Two of the bomb threats have taken care of in Berlin and Duisburg for anxiety and major police operations. The police from a political Background – the Letter with “Combat 18”, the name of a violent, extreme right-wing network had been signed.

In Berlin, the party headquarters was to the Left of the objective of the Drohschreibens. In the morning, an E-Mail at the Karl-Liebknecht had been received by the house in the middle of a bomb in the building is gone, said a spokeswoman for the party. The office building had been evacuated, the police blocked the area. After examination of the E-Mail, investigators have assessed the threat as not serious, said a police spokeswoman to the news Agency DPA. The building had not been searched. The 40 to 50 employees were able to return to their jobs.

Also a bomb threat against a mosque in Duisburg

The second threat was directed against the Ditib-Merkez-mosque in Duisburg, one of the largest Islamic houses of worship in the country. There is an E-Mail, and it was 10.20 PM, in the ignition of a bomb for the afternoon and a “disaster” were announced. Here, too, the police was switched on, and admitted to the mosque and an exclusion zone established. The building was an explosive sniffer dog searches. “Against 14.30 clock, all measures were completed, the suspicious items were not found”, informed the officials then. The mosque should remain for the Rest of the day will be closed.

In both cases, the competent state bodies have the protection of the police and the investigation taken to make the sender of the threatening e-mails to locate. Whether it it is, in fact, one or more followers of the “Combat 18” or whether to be a free rider, is still unclear. The left party already speaks of “legal terrorism”.

Until 9. July, the Ditib had been vacated Central mosque in Cologne, also because of a bomb threat. Also in the large mosque complex of the city, no explosives were discovered.