The US-aircraft manufacturer Boeing has eliminated the accidents with the passenger jet 737 Max now also defects in the Software of the flight simulator.

The improvements are designed to ensure that the Simulator responds under different flight conditions as well as the aircraft, such as Boeing announced on Saturday evening (local time). Due to the Changes in the Simulator should be able to show the information according to how the operation of the manual trim wheel by the pilot, the impact on the flight behavior of the machine. With the trim wheel, the Pilot can change the flight angle of the Jets.

in The crash of a Boeing 737 Max of Ethiopian Airlines in March and a machine of the same type of Indonesian airline Lion Air in October, a total of 346 people were killed. In both cases, the MCAS Software may have been responsible.

The on-Board computer should not have pressed the nose of the Boeing down, the crew was able to correct the error. In this connection, it was also questioned how well the pilots knew about this System and how well they are when Training in the Simulator prepared had been.

Boeing had recently informed the development of a Updates for the control Software of the aircraft completed. The U.S. aviation authority FAA has to certify the Changes, before the machine may start again. The “Wall Street Journal” had reported a few days ago that this will probably take at least until mid-August. The machines are for a large part of the holiday traffic will not be available. The newspaper wrote that the final certification by the FAA depends also on the reaction of foreign aviation authorities, who wanted to make their own investigations.

Boeing has so far delivered around 370 machines of the Boeing 737 Max series. The aircraft is a modernized remake of the 1960s-built medium-range jets Boeing 737. In the order books, purchase orders for approximately 5000 machines. Actually, every month should be built more than 50 new machines in the series. However, by the start of the prohibition of deliveries of new are stopped. Boeing has slowed production, therefore, already clear.

competition model of the plane, the A320neo, the European aircraft manufacturer Airbus. The second-largest aircraft manufacturer in the world has collected for his Jet even more orders than the Americans. For the aircraft affected by the flight lines of the Airbus Jet is not a short-term Alternative. The production of the A320neo is fully booked up to the year 2023 is complete, said Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury, a few days ago.