In addition, he gave orders to provide the Video with a “dead meter” – a kind of tally of how many people were killed. As a result, he was arrested.

+++ 3.44 PM: state TV: Morsi died of a heart attack +++

The former Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi is said to have died as the result of a heart attack. The Egyptian state, reported television. The long-imprisoned 67-Year-old was broken, according to the Prosecutor General’s office on Monday at a court hearing, and later died in hospital. Morsi’s freedom and justice party – the political Arm of the Muslim brotherhood – said it was a “murder”. The poor detention conditions of Morsi would have had the goal to kill the Ex-President slowly. The human rights organization Amnesty International asked the authorities for an immediate investigation into the death of Ex-heads of state.

+++ 2.50 p.m.: penalties against a drug boss “El Chapo” Guzmán will be announced later as planned +++

The sentence against the arrested in the US for Mexican drug boss Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán will be announced several weeks later than planned. Instead of the 25. June going to date the 17. July, targeted, said a spokesman for the Prosecutor’s office of Brooklyn. Guzmán was on 12. February, after a three-month mammoth process in New York has been sentenced. According to the lawsuit the notorious Sinaloa is said to have smuggled cartel under his leadership between 1989 and 2014, nearly 155 tons of cocaine and large quantities of other drugs in the United States. The 62-Year-old faces life in prison.

Mexican Ex-drug boss

office of the public Prosecutor concerned: Plant of “El Chapo” a prison break?

The Mexican drug boss “El Chapo” was on the 12. February 2019 spoken on all counts guilty. Since then, he sits in a high-security prison in New York. The Prosecutor’s office now fears a planned outbreak.

DPA +++ 2.20 PM: UN: More clean drinking water and toilets – but the quality is poor +++

More than two billion people worldwide, according to a progress report of the United Nations, there is still no reliable supply of clean drinking water. Four billion people still have no toilets with proper disposal of faeces, reported the UN children’s Fund (Unicef) and the world health organization (WHO).

+++ 1.12 PM: Several Dead in earthquake in southwest China, + + +

In the case of a major earthquake in the southwestern Chinese province of Sichuan, at least eleven people are killed. 122 people were injured, according to initial counts, such as Chinese state media reported. The quake, whose epicenter was on Monday evening, in the municipality of Changning, near the city of Yibin, the thickness of 6.0. The exact extent of the damage was initially unclear. The authorities began the search and rescue work. It had immediately been 5000 tents and 10,000 folding beds to the earthquake zone sent, reported the official news Agency Xinhua.

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