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In several German cities the police are investigating, after anonymous threats were received against town halls. Affected cities in several States.

In Augsburg, Germany, said the police in the Morning of a “threatened act of violence”. According to “Augsburger Allgemeine” was evacuated to the town hall in the center of the Fugger city, also the street railway traffic was interrupted.

Several bomb cleared of threats against German town halls

Also in the lower Saxony town of Göttingen New town hall was. Reason may have planted bomb, according to police. Special forces were on the ground. The population was called, to avoid the surroundings of the town hall.

A similar message is from the Saxon city of Chemnitz. The police moved a large contingent to the city hall, after an “insubstantial threat” is entered, it reports, among other things, Radio Chemnitz.

In Rhineland-Palatinate, Kaiserslautern was entered into a Drohmail, said a police spokesman in the Morning. The use of forces with explosives-detection dogs on site. The area around the town hall had widely been cordoned off. There is currently no specific threat situation, said the spokesman. The measures would, as a precautionary measure

The Saarland broadcasting Corporation also reports the use of sniffer dogs at the city hall in Neukirchen. There in the night, threatening to be received by E-Mail, in which an Explosion has been announced.

town halls in six cities

affected In schleswig-Holstein in Rendsburg has been vacated and a report of the “Kiel news”, according to the town hall. There is entered accordingly in the Morning an anonymous threat. Explosives search dogs inspect the building.

In the past few weeks, numerous bomb threats against facilities, such as courts or stations, but also against politicians and lawyers. Explosives were not found in each case. The police of a right-wing extremist Background. Whether there is a connection with the current series of threats, is still unclear.

Over 100 emails from “NSU 2.0”

“execute citizens”: the Alleged right-wing extremists threaten

authorities, politicians and the Central Council of the Jews will always be threatened again. Now the Prosecutor’s office determined in an eerie series that could go on the account of right-wing extremists. Including bomb threats.


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