“for The first Time in a long time a Brazilian President to Washington, is not anti-American.” With these words, Jair Bolsonaro himself has commented on his landing in the U.S. capital on Sunday on Twitter. The right-wing populist is a self-confessed sympathizer of Donald Trump and wants to visit the US President on Tuesday for the first Time since he took office in January, in person in the White house. Both heads of state connects its nationalist posture, its rejection of multilateral alliances, your hatred of critical media and their penchant for populism, which is why Bolsonaro of the media as a “tropical-Trump” is referred to.

Bolsonaro score first Trumps Ex-Advisor to Bannon

Prior to the conversation with Donald Trump for Bolsonaro, but yet another deadline in Washington on the travel plan. In the Brazilian Embassy, the 63-Year-old came together on Sunday with influential representatives of the political Right in the United States. Among the participants of the dinner is also an old Acquaintance of Donald Trump: his former campaign Manager and chief strategist Stephen Bannon.

Bannon, of the many observers as a shadow President with Trump as a puppet was during his time in the US Administration, is long out of the White house banished, yet the ultra-right Anti-Globalist, has abandoned its worldwide crusade against the liberal post-war order never. On The Contrary. In the last year, Bannon traveled several times to Europe, to fawn over Conservative as Italy’s Prime Minister Matteo Salvini, or Hungary’s head of government, Viktor Orbán, and goad.

trump’s Ex-adviser

From the White house: How Steve Bannon in the Background to Europe order

Dieter Hoß

And now Bolsonaro jars. Already his son, Eduardo, also a politician in Brazil, had met during the Brazilian presidential election campaign last year, with the long head of the right-U.S. news site Breitbart in New York. “It’s a pleasure, STEVE BANNON was to meet, a strategist in Donald trump’s presidential campaign.”, tweeted Eduardo Bolsonaro in August 2018. “We had a great conversation and we share the same belief. […] Of course we are in contact, to join our forces, particularly against the cultural Marxism.”

Whether it was a question even at the Dinner-round of Eduardo’s father on Sunday night in the Brazilian Embassy, is not known. According to the Brazilian newspaper “Folha de São Paulo” advised the participants especially about the influence of the Brazilian government and the economy by China, currently Brazil’s largest economic partner. The theme is also in the talks of Jair Bolsonaro and Trump on the agenda – unusually so, that the visitors from South America discussed it already, two days previously, with Bannon and the right friends. Perhaps this is to make sure that Bolsonaro also converts on the subject of China, in the footsteps of Donald Trump, the supplies already for months, a trade war with Beijing wanted.

“Clearly part of the anti-globalist Agenda”

at the end of March Bolsonaro traveling to Israel. Here, too, the “tropical-Trump” the Original could follow. As one of his first acts Bolsonaro had already decided in January, the relocation of the Brazilian Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Now he could implement the decision.

carnival in Rio

Protest against Bolsonaro – the Samba Queens seriously

By Jan Christoph Wiechmann

For the liberal Europe Bolsonaros travel and contacts are not good news. “The first two visits to Washington and then Jerusalem, are clearly part of the anti-globalist Agenda,” said the Brazilian political scientist and Professor of international relations, Oliver Read in the “Huffington Post”. “This is a strong sign that the foreign policy – at least in the rhetoric in the outer most policy – under the control of the anti-globalists.”