The U.S. aviation giant Boeing has unveiled a much-awaited Update to its after two aircraft crash in the criticism concerning control Software used.

The group presented the revised program, and other additional security measures for the aircraft type, the 737 Max in front of more than 200 pilots, engineers and regulators in its factory in Renton, in the U.S. state of Washington. According to the fatal accidents, the criticism and education needs remain high. Boeing and the US aviation authority FAA has been loaded before the U.S. Senate.

in addition to the Software Update that has yet to be approved by the regulatory authorities, will increase Boeing, the safety of the disaster the pilots of the 737-Max series with other alarm functions in the Cockpit and additional Training for pilots. “We work with customers and regulators worldwide to have confidence in the industry,” said Boeing’s head of development Mike Sinnett, in a conference switch in front of the Info event.

Boeing’s MCAS System played according to the accident investigators have a crucial role in the crash of a 737 Max 8 at the end of October in Indonesia. The on Board computer should have pushed the nose of the jet is automatically always back down, while the Crew tried in vain to counteract. Even during the recent Crash of an identical machine in Ethiopia, the Software is considered to be a possible cause. In the case of the two crashes, a total of 346 people were killed.

Boeing’s head of development Sinnett brought before the conference planned enhancements to make the specifically for the series of the 737 Max developed MCAS-Software “more secure”.

for example, additional Sensors for the detection of the angle. They are intended to prevent incorrect information to activate the program, the previously fed-in only via a single data source. Thus, Boeing is responding to a significant point of criticism. Allegations that MCAS is a security risk, the group.

the Software Update, Boeing promises, machines of the type 737 Max in the future with an additional alarm function in the Cockpit to equip, in order to detect for pilots is better, when the MCAS System engages. In addition, the flight training is to be extended, so that all the 737-Max to understand pilots, how the program works and how to disable it in case of doubt. Boeing is alleged to have Airlines and pilots are not adequately informed.

After the two plane crashes, the processing of the Case has reached the Washington policy operation. Representatives from Boeing and the FAA need to make mid-week at a Senate hearing on the questions of the deputies. Especially the approval of Boeing’s 737 Max Jets, the aviation authority is responsible for a great deal of suspicion. The FAA is suspected, the certification turned a blind eye to important parts of the safety audits to the group. The case is already being investigated by the inspector General of the Ministry of transport.