Boris Johnson, the new Prime Minister of great Britain is. The Conservative party announced the name of the new Tory leaders on Tuesday in London. His freestyle was preceded by a week-long selection process with a number of regional conferences and rounds of interviews in advance.

The 1964 New York-born Johnson was a long time heavy favorite for the succession of Theresa May. Of the more than 159.000 votes cast, representing a turnout of 87 per cent of Tory members, received the Johnson 92.153. To its competitors, foreign Minister, Jeremy Hunt, the have been given from the outset to have little chance, fell 46.656 votes.

Boris Johnson: “We will create”

In a first speech gave Johnson hardly any insight into his actual policy proposals “I know there are people in this party, the wisdom of this auditorium in question, but no one has the monopoly on wisdom,” commented the Brexit-hard-liners during the election campaign voiced skepticism against him. Two things he and his Team would have to unite on this “new turning point” in British history: the “deep desire” for friendship and security, in accordance with the European partners and “the democratic right to self-determination and self-government.” Johnson continued: “Some say that this is possible, but we know that we will.”

About his idea of how he wants to lead Britain out of the European Union, said Johnson in his first Statement, nothing. It is important to follow the Mantra: “Returns the Brexit, unites the country and defeated Jeremy Corbyn [the leader of the opposition, Anm. – ed.].” The future Prime Minister, will take over on Wednesday from his office, promised new energy and a new spirit for the United Kingdom and suggested improvements in education policy and in the expansion of the grid.

Goodbye Great Britain

The long goodbye – how the UK in times of Brexit has changed

By Michael Streck

Johnson did not forget to pay tribute to his opponents, but especially the outgoing Prime Minister, Theresa May. This has done “a great service to the country” and it was an honor, your Cabinet belong to. This Ex had left Secretary of state a year ago in favor of his Competitor. Johnson paid tribute to the enormous dedication of the outgoing Prime Minister, in the enumeration of their merits in various policy areas in the Brexit was missing. The most positive words May came from Charles Walker, one of the Co-Chairman of the Tory Council of Elders, was for the conduct of the election and the announcement of the result of responsible. “Let’s get on with the next Prime Minister friendly to the bypass than with the previous,” he said prior to the announcement of the election, Johnson’s applause.

Donald Trump congratulates Boris Johnson

US President Donald Trump congratulated the Brexit-hardline Johnson via Twitter for election. “Congratulations to Boris Johnson that he’s become the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom,” wrote Trump in the short message service. “He will be great!”, he added. Among the well-wishers Johnson, the elected EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and the French head of state, Emmnauel Macron.”She is looking forward to have a good working relationship with him, said von der Leyen. Macron, the former British Prime Minister, Theresa thanked Jan and said: “I congratulate sincerely Boris Johnson.”

Also, the AfD group in the Bundestag congratulated the new Tory leader. She was confident that Johnson as Prime Minister could succeed, “the now year-long suspension to finish game of the Brexit, and to provide clear conditions,” said the group Chairman Alice ryegrass.

congratulations from Iran

requests in the Middle of the tanker crisis in Iran, submitted to and even the foreign Minister, Mohammed Javad Zarif, the future British Prime Minister, his happiness for winning the election. “I would like to congratulate my former compared To Boris Johnson that he is to become Prime Minister of the United Kingdom,” wrote Zarif on Twitter. Johnson was from July 2016 to July 2018, foreign Minister of the United Kingdom.

at the same time the chief Iranian diplomat criticized the actions of the British government against a Supertanker with Oil from Iran. “The seizure of Iranian Oil by the May government, at the behest of the United States is piracy, simple as that,” he explained. Iran did not want a confrontation, had on the Persian Gulf, but over 1500 miles of coastline. “These are our waters and we will protect you,” says Sarif.

Boris Johnson to the No-Deal-Brexit is ready

The 55-year-old Johnson, who was previously, among other things, the mayor of London and the British foreign Minister, as an eccentric who does not take it with the truth so often exactly. His stature and long time wild hairstyle to have contributed to his nickname “the Yeti” in school. In contrast, there is awkward and a little spontaneous May, which was ridiculed in its term in office, among other things, as “Maybot” – in allusion to the robot-like Occur. Politically, both Conservatives, could hardly be more different.

Johnson’s own admission, ready to the United Kingdom without the withdrawal agreement until 31. To run October, from the EU, Brussels should make no concessions.

a Short time before the freestyle of the new Tory leaders expressed also in the UK Ex-Premier Tony Blair on the future policy of the government in London and to Brexit. Blair holds a Britain to leave the EU without an agreement is out of the question, he said the “world” and other European media. “Without the approval of either the Parliament or the voters Boris Johnson will not take the No Deal,” said Blair. A majority in Parliament, however, was.

Johnson could trigger either a new election or a second Referendum schedule. “I believe that the Latter is more likely,” said Blair. He argued, however, that “If he makes a second Referendum first, then the issue of Brexit is on the table.” Then Johnson could go in a new election against the head of the Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn, “the Corbyn will destroy and also the Brexit-Party of Nigel Farage”.

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